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record player, and feel yourself right in the middle of reconstructed incidences of UFO sightings! 
You will be surrounded by the sounds, the feelings, and the comments from first hand observers 
of these UFO occurrences as if they were actually taking place again right in your own living room. 

You also get m depth 

interviews with the leading scientists in 

the field of UFO research including... 

* Dr. J. Allen Hynek; Chairman of the Dept, 
of Astronomy at Northwestern University 
and the Director of the Center for UFO 

* Dr. James Harder; Research Director for 

* Mr. L. J. Lorenzen; International Director 
for APRO. 

* Dr. Phillip Seff; Technical Advisor to the 
USAF Space Program. 

This album is coyright 1974 

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UFO REPORT Fall/75 on sale September 9th 


spacecraft—they are living organisms! Trevor Constable 

18 UFOs AND THE CIA COVER-UP An exclusive report of how 
the CIA manipulated the Air Force’s investigation of flying 
saucers. B. Ann Slate and Ann Druffel 

22 WAR OF THE PLANETS The opening shots of interplanetary 
war have been fired. Robert D. Barry 

believe Man is the hybird product of interplanetary crossbreed¬ 
ing. Anthony Ahearn 

GROUND This area off the coast of Japan has been the 
scene of many ship and plane disappearances—and UFO 
sightings. Orln Browning 

orbiting objects tracked by NASA “probes” from an extraterrest¬ 
rial civilization? Orin Browning 

SPACE Indian legends tell of visitations to our planet by 
space travelers. Brad Steiger 

Unsolved Mysteries From UFO Archives — Part VI 

of strange aerial phenomena had entire states in tur¬ 
moil. Jerome Clark and Lucius Farish 

48 ARE “MANIMALS” SPACE BEINGS? These creatures 
aren’t animals at all and they’re connected to UFOs. Jerome 

4 MESSAGES Our readers report their UFO sightings. 

8 SAUCER CENTRAL World-wide wrap-up of UFO reports. 

Charles Bowen 

12 UFO BOOK SCAN Reviews of the latest books written about 
flying saucers. Gary Lane 

38 SAUCERS AND CELEBRITIES UFO Experiences of the 
famous. Timothy Green Beckley 

Published quarterly (March, June, September, and December) by Gambi 
Publications, Inc. A Division of Web Offset Industries Ltd. Executive and 
Editorial Offices at 333 Johnson Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11206. 

Copyright © 1975 by Gambi Publications, Inc. All rights reserved. Copy¬ 
right under Universal Copyright Convention and International Copyright 
Convention. Copyright reserved under the Pan American Copyright Con¬ 
vention. Title Trademark registered in U.S. & Possessions; $4.00 add 
$0.50 per subscription year for Canada. Change of address: 8 weeks 
notice essential. When possible, please furnish stencil-impression address 
from a recent issue. Your old as well as your new address is required. 
Write to UFO Report, Gambi Publications, Inc., 333 Johnson Ave., B’klyn, 
N.Y. 11206. Manuscripts: All manuscripts will be carefully considered, but 
publisher cannot be responsible for loss or damage. It is advisable to 
keep a duplicate for your records. Only those manuscripts accompanied 
by stamped, self-addressed envelopes with sufficient postage will be 
returned. Foreign Editions handled through Kable News Co., 777 Third 
Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10017. 




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I read the story of “The Mysterious 
‘Foo Fighters’ of WW II” with attention, 
and I might add, familiarity. From 1942 
to 1945 I served with a coastal artillery 
battery on the Texas coast of the Gulf of 
Mexico. One night—I think it was Mar. 
2, 1944—at about 10:30 p.m., a small, 
dim, moving green light appeared about 
12 to 15 miles out to sea. I immediately 
sounded the battery alarm, positive that 
I had sighted the running lights of a 
surfaced German U-boat. The air sta¬ 
tion at Corpus Christi was notified and 
the entire battery trained our huge guns 
toward the area where I had seen the 
light. Nothing appeared for 20 minutes 
or so, but suddenly a glowing cylinder, 
emitting some sort of phosphorescent 
light, rose out of the water and hovered 
at around 50 feet in the air. Its range 
from our bunker was estimated at only 
350 yards! Assuming that the cylinder 
was of hostile origin the order was 
given to open fire. By the time the guns 
were loaded, however, the strange ob¬ 
ject had quickly dropped to the ocean’s 
surface and shot rapidly back out to 

In response to our alert, a seaplane 
arrived overhead as the cylinder, 
skimming the waves, sped away. The 
crew of the aircraft later reported the 
observation of a thin streak of green 
light which quickly vanished over the 
Gulf’s southern horizon. 

IVe been a strong believer in the 
existence of UFOs and have been an 
avid reader of your magazine for the 
last year. 

Kevin Phillips, 
Lawton, Okla. 


I just had to drop you a short note of 
congratulations. When I bought my first 
UFO Report I couldn’t help but wonder 
why it contained so many inferior adver¬ 
tisements. I found the magazine in¬ 
teresting and very good in all other 
respects, but those ads seemed to 
lower its worth. 

Naturally, when I saw your notice in 
the Spring ’75 issue, that you were 
going to drop much of the advertising I 
was very pleased. This was a big 
‘ improvement to an otherwise fine publi¬ 
cation, and I will gladly pay the extra 
price. I read many magazines, but no 
other do I plunge into so eagerly and 
read cover to cover like UFO Report 

No, you don’t have to apologize for the 
small increase in issue price. 

Thanks very much UFO Report and 
keep up the good work! 

Elmer Davis 
Fontana, Calif. 


For many years I have been studying 
UFOs very closely. Of all the literature 
that I have collected on the subject, 
your magazine is one of the most 
interesting—if not the best. 

My greatest interest is in our space 
program, but I can’t deny that I am very 
interested in UFOs. 

The reports of greatest interest to me 
in your magazine were “What 
Strange—and Frightening—Discover¬ 
ies Did Our Astronauts make on the 
Moon (Winter ’74 Part I) and “Did 
Our Astronauts Find Evidence of 
Aliens on the Moon? (Spring ’75 Part 
II). The reason for my interest in these 
particular articles is ever since our 
Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo flights our 
astronauts have reported UFOs in 
Earth orbit or in outer space. 

There is a plaque that is attached to 
the front landing gear of the Lunar 
Module that our astronauts on the 
Apollo 11 mission left on the moon. It 

Here Men From the Planet Earth 
First Set Foot Upon the Moon July 
1969, A.D. We Came In Peace For 
All Mankind 

There is only one thing wrong with 
the first two lines and that is that I don’t 
believe that men from Earth were the 
first on the moon. I think that everyone 
who reads your magazine knows what I 
am talking about. 

Anyway, keep up the wonderful work. 
Most of us who read your magazine 
believe in UFOs, the only problem now 
is to get the disbelievers to believe. 

Andrew J. Smith 
Dublin, Ga. 


Your article, “The Betz Space Sphere” 
(UFO Report Spring ’75) was especially 
interesting to me because, on one occa¬ 
sion, I saw almost the same object. 

It was in the spring of 1968 that I had my 
only real UFO sighting. I was 14 years old 
and my dad was stationed at Semback Air 

Force Base in Germany. 

While walking home from the base’s 
school, I noticed something in the clear 
sky that was reflecting the sun. I turned 
and looked up and saw 5 highly polished 
metal spheres flying overhead. They ap¬ 
peared to be about 6 to 8 inches in diame¬ 
ter, about 75 feet from my position, and 
flying at an altitude of approximately 50 
feet. They made no sound and traveled at 
about 20 miles per hour against a slight 
breeze. They flew in a perfect V-formation 
without varying an inch before finally fad¬ 
ing and disappearing out of sight. 

In your article, “Did Our Astronauts 
Find Evidence of Aliens On the Moon?” 
you made an error. The first American 
suborbital flight was made in a Mercury, 
not in a Gemini, capsule. Still, I enjoy 
reading your magazine. Keep up the 
good work! 

Orbie Frakes 
St. Joseph, Mo. 


I have been a reader of your magazine 
for some time and I enjoy it very much. I 
have also tried to maintain an open- 
minded position on the subject of UFOs, 
neither rejecting their existence nor admit¬ 
ting it. 

This morning, however, I saw some¬ 
thing that might have changed my mind. It 
was 6:30 p.m. and I was outside my house 
just looking at the beautiful stars. Sud¬ 
denly I saw 3 “lights” moving very quickly 
across the sky from east to west. It was a 
very clear night and quite dark. The lights 
appeared like very distant stars but they 
were very bright. My first thought was that 
they were weather balloons, or Earth- 
launched satellites. I was watching them 
for about 30 seconds when they suddenly 
stopped. They remained in this fixed posi¬ 
tion for about 2 or 3 minutes. Then 2 of the 
lights resumed moving in an east to west 
direction. The other light, however, re¬ 
mained stationary for another minute, or 
more, until the others were well out of 
sight. Then the third light began moving in 
a southerly direction until it too disap¬ 
peared. I don’t know what they were, so to 
me they were UFOs. I know that balloons 
or satellites do not change direction as 
these objects did, and airplanes do not 
stand still! 

I am 40 years old and work as a techni¬ 
cian for audio-visual equipment. I also 
have perfect, 20-20 vision so I don’t think 
that I was seeing things. 

(Continued on page 6) 



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(Continued from page 4) 

I am not a writer, and have never written 
to any magazine before but I just thought 
you might find this unusual event interest¬ 

Harold Montgomery 
Franklin, Ohio 

Thank you for a most interesting 
magazine. After having read your Winter 
74 issue of UFO Report , I would like to 
comment upon a statement made by 
Terence Nonweiler, professor of aero¬ 
dynamics at the University of Glas¬ 
gow. He was quoted in Joseph Goodav- 
age’s article “What Strange—and 
Frightening—Discoveries Did Our As¬ 
tronauts Make on the Moon?” 

Professor Nonweiler states that we 
have now the “interesting possibility that 
Intelligent Beings are able to visit any part 
of the galaxy—or other galaxies—at 
thousands or even millions of times the 
speed of light.” I am a student of ECKAN- 
KAR, a spiritual science dealing with, as a 
main tenet, the ability of anyone to master 
the ancient art of soul travel. We practice, 
through a series of exercises, the ability to 
leave the physical body behind at will, and 
travel as a unit of awareness through the 
universes and various planes of exis¬ 
tence. This is a different technique from 
that of astral projection, because we 
sever our ties completely with the physical 
body, not needing, therefore, the silver 
cord upon our return. 

The ECK Masters are a superior race of 
beings belonging to a society of which 
Paul Twitchell, the Living ECK Master 
from 1965 until 1971, was a member. He 
outlined, through a system of prophesy 
called the ECK-Vidya, some of the things 
in store for Planet Earth and its inhabit¬ 
ants. Among these is our occupation by a 
race called the Ulemans from Jupiter. 
Their reign shall cover 300 years, and 
they shall descend upon Earth and other 
planets in the solar system around the 
year 2100. They, in turn, will be defeated 
by the Shatikayas, whose ancestors 
come from the vicinity of Lemuria on this 
planet, and shall establish one of the 
higher civilizations known here. During 
their existence here, flying saucer-type 
craft will be developed and colonies will 
be established on Mars and other planets. 

There are beings existing in all uni¬ 
verses. Through contemplative exercises 
they can be seen on the inner planes, 
those subjective, subtle areas invisible to 

the physical eyes. It is only Man s view¬ 
point as an earthling on purely physical 
phenomena which keeps him from seeing 
them. When these visitors to Earth do 
come here, they must take our atmos¬ 
phere into consideration, and therefore 
employ their methods of transportation, 
such as flying saucers. 

Many, however, seem adept at the art 
of soul travel, which is, in actuality, the 
ability to “visit any part of the galaxy—or 
other galaxies—at thousands or even mil¬ 
lions of times the speed of light.” 

Martha T. Strohmaier 
Belchertown, Mass. 


John Keel’s, “Mystery of the Alien 
Submarines” (UFO Report Fall 74), re¬ 
minded me of an old English story called, 
“The Brut.” The story, which dates from 
900 A.D., contained the description of a 
small boat which rose out of the sea and 
was piloted by 2 women dressed in 
strange garments. 

The vessel and its occupants had come 
to Camelford-on-Jamar to take King Ar¬ 
thur with them to a mysterious place cal¬ 
led Avalon. When they departed, the 
British were promised that Arthur would 
be returned safely. It seems that the UFO 
navy was active even in antiquity, if we are 
to believe this ancient legend. 

David A. Krouse 
Wallingford, Pa. 


I have read your magazine and have 
found it very informative. In my study of 
UFOs, which have been taking place for 
many years, I not only have had 4 sight¬ 
ings of my own including one through a 
60-power telescope, but many of my ac¬ 
quaintances who have seen something 
that they can’t explain have come to me to 
tell me their experiences. 

I have trained myself over the years to 
be aware of anything overhead and find 
myself often casting my eyes skyward to 
see what’s moving around up there. 

In the fall of 1974,1 was in a field behind 
my house looking in the direction of the 
sun. At about 5:30 p.m., now gazing 
through my telescope, I noticed some¬ 
thing moving in the hazy sky, approaching 
me from the west. I put it off for a few 
minutes but when I looked back I saw that 
it was still coming. It was then that I 
noticed that this thing would move slowly 
for a while and then just stop and hover in 
the air. As I focused the lens on my tele¬ 

scope I got my best firsthand look of a 
UFO in flight. The craft was oval in shape 
with narrow edges. It gave me the impres¬ 
sion that it was coming right at me be¬ 
cause I could not only see what appeared 
to be a dome on the bottom of the craft, 
but also a dome-like feature which ap¬ 
peared on the top of the UFO. I continued 
to watch the craft as it continued in its 
easterly direction until it made a sharp 
veering motion to the south and disap¬ 

I waited for over an hour to see if the 
craft would return but it did not. I have 
believed in the existence of UFOs for a 
long time and only hope that someday I 
have the opportunity to meet one of their 
occupants face to face. 

Keep up the great work you’re doing 
and someday everyone will believe. 

W. Bush 
East Stroudsburg, Pa. 


It was nighttime in the summer of 1972 
when my friends and I were outside play¬ 
ing around. There were 5 of us all to¬ 
gether. At the time of the sighting I was a 
high school student in Brooklyn, N.Y. I 
looked up to the sky and was amazed to 
see something moving across the dark¬ 
ness. My friends came running to ask me 
what I thought it was. One of them asked 
me if I thought it was a flying saucer and I 
replied “Maybe.” 

I guess I knew more about flying sauc¬ 
ers than any of the others. The object in 
question then moved slowly away and 
didn’t seem to be in any particular hurry. 
We decided to follow it. We started to 
move toward the object in a northerly di¬ 
rection but as we approached, it stopped. 

I couldn’t believe it. It actually came to a 
dead stop in midair before moving off 
again—this time in a southerly direction. It 
appeared like it was just sitting there and 
actually encouraging us to follow it. This 
wasn’t the end of the sighting because the 
following night it appeared again. I also 
saw it appear three times the following 
year, in approximately the same vicinity. 

Ever since that first sighting my know¬ 
ledge of UFOs has grown considerably. It 
has grown from books that I have read and 
from knowledge that seemed to have al¬ 
ways been contained in my mind but was 
never tapped. 

I meant to write this story to you earlier 
(Continued on page 73) 

Please address all letters and photographs to Messages, UFO Report, 333 Johnson Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11206 

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how Sam O., who seemed constantly “on the car¬ 
pet’’ at work for making too many mistakes, used 
this ritual and spell . . . Within a month the criti¬ 
cism from his boss had turned to praise and a $25 
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a promotion! 


-W. G. reports: “I used the Prosperity Chant at 
the end of my Nature Spirit Friendship ritual for 
three straight evenings. The morning of the 4th 
day I received a call from my insurance broker 
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eties. In addition to being a Certified Public 
Accountant, he holds the degrees of Master 
of Religious Science, and Doctor of Divinity. 

Early in his career. Dr. Manning was the 
Controller, Corporate Secretary, Vice Presi¬ 
dent, and President of several large compa¬ 
nies in the aerospace and electronics indus¬ 
tries. After active service in the Korean War, 
a deep personal tragedy caused him to turn 
to the study of religion and the inner world 
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of the famous E.S.P. Laboratory in Los 

anybody! I have prescribed it for many people 
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380 Madison AveN.Y. 10017 

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Oil port UFO sighting 

Pembroke Dock (near the head of 
Milford Haven, where the two Cleddau 
Rivers run into the world-famous oil 
tanker anchorage), was the scene of a 
recent British UFO report. The sighting 
took place on February 27, 1975, in the 
early morning hours. The witnesses 
who first reported the sighting were Ted 
O’Mara and his friend Roy Roberts, 
with whom he was staying. They were 
playing cards in Roy’s room, which 
overlooks the Haven, when, at about 
12:45 a.m., a bright light filled the room. 
According to a report in the Western 
Mail, the witnesses saw an object, a 
cone of light, red on top and spinning so 
that they could also see blue, green, 
and orange lights in that order. The 
UFO was high above the New Haven 

The youths said they opened a 
window and then heard faint “whirring” 
noise, while watching the UFO move 
swiftly toward the town of Milford 
Haven, and then pass on into the 
distance. Roy Roberts said the object 
could not have been too high in the 
sky—which was clear and starlit— 
because they could see so much detail. 
The next morning there was unsolicited ^ 
confirmation of the boys’ sighting: a 
member of the staff of the South 
Pembrokeshire Hospital had reported 
to the police that she had seen the 
object while going home after duty soon 
after 12:30 a.m. 

This sighting is one of the better UFO 
reports made in Great Britain in recent 
months. It is surprising that there have 
been so few reports in this country 
when one considers the immensity of 
the 1973-74 wave in France and Spain, 
which overlapped into neighboring Italy 
and Belgium (as reported in my journal 
Flying Saucer Review*), and as far 
away as Germany and Austria. Possi¬ 
bly there are people who would report 
strange observations or occurrences in 
which they were involved if the attitude 
of the media were more fair minded; if 
sincere reports weren’t maliciously 
treated as a stimulus for public ridicule. 

Let me giv<e an example of this. At the 
end of February, I took part in a TV 
program that was telecast in South 
Wales and the West of England. 
Featured on the show were two police 

*FSfl Publications Ltd., 281 Camden High 
St., London NW1, England. 

officers who had taken part in a 
remarkable automobile chase of a 
low-level UFO near Okehampton in 
Devon in October 1967. The gave a 
sincere and impressive account of their 
experience. As the next speaker I told 
of the radar-visual incidents involving a 
light aircraft pilot, two Alitalia DC-9 
pilots, Airport Control, and the military 
airfield commander and his radar unit at 
Turin, Italy, on November 30, 1973. I 
also told of the French Minister of 
Defense and his remarkable statement 
regarding his department’s 20-year 
interest in UFO reports, of collaboration 
with the Gendarmerie and with Dr. 
Claude Poher at the National Center for 
Space Studies at Toulouse. 

Toward the end of the program some 
unbiased “believers” were interviewed, 
and the final words were spoken by an 
upper atmosphere physicist from a 
local university. He said he did not 
believe there were such things as 
UFOs and, among other things, that 
there were no reliable witnesses of 
such phenomena. As the program then 
closed there was no chance of refuting 
his statement. After the show I learned 
that this gentleman, the “authority,” had 
read little about the subject, and 
because he had never even seen any 
journal he asked me if I could let him 
have a copy of FSR\ This is typical 
treatment of UFO witnesses and re¬ 
searchers, but there is hope for some 
improvement in the future, because 
small, but powerful, groups of young 
scientists at several major universities 
are tremendously interested in 
paranormal happenings, including 

Through the side of 
the craft... 

Readers will recall that I have 
expressed interest in the way the 
occupants—or ufonauts, entities, crea¬ 
tures, beings, or pilots, call them what 
you will—are reported to be seen, or to 
get in or out of the craft, flying saucer, 
or UFO. The suggestion was made that 
what the witnesses saw were strange 
projections, perhaps from a solid 
“nuts-and-bolts” type of craft. 

One of the first items that came to my 
attention when I became actively 
interested in UFOs, was a report from 
Whidby Island, which is across the 
Sound from Everett, in the state of 
Washington. The report was forwarded 

by a local investigator, Marvin W. 

A lady, well-known locally, had two 
UFO experiences, the first in July 1963, 
and the second and more surprising 
one in October of the same year. In the 
first episode, she said she had a feeling 
of “being watched,” looked out her 
bedroom window, and was alarmed to 
see a strange craft hovering near the 
house. Curiosity overcame fear, and 
she went outside only to find the object 
had gone. 

In her second experience she stated 
that she saw an object approaching her 
house from the north. It looked like an 
airplane without wings, elevators, or 
tail, and, in the front, a transparent 
compartment in which she could see 
three figures. While the craft was hover¬ 
ing some five feet off the ground, and 
flattening the grass below it, one of the 
beings emerged through the side of 
the craft and stood on the ground. He 
was clad in what looked like asbestos- 
textured coveralls which concealed his 
entire body “. . . except for openings 
where the eyes should have been, but 
where no eyes were visible.” Led by 
this entity the craft slowly circled the 
house, and when the woman (who has 
asked that her name be withheld) called 
out “What do you want?” the three 
beings seemed to confer. 

The entity outside then turned to the 
witness and she became aware of his 
saying: “One of our party knows you! 
We will return!” With that he re-entered 
the craft in the same unusual manner 
that he had left it. 

After performing several strange 
changes of size, the UFO returned to its 
original shape and departed noisily, 
steaming and smoking. One can 
sympathize with the woman’s wish to 
remain anonymous after such an 
alarming, yet seemingly pointless and 
ludicrous, encounter. Yet it is the very 
pointlessness that makes these reports 
so intriguing, for the same patterns of 
behavior are being reported all over the 

Figures at the windows... 

Which brings to mind a remarkable 
claim reported by investigator Robert A. 
Schmidt of Pittsburgh, Pa. 

A young man was driving his fiancee 
home in Pittsburgh on the evening of 
April 14, 1971. Again one can sym- 
(Continued on page 10) 



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Dentists don't make house calls, especially at 
3 A.M. when your face is swollen and the pain is 
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POINTS tells you how, through simple external 
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Cbast Pain: 

Nothing can take the place of your doctor's diag¬ 
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Tension Headaches: 

Relieve that throbbing, piercing pain merely by 
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Sexual impotence can be a very disturbing emo¬ 
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Asthma and Bronchitis: 

As Dr. Kenyon knows only too well, ordinary med 
icine alone is often helpless when treating bron¬ 
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Look, Fool and Act Younfor: 

Exercise leads to good health and acupressure can 
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would like to do. 

Nagging, Everyday Problems 
That Won't Go Away 

A nervous or cigarette cough, diarrhea or constipa¬ 
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"Last summer my right hand became very swol¬ 
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swelling and pain ." 

7 was losing work; / couldn't manipulate the 
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"During all this time / had been working with 
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"After a few weeks of using acupressure on my 
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saymg it cured the underlying condition, hut at 
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DEPT. 1134 

l need help 1 I am enclosing S7.95. Please rush my copy of Pressure Points. 
I understand if I am not completely satisfied I may return the Acupressure 
Book for a full refund. Please add sales tax. 

□ I enclose S2.50 deposit, please send my order C. O. D. 

pathize with the request for anonymity 
by reputable people whose overriding 
need is to tell someone about an 
encounter which puzzled them, or an 
experience which has alarmed and 
frightened them. 

Approximately 35 miles from their 
destination, while driving on a country 
highway alongside some railroad 
tracks, and having just passed the 
Callery Chemical Plant, they saw an 
unknown object with the appearance of 
two bowls placed rim to rim. The UFO, 
which was moving above nearby hills, 
held a course parallel to theirs. 
Suddenly it turned toward the road, 
which it flew over a short distance 
ahead of them, and sped into the 
distance. Almost immediately it re¬ 
turned, flew over the road again, and 
then as it neared the low hills where the 
couple first spotted it, they saw it 
settling down. The young man turned 
his car off the main road and set off up a 
dirt track toward where they last saw 
the descending UFO. The track climbed 
up to a farm where the couple got out of 
the car. Looking around they saw the 
UFO hovering about 80 yards away at 
the bottom of a slope where a ploughed 
field was fringed with woodlands. 
Surrounded by mist, the object glowed 
yellowish-white. A shaft of light was 
seen beaming from its top and aimed 
straight up. 

The UFO had several vertical rectan¬ 
gular “windows” in its top section, and 
three circular ones could be seen in the 
lower section. Flickering red lights 
appeared from within and then, sudden¬ 
ly, two humanoid forms, estimated at 10 
feet tall, appeared in two of the 
rectangular windows. Scared almost 
out of their wits the two young people 
didn’t wait to see any more, scrambled 
back into their car and beat a hasty 

“Conk-outs” and ’’robots” 

In the Pennsylvania incident there 
was no hint of the car s engine being 
stopped—a common feature in close- 
encounter UFO cases—but in another 
sighting which has been reported 
recently it was the "auto-stop” which 
started the encounter. Fearing ridicule 
the witness did not report his experi¬ 
ence until he became aware of the 
enlightened French official attitude to 

UFO reports. He then learned of Dr. 
Claude Poler’s interest at the National 
Center for Space Studies at Toulouse. 

On January 4, 1974, the witness, a 
34-year-old businessman was driving 
from Comines in France toward Warne- 
ton, which is just across the Belgian 
border. It was about 8:40 p.m., on a 
clear, star-filled night, and he was 
travelling at approximately 45 to 55 
miles per hour. 

Without warning, the car’s headlights 
suddenly went out, the cassette tape he 
was listening to stopped playing, and 
the engine inexplicably conked out. 
Putting the car into neutral he coasted 
along for about 100 feet before pulling 
the hand brake. Being a good mechanic 
himself, he was about to get out and 
look under the hood when he saw, to 
his right, in a field slightly above road 
level, something which he first thought 
was a load of hay. Then he realized it 
was glowing, and that it wasn’t hay, but 
an object the shape of a British soldier’s 
WW I “tin hat” which was standing 
there on three legs. 

Then, with growing surprise, he 
spotted two robot-like figures coming 
across the field toward his car. They 
walked with measured, rigid steps. As 
they came closer he saw that the 
shorter of them was a fat, rotund figure 
wearing a round helmet in the window 
of which he could see a pear-shaped 
face, grayish in color, with sunken 
round eyes like agate marbles. The 
nose was small and the mouth was a 
horizontal slit which, when opened, 
revealed neither tongue nor teeth. The 
entity held an object in one hand like a 
ruler with a pyramid-shaped tip, and 
pointed it at the car. 

The other figure was taller just over 
four feet), had an identical face to its 
companion’s, but this one was en¬ 
closed in a weird cube-shaped helmet. 
He was also wearing a belt around his 
waist with a luminous spot in the center, 
and a cross belt over one shoulder in 
the fashion of a “Sam Browne.” Each of 
the creatures wore, as part of their 
coverall garb, heavy boots with pointed 

The witness, by now thoroughly 
alarmed as he sat in his car with the 
doors locked and windows closed, felt a 
sudden “shock” in the back of his head. 

This was followed by his hearing— 
inside his head, as it were—a low- 
pitched, modulated sound. 

While the two entities were approach¬ 
ing him, the witness could see a third 
entity, another short, fat figure, standing 
beside the object as if on guard. 

Suddenly the two strange creatures 
turned their heads in a perfectly 
synchronized movement, and looked 
beyond the car. Then, pivoting identi¬ 
cally on one leg, they turned about-face 
and briskly retraced their steps toward 
the craft. Apart from their seemingly 
mechanical synchronization, their 
movements seemed almost human. 
However they did move, according to 
the witness, extremely easily in their big 
boots, unimpeded by the wet, sticky soil 
of the ploughed field. 

As the “robots” departed, the wit¬ 
ness, who had been almost paralyzed 
with fright, flopped over the wheel with 
a feeling of relief. Consequently he did 
not see how the three creatures 
re-entered the craft, but he does recall 
that he looked up just as the object’s 
three legs vanished as it rose a few 
inches from the ground. It then took off 
on a steadily rising trajectory. 


These cases are but three of the 
hundreds which would seem to confirm 
the idea that something, some control¬ 
ling power or force, is projecting images 
of strange occupants of UFOs, and 
perhaps even of the UFOs themselves, 
into the minds of witnesses. Further¬ 
more, in one of them there are 
indications that these images could 
bear some relation to the thoughts that 
flash through the minds of the obser¬ 

On the road to Warneton, on the 
Franco-Belgian border, an area which 
saw some of the bloodiest battles of 
WW I—for example, Ypres is only 
about 10 miles away—the witness 
thought the landed UFO looked like a 
British Tommy’s steel helmet. The germ 
of an association of ideas is there, and 
he is then confronted by a creature 
who’s wearing equipment which looks 
strangely like a British officer’s WW I 

If there is a grain of truth in this idea, 
then what lies behind it? ★ 




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One of the leading researchers, in¬ 
vestigators, and reporters in the UFO 
field, John Keel, has written an intrigu¬ 
ing and challenging book, The 
Mothman Prophecies (Saturday Re¬ 
view Press/Dutton, $7.95). Unlike so 
many other writers who set out to 
contribute their thoughts and interpreta¬ 
tions of events in the UFO field, and too 
often rely on other people’s reports and 
investigations, Keel has done his own 
leg work, his own interviewing, and has 
undergone his own bizarre experi¬ 
ences. Also unlike so many other books 
in this field that roam over state, coun¬ 
try, and continent, Keel has focused 
primarily on one specific community— 
Point Pleasant, W. Va. (and the im¬ 
mediate surrounding area)—and has 
done a masterful job of on the scene 

Why West Virginia? As the author 
convincingly explains, this area has 
long been the scene of strange sight¬ 
ings and inexplicable occurrences, and 
he goes back into history to support his 
argument. "The Indians must have 
known something about West 
Virginia—they avoided it. Before the 
Europeans arrived ... the Indian 
nations had spread and divided up the 
North American continent . . . Even the 
inhospitable deserts of the Far West 
were divided and occupied. There is 
only one spot (on pre-Columbian) maps 
labeled ‘Uninhabited’: West Virginia. 
There are strange ancient ruins in the 
state, circular stone monuments which 
prove that someone had settled the 
region once. Since the Indians didn’t 
build such monuments, and since we 
don’t even have any lore to fall back on, 
we have only mystery.” Another 
reason, and a powerful one, for Keel’s 
interest in the state, were the repeated 
reports of a weird flying creature called 
the “Mothman.” Shaped like a man, 
only larger, the “thing” was variously 
described as having enormous bat-like 
wings (which it spread when taking off, 
but never flapped ), and huge red eyes 
that were almost hypnotic in their inten¬ 
sity. “Mothman” was sighted so fre¬ 
quently, and terrified so many people, 
that eventually even the wire services 
and major newspapers around the 
country finally picked up the story and 
gave it wide circulation. 

But Keel’s book is much more than 
tracking down eyewitnesses who saw 
the strange apparition that soared over 
the Ohio valley. He gives prominent 
attention to UFOs, which at that time, 
were being seen in unusual concentra¬ 

tions over the rolling hills of West 
Virginia. And, of course, among the 
many sightings, landings, and contac- 
tees that the author personally investi¬ 
gated, we get a very thorough study of 
the Men In Black, who were extremely 
active in this region during this “flap” 

The author goes to great lengths 
detailing his attempts to track down 
these mysterious people who terrorized 
UFO witnesses, and gives us many odd 
bits of information regarding their be¬ 
havior (stuttering, gasping conversa¬ 
tion), their mode of dress (black suits, 
coats, caps, socks—and unusually 
thick rubber soles on their shoes), their 
physical characteristics (dusky com¬ 
plexions, with Oriental features, and 
extremely long fingers), and, in one 
instance, a witness who spoke to an 



qI An Investigation into the 

^ 2 Mysterious American Visits of 

> ^ the Infamous Feathery Garuda 

3 5 By JOHN A. KEEL 


MIB and said that he noticed "a long 
thick green wire attached to the inside 
of his leg . . . at one point it seemed to 
be indented into his leg.” We also get a 
rundown on their cars, the ubiquitous 
black Cadillacs that looked brand new, 
often even smelled new (to those who 
were lured into them), and carried 
license plates that weren’t registered 
with any motor vehicle bureau. 

Completing this strange picture were 
the bizarre experiences that harassed 
UFO witnesses: TV and radio sets that 
turned themselves on; interception of 
mail (with tampering of reports, photos, 
and manuscripts); malfunction of 
cameras when witnesses tried to take 
pictures of nearby saucers; and the 
frightening telephone calls that came at 
all hours of day and night, and when 
answered the only thing heard were 

Gary Lane 

either loud garbled noises, unintelligible 
conversations in heavy foreign accents 
or, most often—the repeated elec¬ 
tronic beeping that, after several days 
of repetition, unnerved the stubbornest 

The author also recounts some of his 
own scary experiences while traveling 
the back roads of West Virginia. For 
instance, there is the occasion when he 
drove through a short stretch of road 
that he labeled a “zone of fear,” a patch 
of a few yards that suddenly engulfed 
him in unspeakable terror. And when he 
returned, on foot this time, to test his 
reaction, “I was perfectly calm until I 
took one step too many and was back 
in the zone ... the hair tingled on the 
back of my neck and I became 
genuinely afraid ... I almost panicked 
and ran, but I forced myself to look 
around and proceed slowly. By now I 
had figured out that I was probably 
walking through a beam of ultrasonic 
waves.’’ When Keel returned the next 
day to seek out the source, he found 
nothing. And then there was the time (in 
the presence of a witness), when he 
signaled a brilliantly colored UFO in 
Morse code to “descend,” and the craft, 
in response to his message, slowly 
began to lose altitude. 

The Mothman Prophecies is 
somewhat choppy in its flow, as if the 
author tried to cram in as much data 
within the space limitations he set for 
himself, and as a result the reader finds 
himself being given lengthy anecdotes 
broken up by chunks of solid informa¬ 
tion that make for uneven reading. But 
those solid pieces of UFO knowledge 
are really worth mulling over. For in¬ 
stance, did you know that “UFOs, 
monsters, and apparitions have an in¬ 
teresting affinity for garbage dumps and 
junk yards. Even the famous miracle at 
Lourdes, France, in 1858, took place at 
the local garbage dump.” Or that re¬ 
searchers have now factually estab¬ 
lished that more UFOs are spotted on 
Wednesdays than any other day of the 
week, and that this puzzle within an 
enigma has been proved in studies 
conducted in the U.S., Spain, and 
Belgium. And then there is the peculiar 
yet weird affinity that these strange craft 
have for blood (Keel cites one reported 
chase where a UFO literally tried to 
seize a Red Cross Bloodmobile). And 
then there are some of the most mind- 
numbing contactqe cases that have 
ever been put on paper. 

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I-SORRY ... We Do Not Ship C.O.D. Orders_I 


By T revor Constable 

"The critters" over the Mojave Desert in 1957. 

A bona fide example of ex¬ 
traterrestrial life, even in a very 
simple form, would revolutionize 
biology ... it would be truly 

Dr. Carl Sagan 

“The UFO problem” is a term that 
mystifies rather than clarifies. It indis¬ 
criminately lumps together a host of 
dissimilar phenomena under one en¬ 
compassing label. The general public 
and most ufologists understand that 
term in just one way. For them, it refers 
to intelligently-constructed machines 
for interplanetary or interstellar trans¬ 
portation of “aliens.” Almost no one 
thinks in any other terms. 

Nevertheless, there is an approach to 
UFOs—the approach I have 
pioneered—that allows many UFO 
sightings to be sensibly and naturally 
explained in a way free from the con¬ 
straints of such a mechanistic concep¬ 
tion. Quite simple, many UFOs are liv¬ 
ing organisms. They are biological 
aeroforms living in the sky, unknown to 
official science, which fulfill in all re¬ 
spects the statement made by Dr. Carl 
Sagan, quoted above. I know. I have 
seen and photographed them. 

Beginning in 1957, with Dr. James 
Woods, a fellow explorer of the invisible 
realm these strange creatures inhabit, 
we took hundreds of still pictures and 
motion picture films of them. This 
photographic evidence was obtained 
with nothing more than a 35 mm cam¬ 
era, infrared film and various filters and 
a Bolex movie camera in the case of the 
films. In this way we opened a vast, 
new filed of life that has always been 
veiled from human visual ability. What 
we have learned can be summarized as 

These creatures—critters, as we pre¬ 
fer to call them—are amoeba-like life 
forms existing in the plasma state. They 
are living heat-substance. They will 
probably one day be better classified as 
belonging to the general field of mac¬ 
robiology or even macrobacteria. Nor¬ 
mally hidden from us because they are 
in the infrared range of the elec¬ 
tromagnetic spectrum, they occasion¬ 
ally emerge into the visible portion, 
pulsating with a reddish to orange glow, 
occasionally with blinding intensity. At 
such times they are invariably identified 
as UFOs, which they are, of course. But 
they are not craft— they are living ani¬ 

There aerial fauna are an elemental 
branch of evolution having low 
intelligence—about equal to a fish. I es¬ 
timate. They grow from the size of a 
dime up to half a mile in diameter. The 
mysterious “foo fighters” (from the 
French Feu, for “fire”) can be fully 
explained as critters in the visible state. 
Most have a diaphanous, mica-like 

construction, usually disc-shaped or 
spherical but capable of changing form 
like amoebas. They give a solid radar 
return, even when unseen by the naked 
eye. Many UFO reports have just that 
characteristic. Fighter pilots scramble 
aloft to find nothing, while at the same 
time, ground control radar operators 
are tracking the critters on their scopes. 

Only after the invention of radar did 
man really become aware of UFOs on a 
large scale. This is because pulsating 
electromagnetic energy clashes with 
the biological energy that they embody. 
Man unknowingly probes their plane of 
life with his electrical activities, some¬ 
times irritating them into visibility. When 
the late biologist-ufologist Ivan Sander¬ 
son studied my photographs, he said: 

. . they don’t look like machines at all. 
They look to a biologist horribly like un¬ 
icellular life forms, complete in some 
cases with nuclei, nucleoli, vacuoles, 
and all the rest.” 

The concept that certain UFOs could 
be living organisms did not originate 
with me. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and 
Charles Fort both hinted at the pres¬ 
ence of etheric fauna dwelling in the 
unseen around us and also in the 
stratosphere. American occultist Gerald 

"UFOs are not spacecraft from 
another world. Quite simply, many 
are living organisms. They are 
biological aeroforms living in the 
sky, unknown to official 
science. I know—I have seen and 
photographed them." 

Light made similar inferences in the 
1940’s and ’50s. The first modern 
theory encompassing this idea, with 
specific reference to UFOs, was pro¬ 
bably the “etheric interpretation” of the 
flying discs, formulated in 1946-47 by 
the late Meade Layne. Layne published 
his theory in a penetrating 1950 monog¬ 
raph The Ether Ship Mystery and Its 

Meade Layne was founder and first 
director of the Borderland Sciences 
Research Associates in San Diego, 
Calif. A former university lecturer and 
an outstanding writer, Meade Layne 
produced one of the classics of ufology 
in his monograph, The Flying Saucer 
Mystery and Its Solution. His achieve¬ 
ment was to produce the only theoreti¬ 
cal treatment of UFOs to survive the 
entire modern period. 

Layne’s “etheric interpretation” is 
also readily applicable to cover new 
UFO facts, and is required reading for 
any person with a genuine desire to 

break out of the bondage of mechanis¬ 
tic thinking. There can be no doubt that 
Meade Layne was a generation ahead 
of his time with his advanced theories. 
He also emerges as perhaps the 
greatest writer of ufology’s early years. 

Etherian physics and its relationship 
to UFOs is staggering. When Meade 
Layne saw my collection of more than 
100 photographs of these mutants not 
long before his death, he was exuber¬ 
ant. He termed their capture on film 
“the death knell of the old order.” 

Meade Layne’s daring hypothesis—a 
brilliant synthesis of physics and 
metaphysics—was shown to be valid 
when I literally stumbled across these 
organisms in the summer of 1957. This 
experimental accident, and my sub¬ 
sequent photography of dozens of 
these critters, merely confirmed the 
extant theories of minds far brighter 
than mine. This borderland break¬ 
through was crude, awkward, and 
somewhat incomprehensible, but it 
nevertheless shed light immediately 
into the darker, previously impenetrable 
corners of history’s greatest mystery. 

Endless implications followed. Tech¬ 
nical, theoretical, cognitional, philosoph¬ 
ical, psychological, methodological 
and scientific questions of staggering 
magnitude arose. Unraveling all this will 
take the best efforts of far better and 
younger, more functional minds than 
those that currently dominate world sci¬ 
ence. The response we found, outside 
the small circle of friends and as¬ 
sociates who understood our work, was 
essentially confined to fear and anxiety. 
We understood this emotion only too 

When these strange, living forms first 
became known to us, we found it 
essential to be lighthearted about our 
work—if only to diminish the psycholog¬ 
ical impact of unknown terrors. The 
sight of these queer, plasmatic fauna in 
photographs was enough to repel sen¬ 
sitive people otherwise interested in 
UFOs. Motion pictures of them often 
caused psychically sensitive persons to 
bolt from the room during a screening. 
Many people today who have tampered 
chemically with their perceptions by 
experimenting with LSD have become 
aware of these strange organisms. 
Back in 1957-58, however, few people 
were willing to attempt chemical exten¬ 
sions of perception, and prior know¬ 
ledge of the critters was confined to 
learned and accomplished occultists 
who knew only too well how real the 
things were that we had been able to 
capture on film. No inference is in¬ 
tended here that the author in any way 
supports drug-induced “extensions” of 
perception, whether by the uneducated 
or by interested scientists. 

Breaking into the borderland of phys- 


From the book OTHER WORLDS, OTHER UNIVERSES Copyright ©1975 by Trevor James Constable. 
Published by Doubleday & Company, Inc. 

ical nature that they inhabit, by making 
oneself a focal point for these unseen 
aerial denizens, carried unknown risks. 
We avoided classification attempts as 

We thought of ourselves as children, 
struggling to stay upright by clinging to 
the side of a crib. Our falls and spills 
and mistakes were almost perpetual 
and often comical. Everything we 
touched was new and there were no 
technical texts to consult. Our ability to 
see the funny side of our adventures 
never left us, and was always a coun¬ 
terbalance to what might otherwise 
have become an overwhelmingly seri¬ 
ous situation. 

Kidding in no way diminished our 
curiosity. We kept after the critters. No 
one had ever done anything like this 
before and it was a tremendous thrill. 
The laws of these etherean realms are 
essentially functional and biological, 
and they reveal themselves only to the 
researcher who in his experimental 
work has not lost his ability to play . . . 
to play like a child. The searching 
organism is almost always playful. A 
sense of humor is essential, for experi¬ 
ence quickly teaches the field worker 
that the stupidity and cupidity of con¬ 
temporary man must surely be the 
comedy of the gods. 

The critters had even aroused the 
U.S.A.F. to some public theorizing as 
early as Apr. 27, 1949. On that date the 
Air Force stated in an official release: 

“The possible existence of some sort 
of strange extraterrestrial animals has 
also been remotely considered, as 
many of the objects acted more like 
animals than anything else. However, 
there are few reliable reports on ex¬ 
traterrestrial animals.” 

This U.S.A.F. release, which may have 
been originally intended as the opening 
wedge to further revelations of observa¬ 
tions made by U.S.A.F. air crews, was 
unwelcome in ufology. Spaceships had 
become an idee fixe, and nothing 
biological was wanted to disturb or 
modify the basic extraterrestrial space¬ 
ship hypothesis. At the other extreme 
stood the original skeptic, Dr. Donald 
Menzel of Harvard University, eternally 
ready to discharge his self-appointed 
duty to debunk UFOs. He didn’t like the 
U.S.A.F. “space animals’’ release 

In his book Flying Saucers, pub¬ 
lished by the Harvard University Press, 
Dr. Menzel took exception to this re¬ 
lease. He poined out that even one 
reliable report of an extraterrestrial 
animal would be sufficient, let alone a 
“few,” as the U.S.A.F. had implied were 
in existence. What the Air Force has in 
its secret files in this connection will not 
soon be revealed. Suffice it to say that 
the Air Force uses infrared photo- 


graphic apparatus and detectors exten¬ 
sively, and penetrates round the clock 
into the stratosphere with piloted air¬ 
craft. U.S.A.F. radar blankets the entire 

My opinion is that they have located 
and confirmed the presence of a great 
many “things” in our skies that scien¬ 
tists do not presently understand— 
including animal forms. I know that 
U.S.A.F. aircraft have chased my crit¬ 
ters because I have personally photo¬ 
graphed Air Force fighters, carrying 
infrared homing rockets, chasing them 
above the Mojave Desert. The U.S.A.F., 
like numerous agencies of the U.S. 
government, often releases fabricated 
stories to'the American people. At the 
time of the U.S.A.F. “space animals” 
press release there was in print at least 
one reliable report of an atmospheric 
animal form, which had been available 
since 1934. 

This report was brought to my atten¬ 
tion by Adrian Cox of London, 
England, who realized its significance 
after reading an illustrated article of 
mine in the British Flying Saucer Re¬ 
view for July-August 1960. Cox con¬ 
nected this article, entitled “Space 
Animals—A Fact of Life,” with an inci¬ 
dent recounted in the book Everest 
1933 by Hugh Ruttledge. 

The Ruttledge book was published in 
Great Britain by Hodder and Stoughton, 
and in the U.S. in 1935 by the National 
Travel Club under the title The Attack 
on Everest. On page 228 in the Ameri¬ 
can version, climber Frank Smythe 
writes of the second assault on Mt. 
Everest as follows: 

“The second phenomenon may or 
may not have been an optical illusion. 
Personally, I am convinced it was not. I 
was still some 200 feet above Camp VI 
and a considerable distance from it 

A close-up view of a “ critter" photographed by the author. 

when, chancing to glance in the direc¬ 
tion of the north ridge, I saw two curious 
looking objects floating in the sky. They 
strongly resembled kite balloons in 
shape, but one possessed what ap¬ 
peared to be squat, underdeveloped 
wings, and the other a protuberance 
suggestive of a beak. They hovered 
motionless, but seemed slowly to pul¬ 
sate, a pulsation incidentally much 
slower than my own heartbeats, which 
is of interest supposing it was an optical 

“The two objects were very dark in 
color and were silhouetted sharply 
against the sky or possibly a 
background of cloud. So interested was 
I that I stopped to observe them. My 
brain appeared to be working normally, 
and I deliberately put myself through a 
series of tests. First of all I glanced 
away. The objects did not follow my 
vision, but they were still there when I 

looked back again. Then I looked away 
again, and this time identified by name 
a number of peaks, valleys, and 
glaciers by way of a mental test. But 
when I looked back again the objects 
still confronted me. At this, I gave them 
up as a bad job, but just as I was 
starting to move again, a mist suddenly 
drifted across. Gradually they disap¬ 
peared behind it, and when a minute or 
two later it had drifted clear, exposing 
the whole north ridge once more, they 
had vanished as mysteriously as they 
had come. It may be of interest to state 
that their position was roughly midway 
between the position of the 1924 Camp 
VI and the northeast shoulder. Thus 
they were at a height of about 27,200 
feet, and as I was at about 27,600 feet 
when I saw them, a line connecting 
their approximate position with my posi¬ 
tion would not bring them against a 
background of sky, but against lower 

"... Etherean physics and its 
relationship to UFOs is staggering. 
When Meade Layne saw my 
collection of more than 100 
photographs of these mutants not 
long before his death, he was 
exuberant. He termed their 
capture on film 'the death knell 
of the old order'..." 

and distant mountains. It is conceivable 
therefore, that it was some strange 
effect of mist and mountain magnified 
by imagination ...” 

Smythe prefaces his account of say¬ 

‘Men under physical and mental 
stress have experienced curious things 
on mountains, and instances are de¬ 
scribed in the Alpine Journal. Further¬ 
more, the effects of oxygen lack on the 
brain are complex and but little under¬ 

Frank Smythe was a member of 
several famous expeditions of this type, 
and from the viewpoint of character and 
background he is a witness of integrity. 
A graduate electrical engineer, he was 
educated at Faraday House Engineer¬ 
ing College, was a former Royal Air 
Force officer and a Lieutenant Colonel 
in the British Army. He was in three 
Everest attempts, and was a member of 
the International Kanchenjunga Expedi¬ 
tion of 1930. An accomplished author, 
he wrote several books and many 
articles on mountaineering. Smythe 
died in 1949 but will undoubtedly be 
counted among the earliest modern 
observers of biological UFOs—when in 
due course the determinism of those 
UFOs is established. 

Frank Smythe’s observation must be 
accepted as truth by any unbiased 
standard. He observed with extreme 
care, did everything possible to elimi¬ 
nate the suspicion of hallucination— 
or to so identify it if it was an 
hallucination—and verified that the pul¬ 
sation of the objects differed from his 
own heartbeat. He did all these things 
systematically, after the fashion of a 
man trained in engineering. He also 
established the approximate altitude 
and location of the objects. Most impor¬ 
tant of all, he was extremely wary at the 
time of the changes in perception and 
consciousness that can take place at 
high altitudes. 

Skeptics eager to torpedo the obvi¬ 
ous biological implications of this sight¬ 
ing might well seize on the abnormal 
location of the observer and the un¬ 
usual physical conditions as a means of 
calling it all an hallucination. The sur¬ 
mise here would be that what Smythe 
“saw” was due to altitude-induced sen- 
(Continued on page 52) 


“The CIA can start wars, it can 
start revolutions, it can give mil¬ 
lions of dollars away without the 
American people and their 
elected officials knowing a thing 
about it_” 

The CIA and the 
Cult of Intelligence 

It can also suppress information and 
assassinate people! The lid on the 
Central Intelligence Agency blew off 
early this year when a CBS broadcast 
reported that CIA-inspired assassina¬ 
tions had taken place in the late 1950s 
or 1960s. The White House Press 
Secretary refused to comment. So did 
the CIA. 

An exclusive report of how the 
Central Intelligence Agency 
manipulated the Air Force's inves¬ 
tigation of the UFO phenomenon— 
and began its systematic 
campaign to "debunk" all flying 
saucer sightings! 

It was also reported that William E. 
Colby, Director of the CIA, had verbally 
told President Ford in January “about 
plans for several assassination at¬ 
tempts against foreigners in which the 
Agency was involved.” Colby’s written 
report included admissions of CIA sur¬ 
veillance of newsmen and interception 
of mail to American citizens on a large 

The CIA plots now emerging, which 
involve still more government decep¬ 
tion, secrecy, and espionage, make 
Watergate look like an insignificant 
mud puddle. And the CIA has played 
the game of suppression of flying 
saucer evidence equally as dirty. 

When UFOs showed up prominently 
on the American scene in 1947, it was 
suspected that they were a military 
development by a foreign government, 
thus posing a potential danger to our 

national security, so the CIA kept a 
close eye on Air Force investigations. 
After the flap of 1952, the Agency took 
complete control: to censor, ridicule, 
and gloss over all UFO data which 
revealed that the U.S. was dealing with 
a technology far beyond mankind’s 
capabilities. It was through the efforts 
of the Robertson Panel investigation in 
1953, that the all-powerful CIA would 
dictate a debunking policy to the Air 
Force and thence to the media which 
would establish the flying saucer 
“cover story” for the next 20 years. 

In his excellent expose, Aliens from 
Space, Maj. Donald Keyhoe (USMC 
Ret.) cites one of the items of flying 
saucer photo evidence examined 
by the Robertson Panel which the 
CIA would elect to call “a flock of 

The sighting had occurred in July 
1952 by Warrant Officer Delbert 
Newhouse and his wife. While driving 
near Tremonton, Utah, they observed 
a group of 12 to 14 flying objects 
maneuvering at high speeds. The war¬ 
rant officer, a veteran naval aviation 
photographer, described the objects as 
"pans inverted on other pans.” He 
grabbed his movie camera, which had 
a telephoto lens, and shot about 40 
feet of film before the UFOs flew out of 

“At the Navy Laboratory,” Major 
Keyhoe relates, “photo analysts spent 
three months—over 600 working 
hours—evaluating the color film. After 
thorough technical tests, they agreed it 
was impossible to duplicate the man¬ 
euvering UFOs under simulated condi¬ 
tions. In their final analysis, they also 
ruled out conventional objects. With all 
ordinary answers disproved, the Navy 
experts agreed on the only possible 
conclusion: Unknown objects under 
intelligent control. ” 

But now the CIA was running the 
show. The Utah film was dismissed by 
the conclusions of the Robertson 
Panel by calling the Navy analysts 
incompetent and stating the objects 

were seagulls reflecting sunlight. 

“The CIA is the power behind UFO 
secrecy,” Keyhoe stated. “Though it is 
not widely known, the CIA has author¬ 
ity over the intelligence departments of 
all the military services. It has strong 
influence with the heads of the Army, 
Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps. It 
can exert pressure—though it does not 
have full control—on the Federal Avia¬ 
tion Administration, the Coast Guard, 
the Federal Communications Commis¬ 
sion, and most other government 
agencies—except the FBI.” 

It is well worth taking a closer look at 
the Robertson Panel, and its complete 
text which admitted CIA intervention 
and was not declassified until Jan. 21, 

On January 14, 1953, the now- 
declassified report tells of an official 
scientific advisory panel which was 
convened by the Office of Scientific 
Intelligence of the CIA. In spite of the 
words “intelligence” and “scientific” 
used repeatedly in connection with this 
advisory panel, the results were 
neither intelligent nor scientific. They 
set back UFO research at least 20 

One thing must be said for the CIA’s 
Office of Scientific Intelligence, how¬ 
ever. The advisory panel was com¬ 
posed of five of the finest scientists in 
the U.S. 

H. P. Robertson, Ph.D.: A calm, 
pipe-smoking man, Dr. Robertson was 
not quite 50 years old when he took his 
place at the head of his distinguished 
colleagues. His specialty was 
mathematical physics. He tackled such 
mind-boggling questions as relativity 
and cosmology and became widely 
known for his research. During and 
after WW II, he directed scientific intel¬ 
ligence missions at home and abroad. 
Surely, Dr. Robertson came with the 
highest qualifications to answer the call 
of the CIA. It remained for that Agency 
to twist his knowledge, his good will, 
and his native wisdom into a tragic 

Luis Alvarez, Ph.D.: Dr. Alvarez, at 
44 years of age, was already known as 
one of the keenest minds in American 
academic circles. Lean and hungry- 
looking, his imaginative mind was 
constantly at work coming up with fruit¬ 
ful ideas. He was affectionately 
nicknamed “the prize ‘wild idea man’ ” 
at the Radiation Laboratory of the 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
when he was recruited by the govern¬ 
ment in 1940 for radar research. Within 
one year he and a colleague de¬ 
veloped a radar beam sufficiently nar¬ 
row to track planes through fog and 
rain. It was the beginning of GCA, the 
ground-controlled approach system. 
Alvarez signed over all rights and 


The results of Norman Schulte s experiment. These photographs of the skies above 
1 the Los Angeles airport distinctly show ‘‘something'' that shouldn’t be there. 

By B. Ann Slate and Ann Druffel 

patents to the government, profiting 

Thornton Page , Ph.D.: In 1952, Dr. 
Page was a 39-year-old astronomer, 
inventor, and intellectual. His books on 
all phases of astronomy are written for 
scientists and lay persons alike. His 
efforts to make this topic a subject of 
everyday interest fill library shelves. 
During WW II he contributed his talents 
to the government as an underseas 
weapons genius. After the war, as the 
U.S. began its journey into space, he 
designed a telescope for use on the 

Recently Dr. Page has boldly stated 
that UFOs should be studied as a 
scientific problem, and that sightings 
should be screened for possible useful 
information. Yet, his reputation was 
used by the CIA and the Air Force for 
two decades to support their incredible 
policy of debunking the enigmatic ae¬ 
rial objects. 

Samuel A. Goudsmit, Ph.D.: Dr. 
Goudsmit, the fourth member of the 
Panel, was a handsome 53-year-old 

“... Perhaps the most frightening 
of all the CIA Panel's 
recommendations was stated 
under the subtitle 'Educational 
Program':. a broad educational 
program should have two major 
aims—training and debunking... 
The debunking aim would result 
in reduction in public interest 
in flying saucers'.. 

man with a remarkable mind. At the 
age of 23, he had discovered the 
theory of electron-spin, a phenomenon 
which had puzzled older, more experi¬ 
enced minds for decades. Senior sci¬ 
entist and chairman of the Physics 
Department at the Brookhaven 
Laboratory on Long Island, he was 
fully aware of the ways in which atomic 
energy was changing the world. Yet he 
concerned himself equally with the 
problems of protecting atomic scien¬ 
tists, developing ideas to guard them 
from dangerous substances. He was, 
and is, an outspoken advocate of 
worldwide exchange of scientific know¬ 

Uoyd V. Berkner, Ph.D.: This scien¬ 
tist might well have been a screen 
actor, but instead he chose to develop 
a process for studying the Earth’s 
ionosphere. In 1953, he was 44 years 
old and a physicist in the department 
of terrestrial magnetism at the Car¬ 
negie Institute. He, too, had been in 
military service, as a captain in the 
wartime Navy. He directed the radar 
section of the Weapons System 
Evaluation Group, which Secretary of 

Defense James Forrestal considered 
“one of the most. . .significant ac¬ 
complishments in the work of unifica¬ 
tion of the military services.” 

In a nation that admires speed, one 
must stand in awe at the swiftness with 
which the CIA moved on the problem 
of UFOs. The panel was convened on 
Jan. 14, 1953; it completed its work on 
January 17th—after eight meetings. 
Four days to study a problem which 
had already consumed five years of 
Air Force time and held the interest of 
millions of citizens! The bitter fact is 
that during the eight meetings on those 
four days, the panel hardly scratched 
the surface of the problem. 

The CIA had no intention of allowing 
its distinguished scientists to study the 
problem undisturbed. Mixed among the 
panel members was a liberal sprinkling 
of CIA personnel. There was a David 
B. Stevenson of the “W&E” Division, 
Lt. Col. Frederick C. E. Oder of the 
“P&E” Division, and Philip G. Strong, 
apparently an agent not attached to 
any particular division. The Los 
Angeles CIA office was queried during 
the preparation of this article to find out 
what these divisions were. They were 
unable to provide any information. They 
suggested that the CIA office in 
Washington, D.C. be contacted, but 
that this probably wouldn’t do any good 
because “they would just give you the 
runaround.” The mystery of the al¬ 
phabetized divisions and the names 
“Oder” and “Stevenson” deepened 
when it became evident that these were 
the only two names and identifying divi¬ 
sions deleted from the “declassified” 
list of personnel accompanying the re¬ 

Other CIA personnel present were 
Philip G. Strong, who was Chief of the 
Operations Staff, Office of Scientific In¬ 
telligence of the CIA, and Frederick C. 
Durant, an expert on rockets and 
guided missiles. Agent Durant attended 
all meetings and actually wrote the 
finished report. He refers to himself 
throughout as “the writer.” 

Strong and Durant came to the 
Robertson Panel meetings greatly 
upset over potential dangers indirectly 
related to UFO sightings. Their con¬ 
cern did not stem from fear that UFOs 
were real or hostile, but rather a nar¬ 
row worry that a potential “enemy” 
could block our military communication 
channels by creating a false flap situa¬ 
tion. Philip G. Strong was the one who 
elaborated on these “dangers” during 
the first meeting on January 14th, 
thereby setting the stage for later “de¬ 
bunking” advice. 

Among the participants in the meet¬ 
ings were other invited scientists. One 
of them was Dr. J. Allen Hynek, who 
for the previous four years had been 

Dr. H.P. Robertson 

employed as a consultant on as¬ 
tronomy with Project Blue Book. He 
was, and is, an astute man; he was 
interested in the UFO phenomenon 
when countless other scientists were 
ignoring the subject. The declassified 
report shows attempts by Dr. Hynek to 
bring serious thought to bear on the 
problem; his opinions were ignored by 
the CIA. For example, during the fifth 
session on January 16th, Durant made 
the cryptic remark, “Also, Dr. Hynek 
read a prepared paper making certain 
observations and conclusions.” Durant 
does not deign to specify what 
Hynek’s opinions were. 

Even before Dr. Hynek left the ser¬ 
vices of Project Blue Book, he had 
determined that the skies over our 
nation held more than seagulls, night 
moths, and planes on refueling mis¬ 
sions. He is now convinced that aerial 
objects of uncertain source are being 
sighted by credible witnesses. If 
studied openly, these reports might 
disclose a realm of existence as yet 
known to the human mind. 

In regard to the Robertson Panel, 
Dr. Hynek recently stated, “I was an 
associate member of that Panel.. .but 
was not invited to participate in all the 
sessions. I was dissatisfied even then 
with what seemed to me a most cur¬ 
sory examination of the data and the 
set minds implied by the Panel’s lack 
of curiosity and desire to delve deeper 
into the subject...” 

The Robertson Report, as declas¬ 
sified in January 1975, mentions a “Dr. 
Stephen Possony,” without a clue as 
to who he was. Yet his connection with 
the Panel was considered significant 
enough to be classified secret for 22 

Tracking him down at Stanford, 


Dr. Lloyd V. Berkner 

Calif., where he is a Senior Fellow at 
the Hoover Institution on War, Revolu¬ 
tion, and Peace, it was evident that 
here was a thoughtful intellectual with 
an open mind about UFOs, an attitude 
he still maintains to this day. Yet his 
comments at the meetings were ig¬ 
nored as were Dr. Hynek’s. 

Dr. Stephan Possony’s specialty is 
intelligence and strategic analysis. He 
was decorated by the Air Force for 
having correctly predicted the date of 
the first Soviet nuclear explosion in 
1949, and is the author of several 
books dealing with 20th Century his¬ 
tory and international relations. 

In 1953, he was a member of a 
secret government group charged with 
investigating occurrences of unknown 
and puzzling nature. UFOs fell into this 

The Robertson Report itself is rather 
peculiarly written. Terming itself a 
“memorandum,” it is 30 pages long. 
The report constantly wavers, supply¬ 
ing us with fascinating hints about what 
UFO material was available to the 
Panel, but ignoring most of what was 
determined about these particular 

Capt. Edward J. Ruppelt and Dewey 
J. Fournet both presented their conclu¬ 
sions before the Panel. These two men 
had long experience at the helm of 
Project Blue Book. Captain Ruppelt 
had come to the conclusion that the 
mysterious UFOs were not of this 
Earth. But Durant only mentioned that 
“Mr. Ruppelt spoke for about 40 min¬ 
utes on Air Technical Intelligence 
Center (ATIC) methods of handling 
and evaluating reports of sightings and 
their efforts to improve the quality of 
reports.” After noting this intriguing 
fact, Durant adds only one comment. 

Dr. Samuel A. Goudsmit 

‘‘The meeting was adjourned at 

Durant utilizes the same deception 
with the data offered by Dewey Four- 
net, whom he says “gave a briefing on 
his 15 months experience [with] UFOs 
and his personal conclusions” and 
adds that there “was considerable dis¬ 
cussion of individual case his¬ 
tories .. .to which he referred.” The 
words ‘‘considerable discussion” 
seems to have satisfied CIA curiosity. 

It does not satisfy ours. Fournet’s con¬ 
clusions are well known. He was in 
close agreement with Captain Ruppelt 
on the significance of the UFO 

“The third and fourth meetings of the 
Panel were held Thursday, 15 
January, commencing at 0900 with a 
two-hour break for luncheon,” Durant 
reported. Continuing ‘‘A number of 
case histories were discussed in detail 
and a motion picture film of seagulls 
was shown.” 

Fournet’s cases were ignored as 
“raw, unevaluated data” even though 
Durant wrote: “Mr. Fournet, in his pre¬ 
sentation, showed how he had elimi¬ 
nated each of the known and probable 
causes of sightings leaving him ‘ex¬ 
traterrestrial’ as the only one remaining 
in many cases. Fournet’s background 
as an aeronautical engineer and tech¬ 
nical intelligence officer.. .could not be 
slighted. However, the Panel could not 
accept any of the cases.. .because 
they were raw, unevaluated reports.” 

The conclusions of the Panel 
marked a turning point in the history of 
UFO investigations. They were, briefly: 
that the objects were not hostile, 
neither did they call for revision of 
current scientific concepts; that the 
objects should be deemphasized to 

Dr. Luis Alvarez 

protect the functions of the “body poli¬ 
tic”; and that the “aura of mystery” the 
UFOs had acquired should be stripped 
away by national security agencies. 

Perhaps the most frightening of all of 
the CIA Panel’s recommendations was 
stated under Durant’s subtitle “Educa¬ 
tional Program”: “.. .a broad educa¬ 
tional program . . .should have two 
major aims: ‘training and debunking ’ 
(italics CIA’s).. .The ‘debunking aim 
would result in reduction in public in¬ 
terest in ‘flying saucers’.. .This educa¬ 
tion could be accomplished by mass 
media such (as) television, motion pic¬ 
tures, and popular articles. Basis of 
such education would be actual case 
histories which had been puzzling at 
first but later explained .” 

Durant goes on to suggest Arthur 
Godfrey as a possible valuable chan¬ 
nel to reach mass audiences as well 
as Walt Disney, to debunk in animated 
cartoons. These two schemes, at 
least, were grand failures. Godfrey en¬ 
countered a glowing UFO which paced 
his private plane and is thoroughly 
convinced that UFOs are real. Walt 
Disney representatives actively 
searched for years for superior UFO 
footage for a projected movie about 
the mysterious objects. 

The report also recommended that 
civilian UFO investigation groups 
should be kept under surveillance! "It 
was believed that such organizations 
should be watched because of their 
potentially great influence on mass 
thinking if widespread sightings 
should occur. The apparent irrespon¬ 
sibility and the possible use of such 
groups for subversive purposes 
should be kept in mind." 

UFO researchers have long known 
(Continued on page 68) 


The opening shots of interplanetary war have been fired! 

By Robert D. Barry 

It was April Fools’ Day, 1959, and 
across the country, many were playing 
their practical jokes on friends and rela¬ 
tives. But before the day ended, a 
bizarre incident would take place over 
the state of Washington involving a 
C-118 U.S.A.F. transport plane and un¬ 
identified flying objects. Four Air Force 
men were to die as the result of this 
incident. April Fools’ Day was no longer 
a joke. 

The scene was McChord Air Force 
Base, Washington. The date was April 
1, 1959. A C-118 transport plane was 
preparing for take-off from McChord, 
which is located near Tacoma. At the 
controls were pilot Lt. Robert R. Dimick, 
26, of Bowling Green, Ohio, and co-pilot 
Lt. Thomas Lasater, 24, of Lance Creek, 
Wyo. Also aboard the ill-fated plane 
were Sgt. Arthur T. Foote, 44, of West 
Palm Beach, Fla., and Sgt. Guy J. Cun¬ 
ningham, 27, of San Antonio, Tex. 

The night flight was scheduled as a 
round robin proficiency mission which 
included a series of practice approaches 
to the runway and the testing of special 
electronic equipment both aboard the 
plane and at the base. 

At 6:29 p.m. the C-118 was airborne. 
The pilot, copilot, and the two other 

crewmen started their routine flight, ob¬ 
livious to the strange fate that was in 
store for them. 

For the next hour, all went well and 
according to operational plans which 
took the plane over portions of 
Washington within a flight pattern of 50 
miles of the base. The mission was per¬ 
fect until the return to McChord. 

As it neared the base, the aircraft re¬ 
mained under radar approach control 
(RAPCON) and completed a series of 
four touch-and-go radar approaches 
and landings. This involved the radar 
unit at the base controlling the approach 
of the aircraft to the runway. The pilot 
does not use any visual aids during such 
an approach. Radio operators at radar 
control talked the pilot down the runway. 
These practice sessions between the 
plane and radar control permit the plane 
to be brought in for a landing by the pilot 
or copilot, without visual aid or instru¬ 

During the fourth pattern, RAPCON 
advised the pilot that a flight of jets had 
to land, which would delay the ap¬ 
proach, and requested sky conditions. 
Lieutenant Dimick radioed he was below 
a cloud ceiling at 2,000 feet with 15 miles 
visibility. The controller then asked 

Dimick if he could maintain his position 
and he replied he thought he could. 
After the jets landed, RAPCON vec¬ 
tored the C-118 to a heading fo 220 de¬ 
grees for another radar approach. The 
pilot acknowledged the turn to 220 de¬ 
grees, and repeated that he was holding 
at 2,000 feet. Then it happened. The 
tower at McChord received a frantic 
message fro the pilot: “We've hit some¬ 
thing , or something has hit us /” He re¬ 
quested an immediate straight-in ap¬ 
proach. RAPCON began vectoring the 
aircraft for this. A second message was 
a Mayday call, the international distress 
signal. Lieutenant Drmick reported he 
was attempting to return to McChord. 
Then came the final message: “This is 
it.’’ The aircraft hit the ground exactly 96 
seconds after sounding the emergency. 
The time was 8:19 p.m. 

The C-118 crashed in flames five 
miles southeast of Sumner, Wash. The 
pilot, copilot, and the two crewmen were 
killed. Witnesses could not believe their 
eyes and reported the plane was 
“shreaded” beyond belief, smashed to 
bits. At the scene, it appeared as if the 
aircraft had slammed straight into the 
ground—horizontally! It seemed as 
though the plane had been slammed 



A C-118 similar to the one lost over Me Chord AFB. 



down by some unseen force. 

Following the crash, the bodies of 
three of the men were found. The fourth 
was still missing. The condition of the 
wrecked C-118 raised the possibility 
that the plane had collided with an un¬ 
identified flying object. It was later dis¬ 
closed that lighted parachute-like ob¬ 
jects were seen following the transport 
prior to the crash, giving some credence 
to the UFO theory. 

Incidents before and after the crash 
only add to the mystery. This information 
is based on the findings of the Aerial 
Phenomena Research Group of Seattle, 

At 7:00 p.m. a series of mysterious 
aerial explosions shook the northern 
Seattle area; 

• At 7:20 p.m. the entire greater 
Seattle area was shaken by a tremend¬ 
ous aerial explosion with many broken 
windows being reported; and 

• At 7:45 p.m. a resident of Graham, 
Wash., which is near the crash scene, 
said his wife and a friend witnessed a 
brilliant glow through the timber in the 
direction of the crash scene. After dying 
out, it was followed by a second glow 
which soon disappeared. Mysterious 
aerial explosions and the type of glow 

seen near Graham, are often reported 
with UFO sightings. 

During the early evenings hours, mys¬ 
terious illuminated objects were seen in 
the sky from Kent, about 20 miles north 
of the crash scene, to Carbonado, which 
is eight miles southeast of the disaster. 
These objects were also reported over 
Mt. Rainier. 

Sightings of UFOs in the Orting area 
were confirmed the following day (Apr. 
2, 1959), in telephone conversations 
with Chief of Police Fred Emard of Ort¬ 
ing and the Public Information Officer at 
McChord AFB. However, the McChord 
PIO said the objects were “flares” being 
dropped by parachute during a jump 
exercise at nearby Fort Lewis, while at 
the same time a Mr. Delwood, News 
Chief for Fort Lewis, denied such an 
exercise was in progress the night of the 

Witnesses in the Sumner area stated 
that as the C-118 passed overhead, 
none of the four engines could be heard. 
The same witnesses also reported that 
two parachute-like glowing objects fol¬ 
lowed the transport, which when dis¬ 
covered, was missing part of its tail as¬ 

Mr. and Mrs. William Jones of Orting, 

said they saw three parachute-like ob¬ 
jects in the air as the C-118 passed over 
their home. The Air Force had no com¬ 
ment regarding the objects, and at 10 
p.m., another series of mysterious ex¬ 
plosions rocked the Seattle area. 

The news director for a Tacoma radio 
station contacted Col. Robert E. Booth, 
commander of the 1705th Air Transport, 
the unit the plane was attached to. In this 
interview, which took place a few hours 
after the crash, a startling statement was 
made by Colonel Booth, when he said, 
"It would appear there was some kind of 
a mid-air collision with an unknown aer¬ 
ial object prior to the crash.” He further 
explained that they did not know what 
the object was at that time. 

A Seattle-based UFO group, the Aer¬ 
ial Phenomena Research Group, re¬ 
ceived an anonymous telephone call the 
morning after the disaster. The caller 
stated that, “Radar at McChord Air 
Force Base had picked up UFOs prior to 
the crash.” The group had previously 
been advised, in a phone call from Chief 
Emard of the Orting Police Department, 
that he would meet with them and fur¬ 
nish the necessary information regard¬ 
ing the sightings of the mysterious 
lighted objects that were seen following 


.The news director for a Tacoma, Wash., radio 
station contacted Col. Robert E. Booth, 
Commander of the 1705th Air Transport, to which the 
C-1 18 was attached. In this interview, which took 
place a few hours after the crash. Colonel Booth made 
a startling statement: 'It would appear there was 
some kind of mid-air collision with an unknown aerial 
object prior to the crash'..." 

A parachute-like lighted UFO photographed in 1960 near Leibnitz, Austria. 

the C-118. This meeting was set for April 

When they arrived at the chiefs 
home, they found him in conference with 
an Air Force colonel. The town was in¬ 
undated with Air Force officers asking 
residents to remain silent concerning 
anything they had seen the night before. 
Finally Chief Emard emerged from his 
conference with the colonel and an¬ 
nounced that he had nothing to say to 
the UFO investigators. They were ad¬ 
vised any statement the chief had for 
them would be made through McChord 
AFB. It had been previously reported, 
however, that Emard saw two glowing 
objects following the C-118 plane prior 
to the collision, according to the 
Seattle-based UFO group that had 
questioned the chief the night of the 
tragedy! Mystery continued to surround 
the crash of the C-118 and it seemed 
utterly impossible to gather facts about 
the tragic accident. 

One of the mysteries, as far as the Air 
Force was concerned, was the possibil¬ 
ity of a mid-air collision. What did the 
plane strike? All civilian and military air 
groups reported no light planes missing. 
This seemed to rule out a mid-air colli¬ 
sion with another plane. Finally witnes¬ 
ses began to speak out and their words 
began to circulate. The message was 
simple: UFOs were tailing the plane! 

Ted Roundtree, a Sumner resident, 
was relaxing in front of his television set 
about the time of the crash and had just 
stepped onto the porch of his mobile 
home when he “heard airplane engines 




rev up and scream.” It was then that the 
plane apparently exploded in midair. 
Seconds later, Roundtree witnessed a 
tremendous flash which lit up the entire 

The bright orange glow hovered for 
more than a minute, and could be seen 
for miles. In Tacoma’s North End, some 
residents were stunned when they saw 
the sky take on a bright, flickering hue. In 
amazement, they saw a burst of light 
that spread over low-hanging clouds 
and spread “like an atomic explosion.” 

Soon after the mishap, the Air Force 
worked frantically and secretly in an at¬ 
tempt to silence anyone who had wit¬ 
nessed the crash. Residents of the 
Sumner-Orting areas were advised not 
to discuss the crash with anyone. Many 
that saw the plane as it was going down, 
said it was wrapped in flames and 
streaming a tail of fire. 

At the time of the crash I had been 
involved with UFO investigations for two 
years. A friend of mine from Buffalo, 
N.Y., after receiving a printed report of 
the case from me, sent a letter to the 
Public Information Division of the De¬ 
partment of the Air Force in Washington, 

He received a reply from Maj. Law¬ 
rence J. Tacker, Executive Officer, Pub¬ 
lic Information Division, Department of 
the Air Force, a familiar name to UFO 
investigators of the 1950s, which read, 
“The McChord Air Force Base C-118 
transport accident referred to in para¬ 
graph two of your letter was thoroughly 
investigated by a U.S. Air Force acci¬ 

dent investigating team and there is no 
indication that a UFO was involved in 
this accident.” The Major failed to say 
what caused the mid-air collision! 

Recently, in the fall of 1974,1 attempt¬ 
ed to determine the cause of the crash 
by contacting the McChord AFB. In a 
letter addressed to me from the Depart¬ 
ment of the Air Force, Headquarters, 
U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C., I was 
told by Roger G. Crewse, Chief, Report¬ 
ing and Documents Division, Summary 
of Circumstances, Directorate of Aero¬ 
space Safety, that ‘‘Air Force accidents 
are investigated and reported solely for 
accident prevention purposes. Accord¬ 
ingly, our directives prohibit the release 
of such reports, or extracts therefrom, to 
persons or agencies outside the Air 
Force. However, to provide you with as 
much information as possible, we have 
prepared the attached summary of cir¬ 
cumstances concerning the events of 
the accident.” Like so many cases of 
UFO sightings investigated by the Air 
Force in the past, they report that they 
are investigating and will release their 
findings when they’re completed. If it is 
determined that a weather balloon, 
planet, temperature inversion, or other 
natural phenomena was present at the 
time, they will issue a final report. If, 
however, they cannot find the answer 
and identify the UFO, no report will be 
issued. It seems there are very few 
follow-up reports to tell the public the 
causes of certain airplane crashes. 

A few days following the C-118 

tragedy, it was learned that a large part 
of the horizontal stabilizer of the plane- 
had been severed upon impact. Im¬ 
mediately following the crash, the Air 
Force roped off the area and told inquir¬ 
ing newsmen that information would be 
released only by Air Force headquar¬ 
ters. However, the emergency call by 
the pilot had already been made known 
to the news media by Colonel Booth be¬ 
fore the news clamp was put on. 

The investigation of this most tragic 
event has been classified information 
since 1959. But the most unusual as¬ 
pects of the case, the illuminated 
parachute-like objects which followed 
the transport, after impact, and the 
chunk of missing tail, have never been 
satisfactorily answered! 

A news cameraman in Leibnitz, Au¬ 
stria, may have shed some light on the 
McChord incident almost a year later 
when he reported seeing a shining light 
ahead of him as he was driving on his 
motorcycle at about one a.m. in March 

The ‘‘light” turned out to be a hovering 
UFO. He stopped his motorcycle, took 
his camera and headed for the mystery 
craft. When he was within 50 feet of the 
object, he started to feel heat radiating 
from the UFO. It was then that he de¬ 
cided he had better stop. He then aimed 
his camera and photographed alighted 
parachute-like object. His description of 
the object resembles the strange lights 
that witnesses saw following the C-118 
transport plane just after impact with one 
of the UFOs. 

During a discussion with one of my 
contacts, in October 1974, I was talking 
about the C-118 incident at McChord 
AFB. He said: “It’s been kept under 
wraps largely because of the fact that 
certain high-ranking personnel were 
never found nor were large pieces of the 
wreckage . . . The real question is 
whether or not the crash occurred after 
the occupants in the plane, or some of 
them, had been removed.” When our 
conversation started, we discussed a 
mid-air collision between a C-118 
U.S.A.F. transport plane and a UFO. 
Within minutes, I realized he was talking 
about a completely different case! I 
didn’t know about the case he referred 
to, and he didn’t know about the 
McChord incident. We exchanged notes 
and were amazed to discover the two 
cases occurred about one year apart. 

When I sought more information con¬ 
cerning his case, I asked if he knew the 
number of men who were on board the 
C-118 he had heard about. He con¬ 
tinued: “There were seven men—and 
only two bodies were found. The crash 
(Continued on page 54) 




idK ' 


Of The Stars 

By Anthony Ahearn 

r S' s' S'- 



./ S\AS 

A A A'' 

Have you ever wondered what 
people from other planets look like? 
You may perhaps be able to furnish 
part of the answer yourself. Go to the 
nearest mirror and take a good long 
look. That familiar human image you’ll 
see (and which you’ll swear originated 
on our planet via eons of arduous hit 
and miss evolution) is believed by some 
to be the result of crossbreeding or 
planned hybridization by outer-space 
visitors with primates and early 
humanoids during prehistoric times. 

Could such an incredibly way-out 
notion be possible? It could, according 
to two of science’s most respectable 
theories—Darwin’s Theory of Evolution 
and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. For 
instance, Darwin himself stated that his 

Theory of Evolution may not conclu¬ 
sively account for the appearance of 
Man. Darwin’s co-advocate of the 
evolution theory, Alfred Wallace, went 
further than Darwin and flatly stated 
that natural selection (the operation of 
biological laws) could not have oper¬ 
ated in the case of Man. 

Moreover, scoffers at UFOs and in¬ 
terplanetary travel like to cite the im¬ 
mense distances between worlds, solar 
systems, and galaxies which, they say, 
would make space travel so time con¬ 
suming as to be implausible, except, 
perhaps, to our nearest neighboring 
planets. For even if traveling at the 
speed of light (about 186,000 miles per 
second) the distances to the more 
remote planets of our solar system, not 
to mention our galaxy’s other stars and 
those of other galaxies, are so incredi¬ 
bly vast as to rule out such space travel. 

That is, if we assume the speed of 
light to be absolute. But such an as¬ 
sumption, though commonly held by 
many scientists, is by no means con¬ 
clusive. For Albert Einstein himself 
denied that he’d ever claimed the 
speed of light to be absolute. 

There are many experts who 
believe that Man is the hybrid 
product of interplanetary 

The late world-famed zoologist Ivan 
Sanderson, knew Einstein personally. 
Sanderson has stated, "As a matter of 
fact, Einstein himself stated shortly 
before he died—and I have a tape 
recording of this—that he never said 
that the speed of light was absolute; but 
he did say that a round 186,000 miles 
per second mass would become in¬ 
finite .. 

Thus, the civilization that discovers 
and controls the profounder laws of 
mass-to-energy and energy-to-mass 
conversion would probably supersede 
the speed of light and develop power 
systems capable of feats unimaginable 
to us—dematerialization, rematerializa¬ 
tion, instantaneous teleportation, etc., 
thereby making even the most remote 
areas of the physical universe easily 

Obviously, then, science cannot shut 
the door on the bizarre, way-out theory 
that outer-space scientists conducted 
biogenetic experiments between them¬ 
selves and prehistoric primates and 
humanoids, thus producing Man. What 
science can do is to ask the proponents 
of this new, fantastic theory for decisive 
evidence and conclusive proof. 

And the evidence offered by the 
advocates of the hybrid-human theory 
is abundant, provocative, and bound to 


be disturbing to the scientific estab¬ 

For instance, there are recorded 
facts so weird, paradoxical, and unnerv¬ 
ing, that scientific theorists and text¬ 
books have ignored them, apparently to 
protect the security of their own pet 
theories and dogmas. It is to these 
weird, unsettling facts that some scien¬ 
tists refer when they speculate that Man 
possesses genes that derive from outer 

To start at the beginning, according 
to conventional scientific theory, Man’s 
evolutionary age (till now) is supposed 
to be 10 million years—that is, 10 
million years ago Man is supposed to 
have begun his evolutionary journey to 
his present state from the loins of his 
earliest primate ancestors. 

For his first eight million years Man is 
believed to have evolved through a 
variety of forms before attaining (two 
million B.C.) a semblance of an upright 
stance, Australopithecus, Java, Peking, 
Aurignacian, Boskop, Piltdown, and 
Neanderthal Man, etc., were the 
forerunners during this two million year 
period to Cro-Magnon Man, who is 
believed to have appeared about 
50,000 years ago. And Cro-Magnon 
Man is believed to be our (Homo 
sapiens) direct ancestor. 

Now, all known fossil evidence reve¬ 
als to us that Cro-Magnon Man was not 
capable of a technology able to 
machine sophisticated tools and ar¬ 
tifacts such as iron screws, gold 
threads, engraved metallic chalices, 
etc. And needless to say, Cro-Magnon 
Man’s predecessors were far less cap¬ 
able of such technology. 

How then do we account for the 
following facts, which the scientific es¬ 
tablishment has chosen to ignore? 

In 1851, the Scientific American re¬ 
ported a mystifying object discovered 
by workers and engineers who were 
blasting rock in a New England com¬ 
munity. The object was a metallic 
chalice that had apparently been split 
by the blasting. Bell-shaped, the chalice 
measured about 4 V 2 inches high and 
6 V 2 inches wide. It was made of zinc 
pervaded by silver, and delicately 
worked flower designs that were inlaid 
with silver covered the chalice. The 
object had come from 15 feet down in 
solid rock. The rock, experts said, could 
not have been formed less than several 
million years ago. 

And in 1869 a very unusual piece of 
feldspar (stone) was taken from the 
Abbey Mine, near Treasure City, Nev. 
This chunk of feldspar was unusual 
because imbedded in it was an iron 
screw. It had oxidized, but the hard 
stone which surrounded it preserved its 
contours. Clearly visible were the 
screw’s taper and the regular pitch of its 


threads. The feldspar in which the 
screw was imbedded was millions of 
years older than Man himself, as esti¬ 
mated by science (10 million years). 

Tom Kenny, of Plateau Valley, Colo., 
was digging a cellar in which he plan¬ 
ned to keep vegetables during the 
winter of 1936. Ten feet down his 
digging was interrupted by a level 
pavement. The pavement was hand¬ 
made, of tiles, and each tile was five 
inches square. When the mortar which 
held the tiles in place was chemically 
analyzed, it was found that it was of a 
different composition than anything 
found in that valley. The tile pavement 
lay in the same geological strata as the 
fossils of the three-toed Miocene horse, 
which is believed to have lived 12 to 26 
million years ago. 

In 1844, near Tweed, England, a gold 
thread was discovered by workmen at 
the depth of eight feet below the sur¬ 
face of the stone strata in a quarry. Ex¬ 
perts estimated that the thread dates 
back to geological ages, or millions or 

In Salzburg, Austria, an obviously 
machined cube of steel was found in a 
large lump of coal of the Miocene strate 
(12 million to 26 million years ago). This 
remarkable steel cube is slightly 
rounded but otherwise utterly symmet¬ 
rical. A thin groove is precisely cut all 
about its middle. Scientists, techni¬ 
cians, and steel experts all agreed that 
the steel cube was definitely an artifact 
made by someone (or something under 
intelligent control) and not formed 

These samples of odd, unexplained, 
and uncomfortable artifacts are but a 
sampling from an imposing collection of 
similar items. 

Hard-headed scientists unwilling to 
explore, or even recognize the possible 
truth of the hybrid-human theory are 
stuck with the realization that their pet 
theories about Man’s tenure on Earth 
are seriously shaken by the previously 
mentioned artifacts. 

Similarly, the scientific belief that life 
on this planet began about 500 million 
years ago (as “proved” by fossil re¬ 
mains) is challenged when we take a 
closer look at these remains. For these 
fossils (shrimps, sponges, etc.) are all 
fully evolved, and nowhere has there 
been found fossil evidence of the previ¬ 
ous evolutionary stages of the shrimps, 
sponges, etc. How could they have 
begun their life cycle fully evolved when 
the theory of Evolution specifies that 
they must have evolved from lower life 
forms? Yet the same Theory of Evolu¬ 
tion still claims that life began on Earth 
500 million years ago with these same 
fully evolved fossils! 

In discussing this provocative matter 
with a research biologist during an 

accidental meeting as we walked our 
dogs one night, I was surprised to 
discover he was one scientist who 
realized that the Theory of Evolution 
perhaps wasn’t as solidly based as 
many other scientists believe. He said, 
“It’s possible that previous fossil evi¬ 
dence beyond the 500 million year point 
has been lost to us because of world¬ 
wide cataclysms similar to the Biblical 

Then he looked me in the eye, 
pointed up at the stars, and said seri¬ 
ously. “It’s also possible those first 
fossils were brought in from out there 
and .. .dumped .. .deposited.” 

Is it possible that several highly de¬ 
veloped human civilizations existed 
back through the many thousands, 
even millions, of years, but whose 
existence has been largely wiped out 
because of world-wide catastrophes? 

Is it possible Earth had been visited 
and populated, millions of years ago, by 
spacemen from the stars? 

Or are both notions possible? 

Advocates of the hybrid-human 
theory include both notions in their 
speculations. They relate the un- 

.. Is it possible that several 
highly developed human 
civilizations existed back through 
the many thousands, even 
millions, of years but whose 
existence has been largely wiped 
out because of world-wide 
catastrophes? Is it possible Earth 
had been visited and populated, 
millions of years ago, by 
spacemen from the stars?.. 

explained, incongruous artifacts that 
have been unearthed around the world 
to the fantastic feats of prehistoric—and 
historic—engineering, feats that to this 
day are not adequately explained. 

For instance, take the case of the 
Baalbeck Platforms, in Syria. They are 
a gigantic collection of temples, seem¬ 
ingly constructed around the huge 
Temple of the Sun. Massive flat stone 
slabs, each believed to weigh 1,200 
tons each, compose a roof that is 
supported by 54 huge pillars, each 
eight feet wide and 90 feet tall. The 
conventional (and questionable) ar¬ 
cheological theory is that thousands of 
slaves, using ramps and block- 
and-tackle, and eating up decades 
of time, constructed such edifices. But 
modern engineers will admit that no 
contemporary engineering apparatus 
could lift such tonnage without collaps¬ 

Then there’s the Black Pagoda in 
India. This shrine looms to the height of 
228 feet, and on its top is a single slab 

of stone judged to weigh about 2,000 
tons. Engineers seriously doubt that 
primitive people (no matter how many 
of them) could, with only primitive tools, 
have lifted the 2,000 tons even 10 feet 
in the air. As in the case of the Baalbeck 
Platforms, even our most modern lifting 
apparatus would risk probable collapse 
if tested against such a great weight. 

But the proponents of the hybrid- 
human theory have a ready explanation 
for Earth’s many mysterious ancient 
constructions—the lifting feats in¬ 
volved, they say, could easily be per¬ 
formed if anti-gravity devices or power 
systems were used, the same anti¬ 
gravity power systems that are 
thought responsible for the incredible 
performance of UFOs in our skies! 

They relate the unexplained, incon¬ 
gruous artifacts that have been un¬ 
earthed around the world and the mys¬ 
terious ancient monuments with the fact 
that UFOs have been recorded through 
the ages and at least into prehistoric 
times via modern and medieval as¬ 
tronomical records, journals, church 
manuscripts, the scriptures of the vari¬ 
ous religions of the world, ancient Egyp¬ 
tian and Chaldean scrolls, and cave 
paintings, carvings, and statuary done 
by primitive men in prehistoric times. 

For instance, in 1965 Time Magazine 
(and other sources) reported that a 
Communist Chinese archeologist dis¬ 
covered carvings on a granite mountain 
in the Hunan Province, near Peking. 
The carvings showed men on the 
ground, and above them in the sky, 
men standing on aircraft. The ar¬ 
cheologist estimated the carvings to be 
45,000 to 50,000 vears old. 

Other Communist Chinese ar¬ 
cheologists exploring the labyrinth of 
caves in the Bayan-Kara-Ula moun¬ 
tains discovered cave paintings that 
show saucer-like objects streaming out 
of the sky to land in a mountainous 

Japanese archeologists have discov¬ 
ered cave paintings that depict 
humanoid figures seemingly clothed in 
spacesuits with helmet-like globes over 
their heads. These globes have at¬ 
tachments that suggest air hoses for 
breathing apparatus. Also in Japan, 
spacesuited statuettes ( Dogu , in 
Japanese) have been discovered which 
are similar to spacemen with helmets 
equipped with eye-slits, antennae, brea¬ 
thing apparatus, and auditory mech¬ 

Henri Lotte, leader of a French scien¬ 
tific expedition into the heart of the 
Sahara Desert, brought back the Tassili 
Frescoes, depicting humanoid figures 
which Lotte nicknamed “The Martians.” 
The humanoid figures seem definitely 
to be spacesuited men with hermeti¬ 
cally sealed helmets clearly indicated. 


The helmets are attached to the necks 
of the suits as if for breathing purposes. 

Vyacheslav Zaitsev, Soviet ar¬ 
cheological scholar, tells in the 
magazine Sputnik of the more than 700 
stone disks found in the mountains at 
the Tibetan-Chinese border. These 
disks are estimated to be at least 
14,000 years old , and are covered with 
Chinese pictographs. Still only partially 
deciphered, one disc tells of the 
Dropas, or “sky people”: 

“The Dropas came down from the 
sky in their gliders. Our men, women, 
and children hid in the caves but when 
at last they understood the sign lan¬ 
guage of the Dropas, they realized the 
newcomers had peaceful intentions... 

Ancient legends are said by advocates 
of the hybrid-human theory to be virtu¬ 
ally loaded with references to aircraft 
and visitors from the sky. 

Ethnological scholar Y. N. Iban A’ha- 
ron has translated two ancient docu¬ 
ments from the Near East which are 
real shockers. The oldest document, 
some 7,000 years old, is in the Hakalt- 
ha , or laws of the Babylonians, and it 
contains this passage: 

“The privilege of operating a flying 
machine is great. The knowledge of 
flight is among the most ancient of our 
heritages, a gift From Those Upon 
High. We have received it from Them 
as a means of saving many lives .. 

But the real bell-ringer is to be found 
in the Chaldean work, the Sifr’ala, for 
contained in this 5,000-year-old docu¬ 
ment are instructions on how to build 
an aircraft! From these instructions, 
scholar Y. N. Iban A’haron has freely 
translated such words as: 

Equilibrium, copper coils, stability, 
wind resistance, crystal indicator, calibr¬ 
ation, gliding capacity, etc. 

There is even a reminder that the 
crystal control will change color during 
flight patterns which, remember, is a 
widely reported characteristic of mod¬ 
ern day UFOs. 

Whether or not these ancient instruc¬ 
tions can, in fact, be utilized by modern 
technicians to produce an airworthy 
craft (or flying saucer), the mere fact 
that such instructions were recorded 
5,000 years before Orville and Wilbur 
Wright is indeed incredible. It also 
seems to add to the growing evidence 
that airflight (and possibly interplanet¬ 
ary travel) was known to antiquity. 

In his perhaps epochal book, On 
Tiptoe Beyond Darwin , Max H. Flindt, 
research biologist and formulator of the 
hybrid-human theory, points out dis¬ 
crepancies in conventional scientific 
ideas about Man’s supposed evolution 
on this planet. For instance, the con¬ 
ventional theory of evolution supposes 
Man to have developed from his ear¬ 
liest primate origins to his present state 

in about 10 million years. Remember, 
the last two million of the 10 million- 
year period was when Man is theorized 
to have begun attaining his upright 
stance (Australopithecus, Java, Pek¬ 
ing, Aurignacian, Neanderthal, Boskop 
Man, etc.) and the last 50,000 years of 
the 10 million-year period was when 
our supposed direct ancestor, Cro- 
Magnon Man, is theorized to have 

But also according to conventional 
scientific theory, it took nature 500 
million years to evolve the three great 
ape families! Why is Man’s evolutio¬ 
nary period so short in comparison 
with that of the primate? This is an 
important question in the light of the 

• The maximum capacity of the pri¬ 
mate brain is one billion neurons (brain 

• The maximum capacity of the 
human brain is 10 billion neurons, 
which is 10 times that of the ape; 

• It has been figured mathematically 
that it took nature six months to de¬ 
velop each neuron during the primates’ 
500 million year evolutionary cycle; 

• Man, with his 10 billion neuron 
brain capacity (which, remember, is 10 

“... Ancient legends are said by 
advocates of the hybrid-human 
theory to be virtually loaded 
with references to aircraft and 
visitors from the sky.. 

times that of the ape), should have 
taken 10 times as long as the ape in 
order to develop his brain! And 

• Ten times the 500 million year 
evolutionary period of the ape yields 
the number five billion years-in other 
words, Man shouldn’t have appeared 
yet, but should still be evolving from 
lower forms toward his eventual ap¬ 
pearance as Homo sapiens billions of 
years from now. How does conven- 
tipnal theory explain this seeming con¬ 
tradiction? It doesn’t—it merely con¬ 
tinues to assert that Man’s 10 billion 
neuon brain evolved in the incredibly 
brief (and highly questionable) period 
of 10 million years from his earliest 
primate ancestry to ourselves, here 
and now! 

This contradiction, would seem to 
strongly support evolutionist Alfred 
Wallace’s contention that natural 
selection could not have operated in 
the case of Man. 

But what did operate, acpording to 
biologist Max H. Flindt and other advo¬ 
cates of the hybrid-human theory, was 
the biogenetic experiments conducted 
by scientists from alien planetary cul¬ 
tures many millions, perhaps billions of 

years old who crossbred some of their 
characteristics into those prehistoric 
primates and humanoids who survived 
the experiments, thus creating Homo 

Some of these supposed charac¬ 
teristics are: 

• Man’s singular ability to cry abun¬ 
dantly. No primate has tear ducts as 
highly developed as Man’s. Tear ducts 
are useful not only to drain off painful 
emotion via weeping, but they are also 
highly functional as a protective 
mechanism against dust and other in¬ 
jurious particles. It is theorized that 
copiously flowing tear ducts may have 
been inherited from ancestors whose 
long exposure to dry, dusty, dying 
planets (such as Mars?) stimulated 
them into evolving tear ducts adequate 
to protecting their eyes. 

Such a theory would at least partially 
explain why*Man alone, on a still richly 
vegetative planet, would have tear 
ducts so highly developed as to be an 
oddity when compared with apes and 
other animal life; 

• Man’s ultra-sensitive-and rela¬ 
tively nude-skin. None of the lower- 
order animals have the sensitivity of 
touch that Man has, nor have they skin 
capable of giving such complex infor¬ 
mation about the outer-world. It is 
theorized that in a world of fur and 
hair-bearing mammals and primates, 
Man’s relatively nude and ultra¬ 
sensitive skin would have taken far 
longer to evolve (according to Darwi¬ 
nian Theory) than the 10 million years 
allotted to it; 

• Man’s slow swallowing time. In 
nature, dog-eat-dog is the general rule. 
Because of potential enemies lurking 
about, animals literally bolt their food 
down. Even grazing herbivores and 
omnivores transport their food more 
quickly to their stomachs than does 
Man, whose swallowing time is esti¬ 
mated to be about six seconds as 
compared to the almost zero swallow¬ 
ing time found in the animal world. It is 
theorized that Man’s longer swallowing 
time is a characteristic inherited from 
spaceman ancestors whose environ¬ 
ments for many millions (even billions) 
of years were free enough of the dog- 
eat-dog rule to allow evolution of a 
leisurely swallowing process; 

• Mankind’s breeding vigor. Sci¬ 
ence contends that the hybrid products 
of cross bred vegetation or animals are 
often more prolific than either parent of 
the original stock—hybridized corn, 
flowers, fruit trees, mice, cattle, cats, 
dogs, etc., are all much more procrea- 
tively vigorous than Nature’s original 
stock. It is theorized that no other 
unhybridized (pure-bred) creature has 
so hugely proliferated as Man, such 

(Continued on page 56) 


Hie Devil's 

Flying Saucer 
Hunting Ground 

Just like the Bermuda Triangle in the Atlantic, this mysterious 
area off the coast of Japan has been the scene of hundreds 
of ship and plane disappearances—and UFO sightings! 

By Orin Browning 

Do UFO’s rove the seas, like pirates 
of old, raiding ships and planes? 

Take the schooner She was 

found Nov. 10, 1955, north of Samoa 
600 miles off course, waterlogged and 
listing badly. None of her five crewmen 
and 20 passengers were aboard. 
There were no signs of violence yet 
the ship’s log was missing. 

The Joyita was found near the Dev¬ 
il's Triangle in the Pacific Ocean. 
More often called the Devil’s Sea or 
the Devil’s Deep, this triangle-shaped 
area extends from a point off the coast 
of Japan southward to Guam Island, 
then east to Wake Island and back to 
Japan (see map). And like the Ber¬ 
muda Triangle, an area of the Carib¬ 
bean between Florida, Bermuda, and 
Puerto Rico, the Devil’s Deep is a 
notorious graveyard for ships and 

Actually, the triangular shape of the 
Devil’s Deep shouldn’t be taken too 
literally. Although most of the ship and 
plane losses occur within the triangle, 
they also occur in the broader area 
shaped more like an oval, as indicated 
by the dotted line. Within the oval, an 
extraordinary number of ships and 
planes vanish; seldom are the wrecks 
or bodies found. And seldom are dis¬ 
tress calls from these ships or planes 

Something is at work in the Devil’s 
Triangle (or Oval) that brings fear to 
seamen’s and airmen’s hearts when 
they have to cross that “death trap.” 

Oddly enough, both the Bermuda 
Triangle and Devil’s Triangle are 
situated between 15 and 30 degrees 
latitude and extend about 20 degrees 
longitude—and they are nearly oppo¬ 
site one another on two sides of the 
northern hemisphere. Another grim 
similarity is that both are just off the 
coasts of highly populated areas with 
enormous air-sea traffic—America and 
the China-Japan complex, respective¬ 
ly. And the final tragic parallel between 
the two oceanic death zones is that 
each year, a large number of ships and 
planes vanish without a trace in both 
areas. For instance, between 1949 and 
1955 in the Devil’s Deep, nine ships 
disappeared with a total of 215 lost. 

Where do UFOs come in? 

Let us return to the ill-fated Joyita. In 
1959, four years after its final voyage 
and 3,500 miles from where it was 
found, a wine-bottle with a message in 
it was picked up at Whirltoa Beach, eight 
miles north of Waihi, Australia. The 
message read: “Abandoning ship. 
Strange circular metallic object forcing 
us aboard it. Help us.” It was signed by 
the steward of the Joyita. We can take 
the message as genuine, hastily and 
hopelessly cast into the sea as the 

crew of a flying saucer captured 25 

Many ships and planes crossing the 
Devil’s Deep report weird objects fol¬ 
lowing them, objects that often dive 
into the water or rise out of it. 

It is assumed that our side of the 
world has the greatest incidence of 
UFO activity. But, there are just as 
many UFO reports from the Far East. 

If we take a larger “triangle” in the 
Eastern Hemisphere, we will see how 
active UFOs are there. This triangle 
would extend southwest from Japan to 
Ceylon, go east across the Indian 
Ocean to Australia and New Zealand, 
then go northwest back to Japan. In¬ 
cluded in this vaster area would be 
Japan, a large portion of China, part of 
India, all of Malaya, the East Indies 
(Indonesia), New Zealand, the Philip¬ 
pines, and much of Oceania. 

UFOs have been sighted in the 

areas of the Indian Ocean, since the 
19th Century. 

• May 15, 1879. Captain Pringle of 
HMS Vulture , in the Persian Gulf, re¬ 
ported a “giant revolving wheel of 
light” around his ship, as though some 
underwater craft was following his 

• Dec. 28, 1893. The British India 
Company steamer Patna sighted a 
similar “luminous wheel” of enormous 
size in the water nearby. 

• The same phenomenon was re¬ 
ported that year in the Gulf of Oman, 
also in 1907 from the Malacca Strait by 
the steamship Delta. 

• In 1943, in the Persian Gulf, 
Matthew Mengle described a glowing 
underwater “disc.” It paced his ship at 
12 knots, then suddenly speeded up 
like a rocket, still submerged. Such 
underwater wheel-saucers have been 


"...Certain ufologists believe 
that below the Devil's Triangle 
lies the ruins of ancient Lemuria 
or Mu, while underneath the 
Bermuda Triangle lies Atlantis. 
Both Mu and Atlantis have been 
tied in with UFOs as either 
being colonies established on 
Earth by space people, or earthly 
civilizations which had direct 
contact with saucerians..." 

reported everywhere in our giant Far 
East triangle—the China Sea, the Sea 
of Japan, and in all the straits and seas 
near the Philippines, Malaya, Borneo, 
Java, Sumatra, and Australia. 

Other reports include: 

• Summer, 1942, off the coast of 
Tasmania. Two RAF pilots, on war 
patrol, suddenly spied a huge domed 
and finned saucer 150 feet in diameter. 
The UFO paced them for a while then 
suddenly “turned and dived straight 
down into the Pacific, and went under, 
throwing up a regular whirlpool of 

• Apr. 19, 1957. Five crewmen of the 
fishing boat, Kitsukawara Maru, saw 
two metallic discs descend at high 
speed from the sky and dive into the 
water without slowing down, creating a 
violent turbulence. The spot was in the 
topmost apex of the Devil’s Triangle, at 
143’ 30” North and 31’ 15” East; 

• Thailand, November 1955. An air¬ 
liner’s crew and passengers saw a 
pulsating light that paced them for an 

• Hong Kong, November 1955. At 
Kai Tak Airfield, a large “light” bobbed 
in the air, strangely changing shape at 
times from a “bulge” to a disc; 

• Kowloon, 1961. Anthony De Salvo 
of the RAF, photographed a lighted 
object that hovered over a mountain; 

• Fiji Isles, Oct. 11, 1967. Four na¬ 
tives, who had never read or heard 
about flying saucers, described a 
round UFO that dived at their fishing 
boat, shining a searchlight; 

• Okinawa, Oct. 26, 1967. A whole 
flock of UFOs appeared on the 
radarscopes of the Air Base there. 
F-84 and F-86 jets were scrambled in 
an attempt to chase them down; 

• Korea, Apr. 22, 1957. Four smok¬ 
ing egg-shaped UFOs streaked over 
Taegu, South Korea, in a zigzagging 
path. (There were also many reports 
during the years of the Korean conflict, 
when UFOs seemed to be in the thick 

of things constantly, as though observ¬ 
ing this war.); 

• Malaya. Oct. 27, 1957. In a wide 
belt across central Malaya, hundreds 
of people saw the “ball of fire” that 
crossed the sky; it was too slow for a 
meteor, and too fast for a plane; 

• Vietnam, Sept. 9, 1968, at Dong 
Ha. A helicopter pilot saw a shiny UFO 
flying over the Marine Base, and kept it 
in sight for 20 minutes; 

• Singapore, July 24, 1956. A physi¬ 
cian, Dr. J. L. Bennett, photographed 
mysterious lights over the city. The 
prints showed a bright patch of light 
and two small dots nearby, apparently 
a "mother ship” and two reconnais¬ 
sance saucers; 

• Kwajalein, Marshall Islands, April, 
1954. J. C. Howard, then in the Army, 
and his buddy spied a bright UFO that 
drifted across the base. They used 
field glasses to make out an unmistak¬ 
able disc shape with clear-cut edges; 

• Burma, 1943. More than one U.S. 
pilot, flying “the Hump,” claimed he 
was buzzed by a strange "glittering 
object.” Some of the reports were 
weird, stating that engines stopped 
and that a “ray” from the UFO held 
them motionless in the air for a while. 
Then they were released and their 
engines started up again; and 

• Mid-Pacific, 1885. This report from 
the log of a British barque describes a 
“vast mass of fire” that plunged from 
the sky and narrowly missed the ship. 
But its actions, including turns in the 
air, ruled out its being a meteor. 

Reports from Australia and New 
Zealand are numerous and include all 
the phenomena exhibited by UFOs in 
America—cigar-shapes, car chasings, 
plane pacings, “exploding” UFOs, cars 
stalled, and other electromagnetic ef¬ 

The only blank we draw is China, not 
because UFOs are not seen there, but 
that Communist China, like Russia, 


suppresses sightings. Indonesia on the 
other hand is rife with UFO reports. On 
the island of New Guinea Father Gill, 
and a score of natives, in 1959, saw a 
flying saucer with four beings on its 
“deck,” the beings waved at the gap¬ 
ing witnesses. 

Japan is another prolific source of 
saucer sightings, many of them at U.S. 
Air Force bases. One of the most 
famous and inexplicable cases occur¬ 
red at Haneda Airport in Tokyo, in the 
summer of 1952. A bright light hanging 
on some dark object of gigantic size 
was seen over Tokyo Bay, both by the 
naked eye and by radar. F-94’s were 
scrambled. What followed was an aer¬ 
ial demonstration that left Air Force 
observers gasping; the UFO out- 
maneuvered our jets by making im¬ 
possible turns, abrupt stops, and loop¬ 
ing dives. This caused much conster¬ 
nation at the Pentagon. 

Still within our larger “Devil’s Triang¬ 
le,” which includes a part of the western 
Pacific and its periphery waters, let’s 
look over some more outstanding 
cases usually associated with UFO 
sightings in that area; 

• In 1953, the vessel Holchu was 
found drifting in the Indian Ocean, 
perfectly seaworthy but with no one 
aboard, there was a meal ready to 
serve, for the five-man crew; 

• February, 1948. In the Malacca 
Strait an SOS came from the Dutch 
ship, SS Ourang Medan: “All officers, 
including the captain, dead . . . lying in 
the chartroom or on the bridge . . . 
probably whole crew dead.” The last 
words, “I die,” evidently were from the 
radio operator himself. When the ship 
was boarded later, every crew member 
lay with a look of horror on his face. 
Even the captain’s dog had its teeth 
bared in a snarl. Yet there were no 
signs of violence, no wounds. While 
being towed to port, the death ship 
mysteriously caught fire and exploded. 

This is one of the most inexplicable 

mysteries in the annals of the sea. It is 
significant that every man was looking 
up when he died. At what—a flying 
saucer beaming down some “death 
ray” that killed the men and started a 
smoldering fire in the hold? Dead men 
tell no UFO tales; 

• March, 1962, Korea. A jet was 
seen flying into a strange “cloud”—and 
never came out again. The plane and 
pilot completely vanished in midair. 
UFOs had been reported by a U.S. 
carrier in the nearby waters, at that 
time. This “cloud” phenomenon has 
often been associated with UFOs in 
the Western World, but it seems to 
exist in the Far East too, as the next 
case will show; 

• August, 1915, near Lulva Bay, Au¬ 
stralia. No less than 22 witnesses saw 
six or more elongated “clouds,” one of 
which suddenly descended in the path 
of a regiment of British soldiers. They 
marched into the cloud but never 
marched out. When the “cloud” rose 
and sped away, against the wind, 
1,000 men were missing. 

• Nov. 14, 1944. On a flight from 
Britain to Singapore or Hong Kong, the 
plane carrying Sir Trafford Leigh- 
Mallory and his wife vanished. 

And so, the UFO-related disasters 
on the other side of the world are no 
less numerous than those on our side. 
Going back into history we find the 
following disappearances occurring 
even before the terms “flying saucer” 
or “UFO” were coined. 

• In 1932, William Brophy tried to fly 
solo from the Philippines to Shanghai. 
But somewhere in the China Sea, 
radio contact was lost and neither he 
nor his plane were ever found. 

• Even more famous is the case of 
Amelia Earhart in 1937. She was the 
first woman to attempt an around- 
the-world flight. On the leg from New 
Guinea to Howland Island, she and her 
navigator disappeared. Strange 
“lights” were reported on the route the 

daring aviatrix followed. 

But assuming that UFOs roam the 
entire Orient and the Pacific Ocean, 
their most concentrated efforts seem to 
be in the area called the Devil’s Deep. 
Let us look at some of them. 

• An air route from Japan to 
Okinawa could, for weather reasons, 
cause a plane to drift or stray into the 
Devil’s Deep. This was the supposition 
when on Mar. 12, 1957, a U.S.A.F. 
KB-50 tanker with eight crewmen dis¬ 
appeared over the area. No distress 
signal was sent. 

• Again, during the Korean War, a 
U.S. Military Air Transport Service 
plane, with 67 troops aboard, disap¬ 
peared over the Devil’s Deep. 

• January, 1955. A ship on a scien¬ 
tific expedition, with 14 persons 
aboard, went into but did not emerge 
from the Devil’s Deep. Strangely, as in 
many Bermuda Triangle cases, no 
wreckage or bodies were ever found. 

And there is strong evidence that 
UFOs “patrol” the Devil’s Deep in 
large numbers. During WW II (date 
and other details classified and never 
released), a flock of UFOs flew over a 
convoy of U.S. warships and planes, 
south of Okinawa. This places it near 
the Devil’s Triangle in the “oval.” 
Some 200 to 300 UFOs were spotted 
on radar; they were at an altitude of 
12,000 feet and were flying at about 
700 miles per hour. This if course was 
before jets, when our fastest planes 
could barely do half that speed. The 
incident became so famous it was 
called the “Ghost of Nansei-Shoto.” 
One oddity of the case was that the 
UFOs were seen only on radar. One 
might assume that the invisible UFOs 
hoped to “return” to the Devil’s Deep 
unseen, not knowing or realizing too 
late that the convoy’s radars would 
pick them up. 

Did enough UFO traffic build up in 
the Pacific in the post-war years to 
(Continued on page 62) 




Are the strange orbiting objects tracked by the 
o Air Force and NASA for more than 25 years "probes" 

from an extraterrestrial civilization? 


* * By Orin Browning 

“Sputnik-1, a Soviet space vehicle 
launched into orbit on Oct. 4, 1957, 
was the first artificial Earth satellite 
No doubt this statement or something 
similar has gone into the school 
textbooks of every nation. 

Yet it is false! 

Though launched by neither the U.S. 
or U.S.S.R., Earth-circling objects have 
been detected in orbit at least for 25 
years. In 1949, 1951, 1953, 1954, 
1955, and July of 1957, unknown satel¬ 
lites were tracked that someone else 
had placed in Earth orbit, usually for a 
brief period of time after which they 
vanished as mysteriously as they had 

And after Sputnik I in 1957 officially 
opened the space age no less than a 
dozen other mystery satellites have 
bedeviled the Spacetrack system of the 
National Aeronautics and Space Ad¬ 
ministration (NASA). The latest (at least 
the latest publicly acknowledged) was a 


photo published in February 1967, 
clearly showing a black dot near the 
sun’s disc, taken by the Kandilli Obser¬ 
vatory near Istanbul, Turkey. Presuma¬ 
bly some large object had swung ac¬ 
ross the field of view of their telescope 
while they were photographing the sun. 
Therefore it was between Earth and the 
sun and most likely very close to Earth. 

Space authorities claim it was 
simply one of many known Earth-made 
satellites that were in orbit, until the 
Case Institute in Cleveland checked the 
positions of the largest satellites—such 
as Echo-2 and the Soviet Polyot and 
Proton-3—and found they were 
nowhere near that sector of the sky at 
the time. All other possible orbiters 
were ruled out and that makes it 
another “maverick” satellite that neither 
the American nor Soviet space prog¬ 
rams had planned, built, or rocketed 

Then who had? Was it the “space 

program” of some other world, or 
worlds, which has also been responsi¬ 
ble for all UFO sightings that have so 
puzzled mankind for the past 30 years? 
Their orbiting vehicles are not launched 
from Earth but probably from some 
base in outer space, from which they 
inject spacecraft of theirs into Earth 
orbit at times, for purposes we’ll 
examine later. 

If that is not the answer, can NASA 
or the authorities come up with a better 
one? Or would they rather just sweep it 
under the rug and forget it, as they have 
in every case? 

Let us lift the secrecy and see what 
these unknown satellites are. First, the 

The initial sighting was authenticated 
by none other than Capt. Edward J. 
Ruppelt, head of the Air Force’s Project 
Bluebook and all its flying saucer inves¬ 
tigations from 1951 to 1953. On Apr. 
24, 1949, he relates (The Report on 

Unidentified Flying Objects, 1956) how 
Comdr. R. B. McLaughlin, U.S.N., and 
his crew were ready to launch a 
Skyhook research balloon, at the White 
Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. 

Suddenly, an elliptical unknown ap¬ 
peared in their theodolite (tracking tele¬ 
scope), racing at fantastic speed across 
their field of view. Later computations, 
Ruppelt reveals, showed that it had 
been 56 miles high with a velocity of 
seven miles per second. 

This is 18,000 miles per hour and is, 
of course, orbital speed. 

Mystery Satellite #2, 1951. This 
again comes from Captain Ruppelt, in 
an article he wrote after he had retired 
from Project Bluebook and the U.S.A.F. 
At a radar school in N.J., their radar 
scope went wild as a blip raced across 
the screen at speeds too fast for their 
automatic lock-on to follow. It was far 
speedier than any jet and its altitude 
was 18 miles. Since that is above the 

main bulk of the atmosphere in “lower 
space,” it can be surmised that this was 
another gigantic satellite of alien origin. 

Mystery Satellites #3 and #4, 1953. 
In 1952, the Pentagon had become so 
alarmed over UFO reports in general 
that a systematic sky search by tele¬ 
scope and camera was organized, 
headed by Dr. Clyde Tombaugh, the 
famous astronomer who had disco¬ 
vered the planet Pluto. Unofficiallycall- 
the Skysweep Project, its avowed 
purpose was to search for tiny natural 
satellites of the Earth which might be 
used as space platforms in our future 
space program. Its true secret 
purpose—at least in part—was to de¬ 
tect high-flying UFOs. 

And they succeeded. Sometime in 
1953, it leaked out that two unknowns 
had been spied far out in space, circling 
the Earth. They were called “moonlets” 
as if they were natural satellites of the 
Earth but other astronomers failed to 

verify any such permanent and age-old 

This put the Pentagon in a hole, and 
they never officially admitted that two 
unnatural satellites had been observed 
for a short period of time. The mere fact 
that they later disappeared proved they 
had moved out of orbit and were 
therefore powered craft. 

Mystery Satellites #5 and #6, 1954. 
On Aug. 23, 1954, the AP quoted 
Aviation Week magazine in revealing 
that Dr. Lincoln LaPaz, government 
authority on meteoric phenomena, had 
announced the sighting of two mystery 
satellites orbiting at 400 miles and 600 
miles, respectively. Dr. LaPaz later 
denied the entire story but Aviation 
Week was not asked to make a retrac¬ 
tion. Then the matter dropped into the 
Obscurity Bin of the Pentagon, a fate 
that all such question-mark satellite 
discoveries were doomed to suffer. The 
Air Force has been no less diligent in 


denying mystery satelite reports than it 
has with all other UFOs. 

Mystery Satellite #7, 1955. Not in 
conjunction with the Pentagon’s Sky- 
sweep Project under Dr. Tombaugh, 
John P. Bagby, an electronics engineer 
and experienced amateur astronomer, 
had set up a team of skilled amateurs to 
search for space unknowns. 

On Feb. 18, 1955, they announced 
through their sponsors, the Adler 
Planetarium in Chicago, that they had 
tracked at least one and possibly more 
tiny “moonlets” circling Earth. Again, 
they were traveling 18,000 miles per 
hour or orbital speed. Because these 
were despised amateurs (whose comet 
discoveries however are officially rec¬ 
ognized around the world) no attention 
was paid by the authorities to this “wild” 
claim. And another orbiting UFO was 
consigned to limbo. 

Mystery Satellite #8, 1957. Italian 
astronomers claimed they tracked a 
huge mystery satellite orbiting Earth— 
three months before Sputnik-1. Other 
sources corroborated this and even 
reported naked-eye sightings of the 
object, which moved across the sky 
steadily as satellites do. Not much other 
data is available on this object and it 
disappeared from its earth-girdling 
space groove before Russia put up 
Sputnik-1—the “first” Earth satellite, as 
it is facetiously called to this day. 

Mystery Satellites #9 and # 10, 
1957. These are two distinct events, not 
directly connected with each other. The 
first is completely documented by 
photographs taken by Dr. Luis Corrales 
of Venezuela, whose observatory had 
been tracking the Soviet Sputnik-2 
which carried the dog Laika, after its 
launch on November 3rd. 

To his astonishment, his photo¬ 
graphic plates not only showed the 
dog-carrying satellite but a luminous 
streak paralleling it one-seventh of the 
way around Earth. It veered away for a 
while but then swung back and trailed 
the Dognik some more. 

Dr. Corrales emphatically stated it 
was some other orbiting object that had 
deliberately paced the Earth vehicle. 

The second case also occurred late 
in the year, after Sputnik-2 had spun 
into space. The London Times of Nov. 

7, 1957, reported that four astronomers 
at the Commonwealth Observatory 
near Canberra, Australia, had visually 
tracked both Sputnik-1 and Sputnik-2 
across the sky, when suddenly a third 
object came into their telescopic view. It 
was a vivid pink color and remained in 
view for two minutes, apparently trailing 
one of the two Sputniks. Since the two 
Soviet satellites were the only vehicles 
in orbit in 1957 (America’s first satellite 
went up in early 1958), and since they 
had both passed by, the Australian 

astronomers had not mistaken one of 
the Sputniks for a mystery satellite. It 
was a genuine unknown, for which the 
Air Force already had a pigeonhole 
waiting, labeled— deny, damn, and de¬ 
ride. But let us remember that the 
Russian space authorities also refused 
to take this mystery Sputnik seriously. 
Blind scientific authority has no national 

Mystery Satellite #11, 1960. This 
one the authorities could hardly deny, 
as it was tracked by the Navy’s 
SPASUR (Space Surveillance) radars 
which had often helped NASA in check¬ 
ing up on Earth-launched satellites. 

The unknown was first seen some¬ 
time in late 1959 but kept under 
wraps—until reporters unearthed the 
story. The most sensational aspect was 
the unknown s polar orbit which neither 
Russia or America had used thus far for 
its satellites. 

A big public furor resulted and the 
Pentagon was forced to somehow ex¬ 
plain it away, which they did admirably 
by finding they had lost track of the 
capsule of Discoverer-5. It was just this 
long-lost vehicle, which had somehow 
shifted orbit to cross directly over the 
poles, they assured everyone. 

There was one trouble with the Pen¬ 

tagon’s fairy tale. On Aug. 23, 1960, a 
tracking camera of the Grumman Air¬ 
craft Company at Bethpage, L.I., had 
obtained definitive photos of the mys¬ 
tery satellite and estimated its weight as 
at least 15 tons. 

The Discoverer-5 capsule weighed 
1,200 pounds. 

Furthermore, in August 1960 there 
were only 11 small U.S. satellites in 
orbit, plus one Soviet satellite out of 
those that had deorbited. None of ours 
weighed more than 1,700 pounds and 
the Soviet vehicle was 2,925 pounds. 
Nothing so huge as the 15-ton mystery 
payload—such as Russian Polyots and 
the dummy payload of the mighty 
Saturn-5 of the U.S.—would come 
along for several more years. 

What was this gigantic mystery orbi- 
ter of 1960? The Soviets wistfully de¬ 
nied it was theirs, wishing it was, so 
they could brag to the world. And the 
U.S. could hardly claim it since we had 
no launchers that could even lift such a 
load one inch, let alone propel it 500 
miles up into space. 

But the furor, as all furors do—and 
the Pentagons knows it—died down 
and even this evidence of another world 
setting up Earth-orbiting vehicles was 
shrugged off. Maybe it was an illusion, 
photographic flaw, electronic error— 
anything but the real thing. 

Mystery Satellite #12, 1964. Father 
Benito Reyna, a Jesuit priest, is profes¬ 
sor of mathematical physics at the 
University of El Salvador in Buenos 
Aires, Argentina. He has been an en¬ 
thusiastic astronomer for 30 years. 
Father Reyna was tracking Echo-2 on 
Nov. 14, 1964, a very clear night. Eight 
minutes after picking up the big balloon 
satellite right on time, another object 
suddenly appeared and came at right 
angles to the path of Echo-2. 

The amazed priest saw a miracle 
new to either astronomy or the Bible. 
Just as it reached Echo-2, the unknown 
satellite veered away—something no 
ordinary unmanned orbiter can do. It 
then described a vast semi-cricle and 
sped below the horizon. 

About four minutes later, the space 
“bogey” again hove into view when 
Echo-2 was at its zenith, and performed 
a similar enigmatic pass at the satellite 
and sped away. It returned a third time 
and rounded Echo before vanishing from 
sight for good. 

The priest’s whole staff had seen the 
mystery object and its astounding man¬ 
euvers with the naked eye. Father 
Reyna, through the telescope, distinctly 
saw the moon-sized object’s shape—a 
cigar with a greenish upper-dome tur¬ 
ret, unlike any satellite conceived on 

But the most incredible part of it was 
that when the mystery satellite’s speed 
was calculated, it came out to 18 miles 

per second, about 2 percent times fas¬ 
ter than any Earth satellite. In fact, by 
the laws of celestial mechanics for 
natural (engineless) objects, the 
enormous centrifugal force of this high 
velocity should have thrown it away 
from Earth. The fact that the object 
stayed in Earth’s vicinity near Echo-2 
was conclusive proof that it was any¬ 
thing but a natural engineless body. 

In the year 1965, no fewer than 
four mystery satellites or space objects 
appeared and baffled observers. 

Mystery Satellite #13, February 
1965. Both laymen and meteorologists 
in Britain, on the night of Feb. 18, 1965, 
saw a bright spot near the moon. One 
of the meteorologists said. “It is not a 
meteorological phenomenon. It could 
be some sort of space vehicle ...” 

The light soon vanished and no more 
data was obtained but it was ascer¬ 
tained that it could not be any of the 
known earth satellites in that particular 
position on that night. 

Mystery Satellite #14, Mar. 20, 
1965. Just as amateur astronomers 
often spot new comets before the pro¬ 
fessionals, so it may be with Earth 
satellites. In California, two members of 
the San Mateo Astronomical Society 
were observing the Planet Mercury on 
Mar. 20,1965. A flaming object abruptly 
appeared nearby in the Pleiades con¬ 
stellation, followed by one in Orion. The 
two objects halted, maneuvered, then 
sped away at unbelievable speed. 

Since it would be impossible to spot 
tiny vehicles at the distance of Mercury 
millions of miles away, these were 
obviously close to Earth and happened 
to dart into their telescope’s field of 
view. Their motion suggested they were 
in orbit but paused and maneuvered for 
a moment, perhaps to examine some 
satellite of ours. 

Mystery Satellite #15, Mar. 27, 
1965. Dr. A. D. Andres of Armagh 
Observatory in Ireland discovered a 
fast-moving object in the constellation 
Monoceros that defied explanation. Its 
motion was far too fast for a comet or 
asteroid and Dr. Andres appealed pub¬ 
licly for other astronomers to try to pick 
up this object so he could piece to¬ 
gether its trajectory and find out what it 
was and where it was heading. All the 
elements of this mystery-body fit the 
description of a world-circling unknown 
craft with an unorthodox motion, ac¬ 
cording to local ufologists. 

Mystery Satellite #16, August 1965. 
At Kamloops, Canada, hundreds of 
residents saw a bright light that only 
“glided’’ a little and otherwise remained 
fixed in the sky for hours, appearing 
many different nights. 

Like the foot-in-its-mouth U.S.A.F., 
an R.C.A.F. spokesman explained it as 
the “Christmas Star” or one of the 
Syncom communications satellites 

stationed at three points around the 
Earth. They do remain in a relatively 
fixed spot among the stars, as their 
orbital period matches the Earth’s rota¬ 

But two glaring errors make that 
explanation utterly ridiculous. First, the 
Syncoms are in orbits 22,300 miles 
high. They are no bigger than Telstars, 
which cannot be seen at a mere height 
of 500 miles. What penetrating eyesight 
the Kamloop people must have to see a 
tiny satellite 45 times farther away than 

Secondly, the Syncoms are all 
stationed over the earth’s equator. 
Hence the people would be looking 
some 5,000 miles through Earth’s thick 
atmosphere, at a low angle, as well as 
22,300 miles out into space. It is barely 
possible to see the giant 100-foot 
Echo-2 balloon satellite at 2,000 miles 
straight up, and it would never be 
visible 5,000 miles away, through 

.. Mystery satellites did not 
first appear during the UFO 
wave starting in 1947 with 
Kenneth Arnold's sighting. 
Russian astronomers in 1920 
telegraphed a startling report 
around the world, that a mystery 
object was 'hovering' around 
the Earth.. 

murky hazes on a horizontal plane. 

This phenomenon is not the Christ¬ 
mas Star satellite but the incredible 
eagle eyesight bestowed upon the 
people of Kamloops by the R.C.A.F. 

Quite obviously they were staring at a 
mystery satellite that had taken up a 
stationary position high above Earth, 
during its orbital journeys. And that 
stationary position might well occur at 
the moment when scout UFOs left, or 
returned to, their mother ship. 

Mystery Satellites #17, #18, and 
#19, 1960. This was the jackpot of 
mystery satellites that finally forced 
official recognition. As it came out later, 
three mystery objects had been tracked 
not only by NASA’s Spacetrack system 
at Goddard Spaceflight Center but also 
by NORAD, the anti-missile defense 
radar network set up by the Pentagon 
with central headquarters of Offutt Air 
Force Base in Nebraska. 

In fact, it was a leak through NORAD 
that led reporters to the story and 
forced NASA to lamely admit that it had 
also tracked those three unknowns. 
NASA claimed that two of them were 
mere bits of space “debris,” or parts of 
broken-up satellites and launchers, and 
that only the third was of respectable 
size somehwat like Telstar. 

Other data leaks indicate this was a 
cover-up and that all three of the space 
UFOs were of huge size. But anyway, 
the cat was out of the bag. And since 
the three unknowns remained in orbit 
the international satellite authority (cen¬ 
tered in France) that gives designations 
to all satellites lofted by any nation was 
forced to add these three items to their 
lists, giving them catalog numbers. 

As to why these three mystery satel¬ 
lites, and perhaps others, have stayed 
in orbit unlike their hide-and-seek pre¬ 
decessors, is a matter of pure conjec¬ 
ture. Maybe when certain of their 
mother-ships become useless, they are 
abandoned and left in orbit. 

But mystery satellites did not first 
appear during the UFO wave starting in 
1947 with Kenneth Arnold’s sighting. 
Russian astronomers in 1920 tele¬ 
graphed a startling report around the 
world, that a mystery object was “hover¬ 
ing” around the Earth, trailing a lumin¬ 
ous or fiery mist like a comet. However, 
it had entirely different trajectory 
characteristics than comets, which only 
pass by Earth on a solar orbit. The 
Soviet “comet” exhibited “peculiar” mo¬ 
tions and even changed course —the 
mark of a maneuverable vehicle. 

Yet this Russian “satellite” is far from 
the first. In fact, strange bodies circling 
the Earth, or perhaps the moon and 
Earth together, were observed ever 
since the telescope was invented in 
1610. An impressive number of as¬ 
tronomers in the following centuries 
spied unorthodox bodies that were not 
planets, moons, asteroids, comets, 
meteors, or any other explainable ce¬ 
lestial phenomenon. These puzzled 
men have left the records of those 
enigmatic bodies, in meticulous scien¬ 
tific detail which leaves not the slightest 
room for doubt about what they ob¬ 
served. A full review of all such reports 
would be far too lengthy. Following are 
a few of the most outstanding: 

On Sept. 1, 1859, astronomer 
Richard Carrington at Redhill Obser¬ 
vatory in England caught sight of two 
bright objects sailing through the sky 
which he said were too slow to be 

Dr. James C. Watson and Dr. Lewis 
Swift were two famous astronomers of 
the 19th Century. During the total solar 
eclipse of July 29, 1878, they observed 
two bodies near the sun’s darkened 
disc that raised a storm of controversy. 
Were they two unknown “planets” near 
the sun, or were they merely two small 
objects close to Earth and out of focus? 

After many computations, the con¬ 
sensus was that they were about 
20,000 miles from Earth and apparently 
circling it. Their size came out between 
one-quarter and one-half mile wide, 
which is typical for the giant UFOs 

(Continued on page 66) 

Although the vast majority of UFO sightings around the 
world are reported by average citizens, famous 
personalities have also seen these puzzling aerial objects. 

By Timothy Green Beckley 

Tony Carlyle is a popular figure on 
daytime television. He has been a 
regular on numerous soap operas, in¬ 
cluding General Hospital and As the 
World Turns. 

A jet-setter, his around-the-world 
jaunts have put him in the company of 
such notables as Liza Minelli, Ann 
Miller, Jill St. John, and David Frost. 

It was while on vacation this past 
February in Acapulco, Mexico, that he 
saw a UFO. 

“I had been invited to attend an 
after-dinner cocktail party with several 
show business and socialite friends. 
Strolling by our hostess’s pool, I saw a 
huge oval cloud in the sky. I kept 

walking in the direction it seemed to be 
drifting; I was mesmerized by its ap¬ 
pearance. Suddenly a large yellow light 
came from out of the ‘cloud.’ It was so 
bright that it lit up the faces of everyone 
on the beach. It then moved around a 
cliff until it was out of sight. 

“The next day I met some other 
people who had seen the drifting ball of 
fire. They had been outdoors, playing 
backgammon, when the intruder ap¬ 
peared for all to see.” 

On the way back to New York aboard 
a commercial jet, Tony sat next to a 
businessman who had encountered the 
same aerial phenomenon. “He told me 
it definitely had a mind of its own. We 
saw the same ship!” 

Singer and actress Lillian Roth has 
encountered UFOs—flying saucers— 
on two occasions. And while both 
episodes occurred some time ago, the 
still vivacious motion picture star of the 
30’s, only recently decided to reveal the 
extraordinary details of her thrilling ex¬ 

“I’ve held back until now because I 
was afraid no one would take me 
seriously. After all, how do you prevent 
people from laughing out loud when 
you tell them you’ve sighted a space¬ 
ship from another planet? I don’t want 
folks to think I’ve gone daffy. I can 
assure you, I haven’t!” 

The subject of the motion picture 
classic I’ll Cry Tomorrow, Lillian was a 
child celebrity at the age of 5, and the 
toast of Broadway and Hollywood be¬ 
fore she was 20. 

In New York, during a break in 
rehearsal of a new act, with which she 
plans to come out of retirement, the 
charming actress willingly talked about 
her belief in “other worldly travelers.” 

She said that her initial confrontation 
with UFOs occurred in April 1951. At 
the time, Lillian was traveling across 
country from New York to California 
with her husband, Burt McGuire, Jr. On 
the evening in question, they had de¬ 
cided to stay overnight in an out-of- 
the-way motel located in the Arizona 

“I was out walking my 3 pet dogs 
around seven p.m., when I caught a 
glimpse of something that rocked my 
senses. There—as if suspended from 
some invisible thread—was a tremen¬ 
dous object, shaped kind of like a toy 
top. It was huge—perhaps 150 feet in 
diameter. Standing perfectly still, it re¬ 
mained in one position, hovering at 
what would be the height of a 15-story 
apartment building.” 

Lillian says she was fearful that it was 
going to land nearby. “When it got 
directly overhead, I remember thinking, 
‘Is this thing going to fall on me?’ ’’ 

Composing herself as much as pos¬ 
sible, she shouted for her husband to 
come and look at the object. 

“The UFO had a metallic body, simi¬ 
lar to aluminum. All around the hull 
were small portholes or windows, which 
were lit up with different colored lights.” 

The effect, she says, was like the 
lights on a Christmas tree. “They were 
red, white, green, blue, and orange— 
each shining with its own sparkling 

After hovering for about 5 minutes, 


the craft shot upward at a fantastic 
speed. “It rose very high in the sky, 
appearing as a small speck in the deep 
blue above.” 

As quickly as it rose, it returned— 
dropping down to the same location 
directly overhead. “It bemained station¬ 
ary another 2 minutes, then it began 
moving away, at a gradual upward 
angle, toward the east. This time the 
craft departed slowly, but steadily, with 
no sound ever being heard. Soon it was 
out of sight in the twilight sky.” 

Less than a year later, Lillian insists 
that she had a similar experience, this 
time while in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 

“One night in March 1952, Burt and I 
were driving north on the main highway, 
heading from Ft. Lauderdale toward 
Palm Beach, a distance of 50 miles. It 
was a nice clear evening—actually, it 
was shortly after sunset when this 
event happened. We were in an open 
stretch of road, with unobstructed view 
in all directions.” 

Without warning—“as if from 
nowhere”—a huge, cigar-shaped craft, 
hanging a little above the horizon, 
appeared directly down the highway in 
front of their automobile. 

According to her account, the cigar¬ 
shaped object stretched clear across 
much of the horizon. “I would say, just 
as a guess, that it could easily have 
been as large as the famed dirigible 
Hindenburg. Of course, it was much 
slimmer than a dirigible ...” 

Pulling to the side of the road, Lillian 
and her husband gazed in awe at the 
spectacle before them. “I remember 
commenting to Burt, ‘Nobody will be¬ 
lieve this!’ Not only had I seen an 
oval-shaped flying saucer, but now a 
cigar-shaped one. According to pub¬ 
lished reports, these are the 2 most 
commonly sighted types of spacecraft. 
Apparently the larger ones known as 
‘mother ships’ carry the smaller ‘scouts' 
inside. They are then released in the 
Earth’s atmosphere.” 

As they watched the object, they 
were able to make out a grayish smoke 
or “haze” trailing above and below the 
UFO, almost surrounding it. “This effect 
was not, I’m positive, caused by clouds, 
as the sky was almost totally clear in 
this area. Rather, the ‘haze’ seemed to 
be emanating from the UFO itself, 
forming a delicate filmy aura which 
played gently about the ship’s surface. 
We sat there for 2 or 3 minutes, then 
started driving again. As we watched, 
the great ship suddenly faded away— 

just simply vanished into nothingness.” 
As amazing as the sighting may have 
been, the events of the night were not 
yet over. “About 11:30 p.m. we were 
returning from my club appearance. We 
were driving south on the .same high¬ 
way, going quite fast, and were ap¬ 
proaching the same stretch of road 
where we had the twilight sighting. 
Then it happened again! The same—or 
an identical—UFO loomed up above 
the horizon.” 

Lillian says, “I remember exclaiming 
to my husband, ‘Well, they’re just trying 
to prove to us that they’re really out 
there!’ Burt just smiled and said 
nothing. This time he didn’t stop the car, 
but continued to drive as if nothing 
unusual were taking place. We in¬ 
creased our speed, to see if we could 
get closer to it. After about five minutes, 
as we roared along, it suddenly began 
to move off to our left—toward the 
ocean, and slowly drifted out to sea.” 

A warm smile crossing her face, 
Lillian explained how the second 
episode alleviated her previous fears 

and put her at ease. “I don’t know why I 
should have been worried. Anyone who 
could construct such marvelous flying 
machines must be more advanced than 
we are. I think if they’ve developed to 
this stage of technology, they must 
have—somewhere along the line— 
managed to do away with wars and 
fighting on their planet. What a surprise 
for all of us if they would land! I would 
certainly welcome them. I really would 
enjoy talking to whoever is on board 
these beautiful ships.” 

Asked why she waited so long to 
reveal the details of her 2 sightings, 
Lillian explained that “people seem a lot 
more open-minded toward visitors from 
outer space and UFOs than ever be¬ 
fore.” She attributed this to the im¬ 
mense popularity of such books as 
Chariots Of The Gods?, which she 
claims has a basis in reality. “The Bible 
does say there were things flying 
around, even ‘way back then. And in 
Roman literature, the famous old writ¬ 
ers made reference to what seem to be 
so-called flying saucers.” ★ 



Many now believe the ancient legends of the 
American Indian tell of visitations to our planet 
thousands of years ago by space travelers 


By Brad Steiger 

In the minds of orthodox ar¬ 
chaeologists and anthropologists, the 
origins of the Amerindian have been 
clearly charted: sporadic migrations of 
people crossed from Siberia into Alaska 
over a period of more than 15,000 
years. Before these Siberians invaded 
the New World, the continent was like 
the Garden of Eden without an Adam or 
an Eve. 

Most of the Amerindians with whom I 
have discussed the matter of the origins 
of the Indian people upon this continent 
simply do not accept the Bering Strait 
invasion theory as the true account of 
their genesis. They do not deny that 
such an invasion took place any more 
than they deny that the European inva¬ 
sion took place, but they do not believe 
that their origins were in Siberia any 
more than that they came from England 
or France. 

The physical makeup of certain 
tribes, especially those of the far west, 
bear mute testimony that interbreeding 
occurred between Amerindian and 
Mongolian types, just as nearly all 
tribes bear evidence of interbreeding 
with Europeans. But the traditional 
Amerindian strongly maintains that just 
as various tribes were here to welcome 
the European, so were they already on 
these shores to greet the Siberian. The 
Amerindian peoples, they believe, are 
the descendants of those who survived 
the destruction of a great civilization 
which once existed on this continent. 
And they believed this long before the 
sleeping prophet Edgar Cayce declared 
that the inhabitants of lost Atlantis were 
a red-skinned people. 

For one thing, the people who came 
over from Siberia were primitive. How 
then, utilizing the orthodox timetable, 
does one explain the sophisticated 
stone tools found in an ancient Mexican 
stream bed. which were considerably 
more advanced than those used in 
Europe and Asia 250,000 years ago? 
The most primitive tools found in the 
stream bed were of a type used in the 
Old World 35,000 to 40,000 years ago. 

“We have apparently found geologi¬ 
cal data that lead to a head-on confron¬ 
tation with apparently sound ar¬ 

chaeological data,” Dr. Roald Fryxwell 
of Washington State University was 
quoted as saying in the New York 
Times , Nov. 18, 1973. 

For more than two centuries, people 
have been discovering data that simply 
will not fit the accepted theories of the 
origin of the Amerindian no matter how 
much one bends, qualifies, or colors the 
facts. How long the theories will be 
allowed to remain sacrosanct after such 
“head-on confrontations” is a question 
that demands a forthright answer. 

Even more dramatic than finding 
sophisticated stone tools that may be 
250,000 years old are the various wal¬ 
led cities and fortifications which have 
been found scattered throughout the U. 

In Rockwall, Texas’ smallest county, 
four square miles support the great 
stone walls of an ancient fortification— 
some of which are 49 feet high and 
eight inches thick. The stones have 
been placed on top of each other with 
the ends breaking near the center of the 
stone above or below, just as an expert 
mason would build a wall. The stones 
also give the appearance of having 
been beveled around their edges. 

Raymond B. Cameron told Frank 
Tolbert, columnist for the Dallas Morn¬ 
ing News, that “four large stones taken 
from wall segments appear to have 
been inscribed by some form of writ¬ 

In the 1920s, a visiting archaeologist 
declared that the walled city appeared 
remarkably similar to the buried cities 
he had excavated in North Africa and 
the Middle East. 

Cherokee Indians, ancient Welsh¬ 
men, and a vanished tribe of moon- 
eyed, blond-haired whites have at vari¬ 
ous times been credited with the con¬ 
struction of the 885-foot-long wall on 
Fort Mountain in northern Georgia. The 
wall runs from east to west and, at 
various intervals, looms over 29 pits 
that look as though they might have 
served as ancient foxholes. The wall 
ranges from a height of seven feet to 
only two or three. The quantity of rock 
along the wall suggests that at one time 
the fortification might have been much 


According to John Fleming, writing in 
Southern Living, December 1969: “The 
lack of warlike artifacts (or any artifacts 
for that matter) lends credence to the 
old Cherokee legend that the wall was 
built by a race of white people who 
worshipped the sun. This, according to 
the tale, is the reason the wall was built 
from east to west—from the rising sun 
to the setting sun. 

"But if this is true, then what hap¬ 
pened to the sun worshippers? How did 
they leave the area without leaving a 
trace of artifacts or funerary remains?” 

On June 27, 1969, workmen leveling 
a rock shelf at 122nd Street on the 
Broadway Extension between Edmond 
and Oklahoma City, Okla., uncovered a 
rock formation that created a great deal 
of controversy among investigating au¬ 
thorities. To the layman, the site looked 
like an inlaid mosaic tile floor. 

“I am sure this was man-made be¬ 
cause the stones are placed in perfect 
sets of parallel lines which intersect to 
form a diamond shape, all pointing to 
the east,” said Durwood Pate, an Ok¬ 
lahoma City geologist who studied the 
site. “We found post holes which mea¬ 
sure a perfect two rods from the other 
two. The top of the stone is very 
smooth, and if you lift one of them, you 
will find it is very jagged, which indi¬ 
cates wear on the surface. Everything 
is too well placed to be a natural 
formation [Edmond Booster, July 3, 

Delbert Smith, a geologist and presi¬ 
dent of the Oklahoma Seismograph 
Company, said the formation, which 
was discovered about three feet be¬ 
neath the surface, appeared to cover 
several thousand square feet. The 
Tulsa World (June 29, 1969) quoted 
Smith as saying: “There is no question 
about it. It has been laid there, but I 
have no idea by whom.” 

Wesley Swanson of the Southern 
Union Production Company found a 
piece of stone that seemed to bear 
evidence of having been molded into a 
tool. Pate commented that the artifact 
appeared to be a primitive ax or some 
kind of gardening tool, and he expres¬ 
sed a wish that they might find a 
wooden implement or something or¬ 
ganic so that they could apply radiocar¬ 
bon dating techniques to determine the 
tool’s approximate age. 

On Dec. 17, 1869, the Los Angeles 
News printed the following account: 

“Captain Lacy of Hammondsville, 
Ohio, had some men engaged in mak¬ 
ing an entry into his coal bank, when a 
huge mass of coal fell down, disclosing 
a large, smooth slate wall, upon the 
surface of which were plainly carved 
several lines of hieroglyphics. No one 
has yet been able to tell in what 
language the words are written. The 

letters are raised; the first line contains 
25. It is probable that they were cut in 
the coal while in its vegetable state and 
during its formation into coal.” 

The men discovered the wall with its 
undecipherable hieroglyphics about 
100 feet below the surface. If the letters 
were cut into the coal in its “vegetable 
state,” as the anonymous reporter 
suggested, then we are back in the 
Carboniferous Systems, approximately 
250 million years ago. 

In 1973 and 1974, the following 
confrontations with the orthodox time¬ 
table for the beginnings of human habi¬ 
tation on this continent were recorded 
by archaeologists: 

• The amino-acid dating of a human 
skull found in California indicates 
human habitation of North America 
50,000 years ago; 

• The oldest discovered site of 
human habitation east of the Mis¬ 
sissippi—14,000 to 15,000 years ago— 
was uncovered south of Pittsburgh, 

• The mysterious Medicine Wheel in 
Wyoming’s Bighorn Mountains was 
discovered to have astronomical align¬ 
ments and may have been used as an 
observatory by nomadic Plains Indians; 

• A carved bone hide scraper, found 
on the Old Crow River, a few miles from 
the Alaskan border, was radiocarbon- 
dated at between 25,000 and 32,000 
years old. 

Certain archaeologists and an¬ 
thropologists might have to swallow a 
pet theory or two, but most would be 
able to accept the above discoveries 
with a minimum of pain. After all, 
50,000 years can be endured; but the 
suggestion of humans walking about 
writing on North American walls 250 
million years ago, simply subjects the 
orthodox thinkers to more shocks than 
can be comfortably handled. 

But consider the following footprints 
in the geologic strata of Time: 

In the early 1930s, Dr. Wilbur Greely 
Burroughs, head of the Geology De¬ 
partment of Berea College, Kentucky, 
was guided to a site in the Kentucky 
hills where he was able to locate 10 
complete manlike tracks and parts of 
several more in Carboniferous sand¬ 
stone. All the accumulated evidence in¬ 
dicates that they were impressed upon a 
sandy beach in the Pennsylvanian 
Period of the Paleozoic Era—which 
dates the humanoid impressions 
somewhere around 250 million years 
ago. Dr. Burroughs kept his work secret 
for seven years. One can imagine that 
he wanted every opportunity to study the 
amazing tracks. 

‘Three pairs of tracks show both left 
and right footprints,” Dr. Burroughs told 

Kent Previette of the Louisville 
Courier-Journal many years later (May 
24, 1953). “Of these, two pairs show 
the left foot advanced relative to the 
right. The position of the feet is the 
same as that of a human being. The 
distance from heel to heel is 18 inches. 
One pair shows the feet about parallel 
to each other, the distance between the 
feet being the same as that of a normal 
human being.” 

Regardless of the tests to which Dr. 
Burroughs subjected the tracks, the 
results were always the same: the 
footprints were genuinely those of a 
bipedal creature. It positioned its feet 
like a human, had a heel and five toes, 
and walked exclusively on its hind legs. 

At the suggestion of Dr. Frank Thone, 
biology editor of Science Service, with 
the concurrence of Charles Gilmore of 
the Smithsonian Institution, Dr. Bur¬ 
roughs named the originator of the 
mysterious tracks Phenanthropus 
mirabilis (“looks human; remarkable”). 

The Pennsylvanian Period was the 
age of giant amphibians. Could the 

.. Just as the Mayans had their 
temples, the Egyptians their 
pyramids, and the Druids 
Stonehenge, which served as 
giant calendars as well as 
impressive monuments, the 
nomadic Plains Indians of North 
America had their Big Horn 
Medicine Wheel to signal 
the summer solstice—or, perhaps, 
the 'gods 7 .. 

tracks have been caused by one of 

Dr. Burroughs thought it unlikely. 
“There is no indication of front feet, 
though the rock is large enough to have 
shown front feet if they had been used 
in walking.” Dr. Burroughs was emphat¬ 
ic that the creatures, whatever they 
might have been, walked on their hind 
legs. Nowhere on the site were there 
signs of belly or tail marks. 

Is it possible that ancient Amerindi¬ 
an artisans or more contemporary sculp¬ 
tors could have carved those footsteps? 

A sculptor informed Dr. Burroughs 
that any carving done in that kind of 
sandstone would be certain to leave 
telltale artificial markings. Neither en¬ 
larged photomicrographs nor enlarged 
infrared photographs revealed any "in¬ 
dications of carving or cutting of any 

On May 25, 1969, the Tulsa Sunday 
World carried an article describing fos¬ 
silized footprints found by Troy 
Johnson, a North American Rockwell 
liaison engineer. Just a few miles 
beyond Tulsa’s eastern city limits, 

Johnson removed earth, roots, and 
stone from an outcropping of sandstone 
to find animal prints—many of which he 
could not identify—and some distinctive 
five-toed humanlike footprints. 

More than just a weekend dabbler in 
archaeology, Johnson had 13 years 
experience in study and field work for, 
among others, the University of Ok¬ 
lahoma and the University of Arkansas. 
At the time of his startling discovery he 
had also presented papers on his finds 
to archaeological associations. 

C. H. McKennon of the Tulsa Sunday 
World presented Troy Johnson’s quiet 
arguments in favor of the footprints’ 

“The chunk of sandstone containing 
the big prints is a massive weight of an 
estimated 15 tons, which rules out the 
possibility of someone transporting it to 
the top of the hill. Also, the stone is of 
the same strata as other specimens of 
sandstone dotting the hilltop, indicating 
there was a monumental ‘uplift’ of the 
Earth’s crust ages ago .. 

If the Coso artifact is what it appears 
to be, it would seem that someone was 
riding, as well as walking, on the North 
American continent eons before any 
kind of technology was born in Europe 
and Asia. 

On Feb. 13, 1961, Wallace A. Lane, 
Mike Mikesell, and Virginia Maxey set 
out for the Coso Mountains six miles 
northeast of Olancha, Calif., in hopes of 
finding some semiprecious specimens 
for their LM & V Rockhounds Gem and 
Gift Shop. Instead, they found what 
may be a clue to a precataclysmic 

At first no one recognized the object 
as anything other than a geode. It was 
picked up along with a number of 
stones near the top of a peak approxi¬ 
mately 4,300 feet above sea level and 
about 340 feet above the dry bed of 
nearby Owens Lake. 

But the next day, back in his work¬ 
room, Mikesell ruined his practically 
new 10-inch diamond saw blade when 
he cut the fossil-encrusted qeode in 

This geode did not contain a cavity, 
as so many geodes do, but a perfectly 
circular section of a very hard material 
that appeared to be ceramic with a 
two-millimeter shaft of bright metal in its 

The inner third of the crust seemed 
composed of a substance resembling 
petrified wood, but it was somewhat 
softer than agate or jasper. This layer 
was hexagonal and seemed to form a 
casing around the hard ceramic disc. 
The metal core of the disc responded to 
a magnet. There also appeared to be 
some evidence that the ceramic core 
had been encased in copper, because 
(Continued on page 46) 


Unsolved Mysteries From UFO Archives—Part VI 


In this continuing series, our team of researchers investigates 
a wave of strange aerial phenomena that had 
government officials trying to calm a panicky public 

From his observatory in San Fran¬ 
cisco the astronomer watched the light 
in the sky. The UFO had the magnitude 
of the planet Venus, and hung about 
one degree from the setting sun. He 
suspected it was a new comet, and so 
he informed a colleague, Professor 
Perrins of the Lick Observatory on Mt. 
Hamilton east of San Jose, by telegram 
the next afternoon. At dusk that evening 
Perrins looked through his telescope 
and scanned the sky in the vicinity of 
the sun. He saw nothing out of the 
ordinary. The date was Sept. 21, 1896. 

About a month earlier, some time in 
the latter part of August, William Jordan 
of San Rafael, Calif., was chasing a 
wounded deer through the Tamalpais 
Mountains when he ran into a brush pile 
about 10 feet high. He approached it 
cautiously, only to hear a stern voice 
yell out, “What are you doing here? 
What do you want?” Jordan turned to 
the man who had suddenly appeared 
and explained about the wounded deer. 
“We’ve been camping here a month or 
so and we’ve never seen a deer,” the 
stranger replied, “but if you think a deer 
is in the neighborhood, I’ll help you find 
it. We could use a little meat in our 

Less than 500 yards away they dis¬ 
covered the dead animal and together 
dragged it into the brush corral. Inside, 
Jordan was amazed to find a well- 
equipped machine shop, evidently set 
up there for the construction of a now 
nearly-completed airship. The six men 
involved in the project swore the hunter 
to secrecy, then said that they would be 
flying it in the near future. 

By Jerome Clark and Lucius Farish 

That, at any rate, is the story Jordan 
told the San Francisco Call two months 
later, after “airship” had become a 
household word throughout the state of 
California. But before that happened, 
three more puzzling episodes would 
quietly occur. 

In late October, a fruit rancher and 
his family near Bowman, in Placer 
County, observed a brilliantly-lighted 
airship sailing overhead. About a week 
later San Francisco Mayor Adolph Sut- 
ro’s servants told him that, while he was 
gone one evening, a weird flying object 
with a bright searchlight had hovered in 
the air just off shore over Seal Rock 
(the mayor’s mansion, which was west 
of the city, overlooked the Pacific 
Ocean). The mayor forgot the incident 
until two weeks later, when a dramatic 
series of startling events forced him to 
recall the story. 

On November 15th, three days be¬ 
fore California’s Unidentified Flying Ob¬ 
jects would break into the headlines, 
two young San Andreas women, Han¬ 
nah Harney and Ella Potter, sighted a 
large bright light high in the northern 
sky. They watched it for 10 minutes. At 
first, they said, it “seemed about the 
size of a saucer” (a curiously prophetic 
description), but it continued to de¬ 
crease in size until it finally disap¬ 
peared. Talking with other towns¬ 
people, they found they were not the only 
ones who had seen the peculiar light. No 
one, however, had any idea what it was. If 
they had seen it two or three days later, 
they probably would have called it an 

Between six and seven p.m. on 

November 17th hundreds of Sac¬ 
ramento citizens of all ages and 
backgrounds would see, in the words of 
the Sacramento Bee, an “aerial ship, 
ghost, or meteor.” Only the supersti¬ 
tious thought it was the second and only 
determined skepticsthe third. Those who 
it was a piloted, man-made aircraft. 

Some witnesses even insisted they 
heard voices or saw men inside the 
object. According to some, when the 
ship skirted too low over housetops, a 
voice shouted out, “Lift her up quick!” 
R. L. Lowry, who claimed to have seen 
the thing from the distance of only 50 
feet, said it was cigar-shaped and 
operated by four men who moved as if 
they were riding a bicycle. It was kept 
aloft by the rapid motion of propellers. 
Other people asserted they had heard 
“singing” from inside the cabin. These 
voices, however, had a curiously artifi¬ 
cial quality, as if emanating from a 
phonograph record. 

Most observers, however, didn’t hear 
a thing. They did see the object travel in 
from the east and sail off in a southerly 
direction with a somewhat erratic mo¬ 
tion. G. C. Snyder, a streetcar repair¬ 
man, gave a typical description: “Last 
evening, about 10 minutes before 
seven o’clock, I saw a light, which was 
then above, approximately, 27th and P 
Streets, sailing in a southwesterly direc¬ 
tion. It rose and fell and swayed from 
right to left as if it were being propelled 
by some motor power. It was a white 
light and was not a star or meteor, I am 
certain of that.” J. H. Vogel, a bartend¬ 
er, said, “I saw the light and above it a 


dark body dimly outlined in the form of 
an egg with the small end forward. I 
heard a muffled buzzing of machinery.” 

Another witness, George Scott, an 
assistant to the California Secretary of 
State, spotted the object from the steps 
of the State Capitol Building. He and 
three other aides went up to the obser¬ 
vation deck at the top of the Capitol 
dome. From there they could see the 
dim outline of a dark body with three 
lights attached. 

The following afternoon an airship 
passed over Oak Park, a Sacramento 
suburb, leaving a trail of smoke behind. 

For a brief period airship sightings 
stopped, giving both skeptics and be¬ 
lievers a chance to debate the merits of 
their respective cases. Skeptics, who 
were in the considerable majority, held 
that the alleged witnesses were drunks 
and fools, while believers, almost all of 
whom had seen the controversial 
phenomenon themselves argued that a 
secret inventor must be responsible. 
But one imaginative soul, who signed 
himself only as “W. A.,” wrote the 
Sacramento Bee: “In my investigation 
of this subject, it would seem that this 
visitor is from our neighboring planet 
Mars.. .It is supposed that the Lord 
Commissioner of Mars, in sending out 
his airship, is seeking to establish tele¬ 
graphic or telephone communication 
between the planets.” W. A. did not 
explain why the “Martians” spoke per¬ 
fect English or how a dirigible-like con¬ 
struction such as the airship could 
travel interplanetary distances. 

On November 20th, the airships were 
back. South of Sacramento, at the 
village of Tagus, D. H. Risdon and 
another man reportedly saw something 
“like a canvas sheet spread out, float¬ 
ing in a northeasterly direction at about 
an altitude of 2,000 feet.” 

The next day a more familiar-looking 
object swooped low over downtown 
Sacramento and was seen by hundreds 
of startled citizens. The “thing” was 
spotted first in the northwestern sky, 
heading slowly southwest. When it 
reached the southern edge of the city, it 
turned west, then south, and disap¬ 
peared for a while, only to reappear in 
the west moving to the northwest. 

Isaac Gough apparently was the first 
to see it. After convincing himself he 
wasn’t seeing things, he ran down the 
street sounding the alarm. People 
poured out of the saloons, stores, and 
hotels to catch a glimpse of the aerial 
visitor. Those who saw it through field 
glasses or telescopes described it as a 
bright light suspended from a large, 
dark body. Among the witnesses were 
observers from the skeptical Sac¬ 
ramento Record-Union who returned to 
their desks quite shaken by the experi¬ 
ence. Other observers included a group 
of state officials, including the gover¬ 
nor’s executive secretary. 

On the 22nd, two Methodist minis¬ 
ters, Reverends H. Copeland and John 
Kirby, watched a red “fireball” with 
white lights on the front and back near 
Knights Ferry in Stanislau County. The 
object first rose in the air, then de¬ 
scended to skim the ground, pick up 
speed, and disappear from sight. 

The same day an airship passed over 
San Francisco and Oakland. At five 
p.m. occupants of a crowded streetcar 
in Oakland were among the first to note 
its presence, and they later told repor¬ 
ters the object was an egg-shaped 
vessel with a brilliant searchlight. 
Charles H. Ellis was walking home 
when the airship, which had come in 
from the east, flew overhead in the 
direction of San Francisco, where sev¬ 
eral minutes later it hovered above the 
shoreline and illuminated the seals on 
the rocks below with its searchlight. It 
drifted southwest and reappeared at 
Folsom between six and seven p.m., 
disappearing into a dense cloud. It was 
in Oakland once more shortly after nine 
a.m. and was lost from sight when it 
traveled across the bay to the San 
Francisco hills. At 11:30 it flew over San 
Jose and headed toward Mt. Hamilton, 
site of the Lick Observatory. 

But while the airship was flying over 
northern California, things on the 
ground were beginning to get extremely 
complicated. The very day the strange 
aerial visitor returned to the city, the 
San Francisco Call published an inter¬ 
view with lawyer George D. Collins, 
who claimed, “It is perfectly true that 
there is at last a successful airship in 

existence .. .1 have known of this affair 
for some time and am acting as attor¬ 
ney for the inventor. He is a very 
wealthy man who had been studying 
the subject of flying machines for 15 
years, and who came here seven years 
ago from the state of Maine in order to 
be able to perfect his ideas away from 
the eyes of other inventors ... 

“I saw the machine one night last 
week at the inventor’s invitation. It is 
made of metal, is about 150 feet long 
and is built to carry 15 persons.. .It is 
built on the aeroplane system and has 
two canvas wings 18 feet wide and a 
rudder shaped like a bird’s tail. The 
inventor climbed into the machine, and 
after he had been moving some of the 
mechanism for a moment, I saw the 
thing begin to ascend from the Earth 
very gently.. .The machine was under 
perfect control all the time. 

“When it got to a height of about 90 
feet the inventor shouted to me that he 
was going to make a series of circles 
and then descend. He immediately did 
so, beginning by making a circle about 
100 yards in diameter, and gradually 
narrowing until the machine got within 
30 feet of the ground. It then fell straight 
down, very gracefully, touching the 
Earth as lightly as a falling leaf.” 

Collins said his client, whom he never 
named even after the man’s identity 
had become common knowledge, had 
flown from Oroville to Sacramento, a 
distance of 65 miles, several days 
before. It had been his airship which so 
many people had seen. According to 
Collins, the craft was hidden outside 
San Francisco, and guarded by three 
men. He said that within a matter of 
days, after the inventor had perfected 
the last flaws in the craft’s flight 
mechanism, he would fly over the city’s 
main business district so that everyone 
could get a close look at the machine. 
The mysterious inventor’s application 
was at the Patent Office in Washington, 

The inventor turned out to be E. H. 
Benjamin. The Call established that 
Benjamin had been seen in the Oroville 
area, where he had invented a device 
which would “revolutionize the world.” 

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(Continued from page 43) 

some of the metal seemed intact while 
the rest had decomposed. 

What was Mrs. Maxey’s opinion of 
the object within the rock? 

“One possibility is that it is barely 100 
years old—something that lay in a mud 
bed, then got baked and hardened by 
the sun in a matter of a few years.” 
(However, Mrs. Maxey supplied the 
information that in the opinion of a 
trained geologist, who examined the 
fossil shells encrusting it, the nodule 
had taken at least 500,000 years to 
attain its present form.) “Or else it is an 
instrument as old as legendary Mu or 
Atlantis. Perhaps it is a communica¬ 
tions device or some sort of direction¬ 
al finder or some instrument made 
to utilize power principles we know 
nothing about.” 

When Ron Calais did the basic re¬ 
search on the Coso artifact for the INFO 
Journal , editor Paul J. Willis accepted 
the challenge to come up with an idea 
of what the object might have been. 
After examining X-ray photos of the 
geode and doodling a bit with his pencil, 
Willis said the hexagonal part reminded 
him of a spark plug! 

Then Willis and his brother Ron, tried 
to saw a common spark plug in half 
near its hexagon. They soon found the 
porcelain was too hard for their 
hacksaw, but they did manage to get 
the plug apart. 

“We found the components similar to 
the Coso artifact,” Ron Willis writes, 
“but with some differences. The copper 
ring around the halves displayed in the 
object seems to correspond to a copper 
sealer ring in the upper part of the steel 
casing of any spark plug.” 

It is their belief that the hexagonal 
area in the geode is probably com¬ 
posed of rust, the remains of a steel 
casing. The Willis brothers also noted 
that the central shaft of the spark plug 
they had taken apart had a tint which 
reminded them of brass. 

The upper end of the object appears 
to end in a spring, but Ron and Paul 
Willis theorized that what is seen in the 
X-ray photograph might be “the re¬ 
mains of a corroded piece of metal with 

Although the larger metallic piece in 
the upper section of the Coso artifact 
may not seem to correspond exactly 
with a contemporary spark plug, the 
overall effect is certainly that of some 
kind of electrical apparatus. If it is some 
bizarre trick of Nature, it is indeed a 
good one. 

There are numerous other artifacts 
indicative of an advanced precataclys- 
mic technology on the North American 
continent. I recount the details of sev¬ 
eral of them in my book Mysteries of 
Time & Space (Prentice-Hall, 1974). 

Among the evidence for a prehistoric 
industrialized society is the following 
intriguing discovery: 

In 1953, miners of the Lion coal mine 
of Wattis, Utah, broke into a network of 
tunnels between five and six feet in 
height and width, which contained coal 
of such vast antiquity that it had be¬ 
come weathered to a state of useless¬ 
ness for any kind of burning. A search 
outside the mountain in direct line with 
the tunnels revealed no sign of any 
entrance. Since the tunnels were dis¬ 
covered when the miners were working 
an eight-foot-wide coal seam at 8,500 
feet below the surface, the evidence is 
irrefutable that an undetermined person 
conducted an ambitious mining project 
so far back in time that all exterior 
traces have eroded away. 

Prof. John E. Willson of the Depart¬ 
ment of Engineering, University of 
Utah, was quoted in the February 1954, 
issue of Coal Age , as stating: 

“Without a doubt, both drifts were 
man-made. Though no evidence was 
found at the outcrop, the tunnels appa¬ 
rently were driven some 450 feet from 

.. The Chippewa have a legend 
that tells of a great 'star with 
wings' that hovered over 
the treetops. Some of the wise 
men thought of it as a precursor of 
good; others, understandably, 
feared the star and saw it as 
a forerunner of terrible times.. 

the outside to the point where the 
present workings broke into them 
. . . There is no visible basis for dating 
the tunnels . . .” 

Jesse D. Jennings, Professor of An¬ 
thropology at the University of Utah, 
could offer no opinion as to the identity 
of the ancient miners, but he denied 
that the vast tunnels and coal mining 
rooms could have been the work of any 
Amerindian people. 

“In the first place,” he commented, 
“such works would have required im¬ 
mediate and local need for 
coal.. .because, before the white man 
came, transport was by human cargo 
carriers.. .As for local use, there was 
no reported extensive burning of coal 
by aboriginals in the region of the 
Wattis mine.” 

For those who are skeptical that 
a prehistoric civilization would have 
thrived on our own continent and left 
only the slightest vestige of its culture to 
alert future generations of its existence, 
let us consider what would happen if a 
catastrophe should wipe out our own 
civilization. What would remain for ar¬ 

chaeologists to unearth 15,000 years 
from now? 

We are builders in wood and metal. 
Our most majestic stone buildings are 
little more than facades supported by 
thin tendons of steel. In 1,000 years, 
even without flood, fire, or nuclear 
warfare, our major cities would be little 
more than rubble. Our complex super 
highways would be crumbled bits of 
stone beneath layers of vegetation. Our 
once intricate railway system would 
merely be red dust blowing in the wind. 

If volcanic lava and dust should 
happen to blanket a major city in a 
sudden eruption—such as Mt. Ves¬ 
uvius did to Herculaneum and Pom¬ 
peii—a portion of our civilization would 
be preserved as if in a gigantic museum 

But if we were to enter another ice 
age and enormous glaciers should 
creep down from the north, as they 
have done several times previously in 
the past million years, everything in 
their inexorable path would be pul¬ 
verized. One such glacier would be 
enough to wipe out any trace of our 
civilization. Perhaps only scattered 
pieces of porcelain would remain to 
inspire future scholars to write doctoral 
dissertations on what manner of priest¬ 
hood served which deity at the altar of 
the flush toilet. 

In my own thinking, I have narrowed 
the matter down to the following, per¬ 
sonal analogy: although the Iowa vil¬ 
lage in which I live is small and several 
hours away from any large, metropoli¬ 
tan area, we have all the modern 
conveniences, along with up-to-date 
shops and supermarkets, a well-staffed 
hospital, and a small college. Let us 
hypothesize the unpleasant situation of 
the entire civilized world blasting itself 
to nuclear bits. All the major cities are 
obliterated, but life in small villages 
such as ours does its best to continue. 

The television set is no longer func¬ 
tional, except, perhaps, as something 
on which to stack books. The radio is 
functional only until the local station has 
a breakdown which will necessitate 
ordering new parts. It is impossible, of 
course, to order new parts for anything 
from anywhere. Automobiles are func¬ 
tional only until the storage tanks of 
gasoline have been exhausted and the 
local mechanics can no longer impro¬ 
vise repairs. 

The doctors at the hospital and the 
clinics do their best to instruct the more 
intelligent among us in the rudiments 
of modern medicine; but modern 
medicine’s magic is very weak without 
its attendent technology, which has 
now been destroyed. The teachers and 
professors at the public schools and the 
college do their best to keep alive the 
ideals of our culture; but effective crop 
raising now seems much more impor¬ 
tant than philosophy, and survival must 


take priority over Shakespeare. 

The years pass. One day the last 
machine breaks down, and there is no 
one who remembers how to repair it. 
The X-ray machines, the radios, the 
long-dead dry cell batteries, although 
still revered, are useless. They will soon 
be forgotten as actual implments, but 
they will be elevated to the status of 
magical artifacts in the legends of the 
Iowa villagers, as survival instinct 
sends them back into the rapidly en¬ 
croaching forests. 

Someday, perhaps 20,000 years in 
the future, someone will “remember" 
how to use the marvelous machines: 
the box that could see other people 
thousands of miles away; the machine 
that could look through humans; the 
chariot that could fly through the clouds. 
Or perhaps someday more technologi¬ 
cally sophisticated men and women 
from across the big water will declare 
those Iowa villagers to be primitive, 
aboriginal people of the New World. 

Since the concept of “ancient as¬ 
tronauts” has become a popular one in 
the last few years, it would be only fair 
to consider briefly that the various 
artifacts which we have discussed in 
this article might have been “seeded" 
on this continent by colonists from other 
worlds or other dimensions. It is also 
conceivable that the collective uncon¬ 
scious of the Amerindians may recall 
their origin in a culture which might be 
found on some other planet, rather than 
a “lost civilization" on Earth. Or that 
same collective unconsciousness may 
harbor memories of the intimate in¬ 
teraction of their ancestors with ex¬ 
traterrestrial visitors. 

Just as Great Britain had its 
Stonehenge, Egypt its pyramids, and 
the Mayans their temples, which served 
as giant calendars as well as impres¬ 
sive monuments, the nomadic Plains 
Indians of North America had their Big 
Horn Medicine Wheel to signal the 
summer solstice—or, perhaps, the 

Just above the timberline in the Big 
Horn Mountains of northern Wyoming, 
the Medicine Wheel’s pattern of stones 
etches an imperfect circle with a diame¬ 
ter of about 80 feet. A cairn of stones 
about 15 feet in diameter establishes 
the hub of the wheel. Twenty-eight 
“spokes" jut out from the hub and 
connect with the outer rim. 

The Big Horn Mountains held special 
significance for the Crow, the Sioux, the 
Arapahoe, the Shoshone, or the 
Cheyenne — any of whom might have 
erected the wheel—but none of these 
tribes were known for building any kind 
of stone monuments. Bits of wood 
found in one of the six smaller cairns 
situated unevenly about the rim indi¬ 
cates that the Medicine Wheel has 
been there since at least 1760. The 
monument has been known to white 

men for well over 100 years, but conjec¬ 
ture about its true purpose has only 
inspired mysteries and tall tales. 

In the June 7, 1974, issue of Sci¬ 
ence, astronomer John A. Eddy of the 
High Altitude Observatory in Boulder, 
Col., states that two summers’ research 
have convinced him that the Big Horn 
Monument may well have been a primi¬ 
tive astronomical observatory that 
served its creators at least as well as 
Stonehenge served its primitive as¬ 
tronomers. The high altitude (9,640 
feet) and the clear horizons of the 
monument make the marking of sunrise 
and sunset at the summer solstice 
easily visible. The accurate knowledge 
of the first day of summer would have 
been a most important bit of information 
for a nomadic people whose very lives 
depended on astute awareness of sea¬ 
sonal changes. 

There are numerous Amerindian 
legends which suggest an interaction 
between native American peoples and 
Star Dwellers. Nearly every tribe has its 
accounts of “Sky Ropes”—ropes of 
feathers that permitted People From 

.. There are numerous 
Amerindian legends which suggest 
an interaction between native 
American peoples and Star 
Dwellers. Nearly every tribe has 
its account of 'Sky Ropes'— 
ropes of feathers that permitted 
People From Above to come to 
the Earth Mother.. 

Above to come to the Earth Mother and, 
on occasion, enabled men and women 
to fly to the clouds. Along with the 
magical ropes are tales of flying 
canoes, airships, and moons that de¬ 
scended to Earth. 

Many Amerindian tribes believed that 
the stars were the homes of higher 
beings who had a connection with, and 
a mysterious relationship to, humans. 
Others held that the stars were them¬ 
selves actual ministering intelligences. 

Numerous tribes had accounts of 
warriors who had found themselves 
enamored of Star Wives and of tribes¬ 
women who had been enticed by Star 
Husbands. Often the Amerindians 
found “magic circles” which the Star 
People had burned into the grass, just 
as their European brothers across the 
ocean were finding “fairy circles” that 
the dancing elves had tromped into the 
meadows during their nocturnal revels. 

The Chippewa have a legend that 
tells of a great “star with wings” that 
hovered over the tree tops. Some of the 
wise men thought of it as a precursor of 
good; others, understandably, feared 

the star and saw it as the forerunner of 
terrible times. 

The star hovered near the village for 
nearly one moon (month) when a Star 
Maiden approached a young warrior 
and told him that she was from the 
winged star. They had returned from a 
faraway place to this, the land of their 
forefathers, and they loved the happy 
race they saw living in the village. The 
star, she said, wished to live among 

The warrior told the council of this 
visitation, and representatives went to 
welcome the Star People with sweet- 
scented herbs in their peace pipes. The 
winged star stayed with them for only a 
brief time, however, before it left to live 
in the southern sky. As a token of its 
eternal love, according to the Chippe¬ 
wa, the Star People left the white water 
lily on the surface of the lakes. 

There are literally hundreds of such 
Amerindian legends suggesting a 
steady line of interaction between the 
native Americans and the Sky People. 
There is an episode from the journal of 
an early cattleman which implies not 
only an association between the 
Amerindians and UFOs, but also with 
that mysterious creature variously cal¬ 
led Bigfoot or Sasquatch. 

The account was supplied by James 
C. Wyatt of Memphis, Tenn. In a journal 
dated 1888, Wyatt’s grandfather re¬ 
cords that he was somewhere along the 
Hunboldt Line in the “Big Woods Coun¬ 
try” where his father and several 
cowhands had wintered with a tribe of 
Indians after delivering some cattle to a 
fort farther north. 

One day he came upon an Indian 
carrying a large platter of raw meat. At 
first the man seemed afraid to answer 
Wyatt’s questions concerning his er¬ 
rand, but he finally asked the cattleman 
to follow him. 

In a shallow cave in a cliff face dwelt 
a beast with long, shiny black hair that 
covered its entire body, except for its 
palms and an area around its eyes. The 
manlike creature did not seem wild or 
vicious; it sat cross-legged, Indian- 
style, to eat the raw meat. Wyatt de¬ 
scribed the creature as built like a big, 
well-developed man, except for its lack 
of neck and its long body hair. The 
creature’s head seemed to rest directly 
on its shoulders. 

“Crazy Bear,” as the creature was 
called by the Indians, had been brought 
to the “Big Woods” from the stars. A 
“small moon” had flown down like a 
swooping eagle and had landed on a 
plateau a few miles from the Indian’s 
encampment. The beast in the cave 
and two other “crazy bears” had been 
flung out of the “moon” before the craft 
had once again soared off to the stars. 

Other “crazy bears” had been left in 
the vicinity over the years. The Indian 
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What makes this report so interesting, and at the same 
time different from the widely publicized stories 
of Bigfoot in the Pacific northwest, is the evidence that 
these creatures are not animals at all, but something 
entirely different—and connected to UFOs 

By Jerome Clark 

Around dusk one evening during the 
summer of 1971, Gary Parker and two 
companions were about to enter Stone 
Park, a wooded area about four miles 
from Sioux City, Iowa, when suddenly a 
car full of terrified teenagers came 
roaring out. The vehicle disappeared 
quickly down the road. 

Intrigued, the three drove in and 
followed the road until they reached the 
park’s upper region where they stopped 
and got out. The first thing they noticed 
was a curious silence; even the crickets 
were muted. The second thing they 
noticed was the incredible creature that 
stood at the top of a hill. Outlined 
against the early evening sky, it ap¬ 
peared to be a huge, dark manlike ape. 

For a short time, the witnesses were 
more interested than afraid (the three 
are big, in their early 20s, and well-built; 
Parker is also an expert in karate), and 
stood studying the creature. Suddenly, 
for no discernible reason, one of the 
group, George Fetterman, let out a 
Tarzan cry and beat his chest, which 
immediately attracted the creature’s at¬ 

Suddenly the thing started toward 
them. It disappeared from sight into the 
trees but by the sound it made, there 

was no question of its direction or 
purpose. In the frantic moments that 
followed the men noticed that the crea¬ 
ture's feet made a dragging sound, as if 
the animal were injured. But still it was 
moving fast and as it advanced, a 
stream of animals—squirrels, foxes, 
rabbits, birds—blind with terror, poured 
out of the woods. 

By now the three men were panic- 
stricken. They leaped inside their car 
and raced away with tires squealing, 
accidentally running over a fox, which 
immediately got back on its feet and 
kept going. Just as they left the park, 
Parker iooked over his shoulder to see 
the dark, shadowy form emerge from 
the trees. They had just made it. 

Two days later Parker talked with an 
attendant at a service station just down 
the road from the park. The man said 
that on the night of the sighting a party 
of badly shaken teenagers had pulled 
up to the station and asked for a rag to 
wipe off their car. The grill was covered 
with blood. They explained that they 
had been driving near the park when 
suddenly a “man’ loomed in front of 
them. Before the startled driver could 
hit the brakes, the car collided with the 

creature, which then reeled over, got to 
its feet, and ran off. Stunned—they 
knew the impact should have been hard 
enough to kill a man—the teenagers 
realized that, whatever they had hit, it 
was not human. They left the area as 
fast as they could. 

Three years later these events would 
have an even stranger sequel. In the 
meantime, however, similar creatures, 
which investigators have dubbed “man- 
imals," would show up with increasing 
frequency throughout middle America. 
During 1971, Arkansas had an 
epidemic of sightings of the “Fouke 
monster,” reputedly a hairy biped with 
glowing red eyes that would leave 
three-toed tracks. In 1972, innumerable 
witnesses reported encounters with 
similar beasts in Missouri, Arkansas, 
Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Florida. In 
June and July of that year a hairy 
intruder scared people in and around 
Murphysboro, III. 

What makes these reports so espe¬ 
cially disturbing—and at the same time 
makes them different from the more 
widely publicized Bigfoot tales from 
California and the Pacific Northwest—is 
the clear suggestion that these crea¬ 
tures are not animals at all, but some- 


thing entirely different. Something so 
mysterious that it defies rational com¬ 
prehension and it seems connected to 
unidentified flying objects. 

To be specific, “Momo,” the manimal 
that stalked about Louisiana and Mis¬ 
souri, for two weeks during July 1972, 
appeared in the company of glowing 
“fireballs” and an orange UFO with 
lighted windows. Early the next month 
the residents of Roachdale, Ind., were 
introduced to their particular hairy unin¬ 
vited guest two hours after a strange 
light silently exploded over the corn 
fields from which the monster sub¬ 
sequently emerged. 

The most astounding events, how¬ 
ever, did not occur until Oct. 25, 1973, 
at Greensburg, Pa., when two ape-like 
creatures were seen walking not far 
from a landed UFO. One of the witnes¬ 
ses fired three shots with a 30-06 rifle 
directly into the lead beast. Suddenly 
the UFO vanished and the entities 
turned around and walked back into the 

When a state trooper arrived 45 
minutes later, he found a glowing ring 
where the UFO had landed. Shortly 
afterwards, the trooper and the man 
who had done the shooting, saw some¬ 
thing come out of the woods toward 
them. The witness fired his last round 
at the thing and then the two men 
jumped into the police car and drove 
about 50 yards out of the field, returning 
shortly afterwards when they regained 
their composure. 

The whole Greensburg story, which 
by the way was only one of many 
reports from the state during that 
period, is extremely complex. For our 
purposes we only wish to note the 
apparent connection between the UFO 
and the creatures. We say “apparent” 
because no one has ever seen one 
actually emerge from a UFO; nonethe¬ 
less these things show up increasingly 
in the company of UFO-related 
phenomena. Evidently they are man¬ 
ifestations of that same enigmatic 
“Source” which also produces strange 
aerial objects. 

In January 1974, at 2:20 a.m., Jim 
Britton had just seen some friends off 
and walked to the driveway with them. 
He saw a shadowy form moving be¬ 
tween some nearby cars but paid no 
particular attention—he assumed it was 
a dog—and returned to the house. 

A few minutes later he heard a high, 
shrill scream, unlike anything he had 
ever heard before. He grabbed a 30-30 
deer rifle and rushed outside, where he 
saw a big hairy creature about seven 
feet tall. It started to approach him and 
when it was about 75 feet away he shot 
it. It fell over backwards but quickly got 
to its feet and ran away. By the time 

Britton had time to reload, it was gone. 

The next day there were no visible 
tracks because horses had trotted over 
the snow. However, some blood was 

Sioux City’s resident manimal had 

For the remainder of the winter and 
spring, no further creature reports came 
to light. But beginning in July, a 
shadowy something would force its 
attentions on tiny Oakland, Neb. (popu¬ 
lation 1,360), located 48 miles directly 
south of Sioux City. 

Just what it was they were seeing, no 
one seems to know. Or even agree, for 
just about every witness had a different 
story to tell. 

For instance, though not a witness 
this time, Deputy Gary Parker—the 
same Gary Parker who first spotted the 
Sioux City manimal-—said, “People 
have a tendency to see what’s not 
really there. It could have been any 
number of things, an antelope, a bear, a 
big cat.” But none of these animals is 
native to eastern Nebraska. However, 
he conceded, “There definitely was 
something there.” 

He and Chief Gregory Webb heard 
that “something” at two a.m. on August 
9th. They had gone to the park on the 
southwest edge of town to turn on the 
park lights, which someone had turned 
off. As soon as the lights came on, the 
officers heard a high-pitched sound 
emanating from the east end of the 
park. At first they thought it was from a 
car with a bad muffler screeching away 
from a stop sign about half a mile away. 

But when the noise continued, seem¬ 
ing to move to the left, the two men 
wondered if someone was stuck in park 
mud and was trying to get out by 
rocking the car, causing muffler noise 
and tire whining. Within moments the 
noise became so loud Webb and 
Parker couldn’t even hear each other 

They climbed back into the patrol car 
and cruised around the park twice. By 
then the noise had subsided and they 
saw nothing. Parker recalled that an 
hour earlier he had heard the same 
sound—not as loud, though—but had 
thought nothing of it. 

Later that same day, at about 10:30 
p.m., 13-year-old Russell Olson, who 
lives on a farm just across the city limit 
line to the south of Oakland, heard a 
similar sound. 

“I was putting the turkeys away,” he 
said, “and two of my friends were 
helping me. We heard a sound and at 
first thought it was just a dog. Then we 
heard a medium-pitched howl that was 
not continuous but would start up, hit a 
peak and then fade again. We stood 
frozen in our tracks and listened until it 
was repeated for the third time and then 

we realized it was not a regular cat or 
dog and ran for the house. My dad 
[Richard Olson] drove around the area 
but said he didn’t see anything.” 

The elder Olson described the 
sound as “medium-pitched, but more 
like a howl than a groan or snorting 
sound.” He added, “All I know is that I 
will remember that sound for a long 
time. I don’t get scared easy but that 
voice was something else.” 

Webb, Parker, and Russell Olson 
only heard the thing. But others saw it. 
And this is where matters get confus¬ 

The first known sighting was made 
on July 4th by Emory Wickstrom and 
his two sons, Nick and Tom. Wickstrom 
was making his early morning rural 
paper deliveries when suddenly some¬ 
thing darted across the road 100 to 200 
feet away. It looked, in Wickstrom’s 
words, like “a medium-sized dog with a 
monkey face.” It moved so rapidly that 
Nick thought it might actually be leap¬ 
ing. It had a curved, monkey-like tail. 

The next morning, at about four a.m., 
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Jones, who live on a 
farm two miles south of town, awoke to 
a weird screeching sound. 

“The windows and doors were 
open,” she said, “and the sound 
echoed through the house like you 
wouldn’t believe. 

“It was a quiet night and there was a 
full moon. Dale and I both ran to the 
front door. The horrid sound the thing 
made sounded like something was 
choking our dog. Dale went outside and 
checked and saw that the dog was all 
right and then gave the livestock a 
close look. Everything was O.K. He 
headed for the house and then turned 
around looking toward the pasture. 
Then he saw it. He said it stood 
approximately six feet tall (the corn was 
approximately three feet high) and he 
could see the dark outline of the animal. 
He says it was about three feet wide.” 

Jones sprinted inside the house to 
grab his binoculars. When he came 
back outside, the thing was running 
across the pasture, too far away for him 
to get a good look. 

“Dale didn’t tell me that night about 
seeing it,” Mrs. Jones recalled, “but I 
sensed something was wrong when he 
came running back into the house and 
told me to lock all the doors and 
windows. I have never seen it, but I will 
not stay in the house alone at night. 
When Dale leaves at night, I go with 

Five or six times later that summer 
the Jones family heard the same 
sound. It always came from the pasture 
east of the corn field. The thing never 
seemed to bother livestock but it did 
frighten the dog, which would come 
running into the house when it heard 

the sound, lie down in a corner, and 

About the middle of August, another 
incident took place outside of town. 
Some time during the night a powerful 
intruder ripped apart a doghouse-style 
hutch and ate the six guinea hens 
inside, leaving behind only some wings, 
heads, and a foot. Whoever or what¬ 
ever had committed the act had done it 
silently, because the owner hadn’t 
heard a thing. 

Late in July, a number of cattle on the 
Gilbert Isaacson farm had stampeded 
out of a feed yard and taken about 10 
feet of wood fence with them. The 
animals were subsequently recovered 
a mile away. The Isaacsons were not 
sure the creature was responsible. “It 
could have been the animal,” Mrs. 
Isaacson said, “but we didn’t see or 
hear anything. It’s not that unusual for 
the cattle to get out.”) 

At 10:30 the following evening, Con¬ 
nie Johnson, Sheryl Rupert, and their 
two younger brothers were walking 
about a block south of where the hutch 
had been demolished and the guineas 
had been eaten. Looking toward the 
south, they were astonished to see a 
huge, shaggy, gorilla-like animal mov¬ 
ing toward them from about 75 feet 
away. It was making a screeching 
sound. One of the boys tossed a 
firecracker at the thing, which rose up 
on its hind legs and fled back into a corn 

Chief Webb and Deputy Parker found 
tracks in some gravel along a nearby 
road. Set two feet apart, they measured 
three and one half by five inches. Not 
far away was a partially-eaten ear of 
corn which appeared to have been 
discarded recently. 

A final possible sighting was made by 
Irwin Wiese of Lyons, which is about 
eight miles north of Oakland. Wiese, a 
school bus driver, saw an animal cros¬ 
sing a country road. He said it resem¬ 
bled a bear. 

Chief Webb’s report on the creature 
scare concludes; “During the month of 
August several search teams were or¬ 
ganized to look for the animal. Of these, 
police officers and deputies participated 
in three. Searching was done in corn 
fields and wooded groves south of 
Oakland. The wooded area covered 
some 80 acres. There are many wild 
plum trees and berry bushes in that 
area. During the searches there were 
no rabbits or other wildlife to be found. 
Before the animal came to the area, 
there were large quantities of rabbits, 
deer, raccoons, etc. Oaklanders are still 
not sure what the animal was.” 

And neither, of course, is anyone 
else. There is no question that some¬ 
thing out of the ordinary was being 
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villagers had occasionally seen the 
“men” who dropped the crazy bears 
from the small moons. They did not look 
like the giant hairy ones, but appeared 
to be more like men such as them¬ 
selves. The men in the small moons 
had much shorter hair than the Indians, 
however, and they wore shiny clothing. 
They always waved to the Indians in a 
friendly manner before they closed the 
door in their small moon and flew back 
to the stars. 

The “crazy bears” had been led to 
the village by the Indians, and at no 
time had the hairy giants offered any 
resistance to their benefactors. The 
Indians believed that the “crazy bears” 
from the stars had been sent to bring 
them powerful medicine, and they 
would not permit the creatures to stray 
lest they be captured by rival tribes. 

Each of the Amerindian tribes I am 
familiar with cherish legends which tell 
of their people rising from the destruc¬ 
tion which had been visited upon a 
former civilization. The majority of the 
accounts deal with the surviving 
peoples having escaped from a terrible 
flood, which immediately suggests both 
the biblical story of “The Deluge” and 
the Atlantis myth. 


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sory changes in his organism. Now that 
creatures answering Smythe’s general 
description have been photographed 
with materials sensitive beyond the 
range of the human eye, such skeptics 
are forced to take a defensive position. 
Furthermore, the objectification of 
these extraocular regions of the spec¬ 
trum is constantly progressing. The 
discovery of more and different critters 
is inevitable; scientific advancement will 
not cease. 

The probability is high that Smythe 
perceived something objective and 
real, and if altitude, oxygen deficiency, 
and exertion happened to extend his 
vision just a few millimicrons beyond 
the normal range, then he would per¬ 
ceive directly this adjacent range of 
physical form that has since been 
photographed—complete with its 
strange critters. The role of altitude in 
the perception and objectification of 
these critters seems significant. While 
this role is poorly understood at pres¬ 
ent, subsequent work will elucidate 
much that is now murky. 

From personal experience in field 
work I can report that perception of the 
borderland critters we have photo¬ 
graphed is much more difficult at sea 
level than at 4,000 feet altitude and 

The functional connections between 
my methods and discoveries and Frank 

The principal point of each of the 
Amerindian myths of destruction and 
rebirth is that civilization is cyclical, 
continually being born, struggling to¬ 
ward a golden age, then slipping back¬ 
ward into a moral morass, forward into 
its death throes .. .only to be reborn so 
that the process may begin once again. 

Immanuel Velikovsky once said in an 
interview with Science and Mechanics 
magazine that prior civilizations are 
buried so deeply within the lower strata 
of the Earth that we simply do not have 
archaeological evidence of their exis¬ 

“But we have abundant references in 
literature—even in rabbinical lit¬ 
erature—that many times .. .before this 
present Earth Age existed, the same 
Earth was created—then it was leveled 
and recreated; all civilizations were 
buried,” Velikovsky stated. 

“By far the vast majority of ancient 
texts deal specifically with the 
phenomenon of catastrophism .. .In the 
Old Testament we read of geological 
disturbances in which a mountain melts 
like wax, the sea being torn apart or 
erupting on the land, cosmic debris 
bombarding the people, and the ocean 
parting to show the foundations of 
Earth—and we say all these things are 

Smythe’s high-altitude observation of 
biological UFOs are self-evident. The 
Smythe sighting took place when I was 
six years old. I was in no position to 
implant my ideas “by suggestion”—a 
tired old bromide routinely supplied by 
anxious mechanists. 

Frank Smythe was not the first man 
to see the critters of our atmosphere in 
modern times. A number of years prior 
to his sighting on Everest, an American 
named Don Wood, Jr., got a closer and 
more terrifying look at a couple of these 
critters. He saw them in their full physi¬ 
cal density and in light-reflecting nega¬ 
tive polarity as a result of his hobby 
interest in flying. 

The experience shook him suffi¬ 
ciently to make him keep silent about 
the event for several decades. Wood’s 
story was originally published in Ray 
Palmer’s publication, Flying Saucers , in 
October 1959. Few people have done 
more to advance ufology through the 
years than the dogged and able Ray 
Palmer, an individual who has sac¬ 
rificed much of his life in order to keep 
publishing material from which or¬ 
thodox publishers recoil. Wood’s ex¬ 
perience found the light of day thanks to 
Ray Palmer’s open-mindedness, which 
I am happy to salute by reproducing the 
Wood sighting here: 

“I must write you of what happened 
to me in 1925, which I think solves most 
UFO reports. I have never told this to 
anyone, but can get a signed affidavit if 
needed. Four of us were flying old 
“Jennies” over the Nevada desert. One 

metaphors! This is what makes it ap¬ 
pear to me that mankind is a victim of 
collective amnesia. As such a victim, he 
likes to play with atomic weapons, then 
repeat the events that took place! The 
victim of amnesia who has undergone a 
traumatic experience seems to want to 
relive those experiences.” 

The Seneca legend of the Seven 
Worlds say that Man has relived such 
“traumatic experiences” six times be¬ 
fore and that we stand on the brink of 
destruction prior to entering the final 
world in our evolutionary cycle. The 
Hopi legend of the Four Worlds agrees 
and states that mankind is about to 
enter the final world after a last great 
war, a war which shall resolve the 
spiritual with the material and create 
one world under the power of the 

For the Amerindian traditionalist, the 
destructions of the previous worlds 
have been a necessary part of man¬ 
kind’s spiritual evolution. Because man 
has repeatedly forgotten the lessons of 
the Great Spirit, the Earth Mother has 
been periodically cleansed for new 
epochs. If the old prophecies are cor¬ 
rect, we have little time to avoid becom¬ 
ing part of the collective amnesia of 
some future generation. ★ 

plane was a two-seater, the one I was 
in. We landed on Flat Mesa, near Battle 
Mountain, Nev. The mesa is about 
5,000 square feet and the walls are too 
steep to climb unless a lot of work is 

“We wanted to see what was on top 
of this flat place. We landed at one p.m. 
While walking about the top of this 
place we noticed something coming in 
for a landing. It was about eight feet 
across and was round and flat like a 
saucer. The undersides were a reddish 
color. It skidded to a stop about 30 feet 
away. This next you won’t believe, and I 
don’t care, but it’s the truth. We walked 
up to the thing and it was some animal 
like we never saw before. It was hurt, 
and as it breathed the top would rise 
and fall making a half-foot hole all 
around it like a clam opening and 

“Quite a hunk had been chewed out 
of one side of this rim and a sort of 
metal-looking froth issued. When it saw 
us it breathed frantically and rose up 
only a few inches, only to fall back to 
the Earth again. It was moist and 
glistened on the top side. We could see 
no eyes or legs. 

“After a 20 minute rest, it started 
pulsating once more. (We stayed 10 
feet away.) And so help me the thing 
grew as bright as all get out, except 
where it was hurt. It had a mica-like 
shell body. It tried to rise up again, but 
sank back again. Then we saw a large, 
round shadow fall on us. We looked up 
and ran. Coming in was a much larger 


animal 30 feet across. 

“It paid no attention to us, but settled 
itself over the small one. Four sucker¬ 
like tongues settled on the little one and 
the big one got so dazzling bright you 
couldn’t look at it. Both rose straight up 
and were out of sight in a second. They 
must have been traveling 1,000 miles 
per hour to get so high so fast. When 
we walked over, there was an awful 
stench, and the frothy stuff the little one 
had bled looked like fine aluminum 
wire. There was more frothy, wiry stuff 
in a 30-foot circle where the big one had 

“This stuff finally melted in the sun, 
and we took off. So help me, this was 
an animal. I have never told this before 
as we knew no one would believe us. I 
only write now because this animal 
would be one big 30-foot light if seen at 
night. I don’t expect belief, but I simply 
had to write.’’ 

History should have a place for Don 
Wood, Jr., for making what might well 
be characterized as the most important 
observation thus far in the history of the 
confused subject of UFOs. I wrote him 
at his home in one of the southern 
states and am satisfied that he reported 
his experience accurately. Truly that 
one example is worth a thousand, 
containing all within itself—what 
Goethean scientific thinkers call the ur 

Only a compulsive doubter can make 
a spaceship out of what landed next to 
Don Wood. His story is strong and full 
of life. Since this experience runs 
counter to the cherished, mechanistic 
conceptions of flying saucers, little at¬ 
tention has been paid to it, despite its 
significance for a genuine exobiology. 
Ignoring such experiences by 
establishment-type ufologists is their 
typical fate, lest disturbance be caused 
to cosmic conceptions rooted in sterili¬ 

Here is the experience of a man 
viewing something close-up—a full 22 
years before the term “flying saucer’’ 
was coined—that was discoidal, pulsat¬ 
ing, and contained its own light source. 
The object was obviously alive and also 
injured, as though it had been attacked. 
Metallic froth issued from the wound, 
not blood. The object had a mica-like 
shell, such as today’s would-be 
exobiologists speculate might be pos¬ 
sessed by Martian life forms. Such a 
shell might be expected to return radar 
echoes, especially if it happened to be 
30 feet in diameter like the rescuing 

There was no radar then. That de¬ 
velopment came much later. The critters 
were there before radar, and if 15 years 
before radar, then why not millennia? A 
question surely far more important to 
current notions both of life and of reality 
than any other which has been raised 
by the ships-from-other-planets advo¬ 

cates, who rest their case on coinci¬ 
dence and accident, and lack any co¬ 
herent concept of the relationship be¬ 
tween life and pulsation. 

The functional connections between 
the Wood sighting of 1925 and the 
enormous amount of evidence gather¬ 
ed since are apparent everywhere. 
Ufology is largely made up of reports of 
pulsating, glowing, super performing 
discoidal objects which are hastily con¬ 
ceived of as ships. Since we added to 
Don Wood’s observation photographs 
of glowing, discoidal objects that ap¬ 
pear like giant amoebas, there is clearly 
a new and wholly biological dimension 
to ufology. 

Anyone who labors under the illusion 
that modern scientists do not contribute 
to and support this deliberate vague¬ 
ness in anything pertaining to genuine 
findings on extraterrestrial life should 
consult Ivan Sanderson’s book Unin¬ 
vited Visitors. Mr. Sanderson was a 
scientist who ransacked the world for 
evidence concerning visitation from 
space, and his biggest problem alwavs 

"... Ufology is largely made up of 
reports of pulsating, glowing, 
super performing discoidal 
objects which are hastily conceived 
of as ships. Since we added to 
Don Wood's observation 
photographs of glowing, discoidal 
objects that appear like giant 
amoebas, clearly there is a new 
and wholly biological 
dimension to ufology.. 

seemed to have been getting facts from 
fellow scientists. He related an instance 
in chapter 6 of Uninvited Visitors where 
an enormous object similar to that 
described by Don Wood was washed 
ashore in southwestern Tasmania in 

A wealthy amateur naturalist who 
heard about this critter went to investi¬ 
gate when he heard that the “thing” had 
washed ashore on the south side of 
Sandy Cape. He was accompanied by 
a government zoologist. The intention 
of the naturalist—a museum backer— 
was to obtain a sample of the flesh. He 
was unable to do so because even an 
ax could not cut into the thing. (Let us 
pause and recall the statement from 
Meade Layne’s writings, quoted earlier, 
dealing with the hardness and density 
of etheric matter. This reference jus¬ 
tifies the “hard, mica-like shell” re¬ 
ported by Don Wood in his encounter 
with the critter that landed beside him in 

Ivan Sanderson recounts the pathet¬ 
ic, deplorable measures set in motion 

by the Australian government and its 
satellite scientists to suppress the dis¬ 
covery of this critter. Sandy Cape was 
placed off limits to everyone, including 
the Australian press. One enterprising 
reporter, nevertheless, got to the critter 
and, after a husky cop again failed to 
cut it with an ax, touched a cigarette 
lighter to its edge. He noted that the 
thing “withdrew” from the flame, and 
later returned to its original contour. 

The case for the critters was ad¬ 
vanced significantly by this incident, 
and reincorced by the subsequent revl- 
ation that seven other, similar critters 
had been washed up on Australia’s 
southeast coast during the previous 20 
years. The critter in the Sandy Cape 
incident had been washing in and out 
on the tide for more than two years but 
had not decayed. Touching it with a 
flame indicated some kind of residual 
life function. On the basis of the facts 
presented by Sanderson, the conclu¬ 
sion that the critter was not a previously 
known species of terrestrial life seems 

Secrecy and deliberately introduced 
confusion surrounded this incident, and 
will be all too familiar to the student of 
ufology as typical of official response to 
UFOs all around the world. While the 
handling of the Australian case may be 
at odds with the spirit and ideals of 
science and scientific inquiry, realists 
are aware that such tactics are the 
norm in today’s scientific community. 
Spirit and ideals were trampled under 
long ago in the economic stampede. 
Science is a means of making a living, 
and it is this socioeconomic blackmail 
that is responsible for the scientific 
knuckling under to government edicts 
that suppress such important informa¬ 

Fear of life is behind this ir¬ 
rationalism. Life from space is feared 
most of all. This climate of fear has 
worsened as the space age has ad¬ 
vanced, as though man has come to 
love the darkness so that it is the light 
which terrifies him. Understanding 
these paradoxical reactions of a 
frightened humanity, standing as it 
does at the portals of a new epoch, has 
become an essential element in ufolo¬ 
gy. Evasive human attitudes are at 
present more important as space age 
phenomena than is the investigation of 
the mysterious propulsion plants being 
used by the aliens. Man can have no 
access to things that his narrow world 
conception compels him to evade. 

Ufology stands to receive enlighten¬ 
ment and extension from Don Wood’s 
sighting, as well as from the corrobora¬ 
tive story of the Australian critters. 
Tolerating the critters is a crucial 
psychological problem, for as Ivan 
Sanderson so aptly remarked of 
ufologists in his Uninvited Visitors, 
“The mere suggestion that there could 


also be a biological aspect to their 
subject invariably seems to upset 
them.” Don Wood’s silence in 1925 is 
understandable. There was then no 
scientific or quasiscientific frame of 
reference into which his experience 
could be fitted. Even the way-out wil¬ 
derness of ufology did not exist then. 
He would probably have found himself 
fitted for a straitjacket by the same kind 
of myopic mentality which, at the same 
period in history, felt that a straight- 
jacket was the proper attire for Ameri¬ 
can rocket pioneer Robert Goddard. 

Straddling the Wood sighting and the 
experience of Frank Smythe is the 1926 
sighting by the Roerich Expedition of 
the American Museum of Natural His¬ 
tory. Expedition members saw a shin¬ 
ing disc high over the Altai-Himalaya. 
Alert and diligent research will uncover 
more of these early “modern” encoun¬ 
ters, forcing acceptance of the pres¬ 
ence of the critters in our atmos¬ 
phere—with all their revolutionary 
consequences for science. 


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occurred in an area of Minnesota where 
there are only about four hundred 
people within a ten mile radius, so there 
were only about 10 or 15 witnesses. 
They were so interrogated and 
frightened by government personnel 
that you can’t get a word out of them.” 

My informant continued, “This was a 
C-118 outfitted for defense intelligence 
work...” The incident occured in 1960 
and the C-118 reportedly had “the most 
highly classified electronic defense intel¬ 
ligence equipment” on board. “This was 
not just a normal flight. This was an ex¬ 
tremely interesting flight . . . they were 
attempting to test out certain aspects of 
top secret equipment onboard the 

What started as a typical April Fools’ 
Day across the nation in 1959, ended in 
death and destruction with a newslid 
clamped on the incident at McChord 
AFB. There have been other cases of 
near collisions between aircraft and un¬ 
identified flying objects. Meanwhile if it 
should happen again, who would inves¬ 
tigate it? The Air Force tells us they 
closed their doors to UFO investigations 
in December 1969. 

An incident that occurred in February 
1965, is a good example. Three enor¬ 
mous flying discs, computed to be about 
1,000 feet in diameter, paced a U.S. air¬ 
liner between Alaska and Japan. 

The three aerial objects converged on 
a Flying Tiger airlines flight carrying 
military personnel from the U.S. to 
bases in Japan and other Asian coun¬ 
tries. The airliner was about four hours 
out of Anchorage, Alaska, when the 
gigantic oval-shaped objects converged 
on the plane. 


The helplessness and sometimes the 
irrational opposition of official science in 
the face of these pressing questions 
should not deter any thinking person 
from admitting the need for further 
investigation. Progress depends on the 
raising of such questions. The answers 
will almost certainly prove disquieting to 
the old order in science, and utterly 
destructive of its central dogmas. That 
is why it will take young people—free of 
neurotic dependence on the mechanis¬ 
tic world-conception—to press these 
matters forward. 

Critter reports, such as those de¬ 
scribed, enable us to accept rationally 
that biological forms, capable of easy 
confusion with the idealized flying 
saucer, have landed on the Earth many 
times in the past. They landed at least 
once in close proximity to humans, 22 
years before flying saucers were ever 
mentioned. Acceptance of the critters 
does not invalidate the space ship 
hypothesis. On the contrary, we 
strengthen and broaden our investiga¬ 

tion. Furthermore, we are put on our 
guard against two related sets of 
phenomena—sharing a common func¬ 
tioning principle—that are prone to 
mutual confusion. 

By identifying his two UFOs as living 
organisms, Don Wood has done ufol¬ 
ogy an inestimable service. Actual ob¬ 
servation and obvious inference tie 
these creatures to a natural power of 
flight using their own life energy. The 
critters flew naturally at 1,000 miles per 
hour on this power, just as we have the 
power to walk and run on the Earth 
using our own life energy. That conven¬ 
tional science has evaded and recoiled 
from the investigation of biological 
energy does not alter the facts. Man is 
functionally connected to UFOs of this 
critter’s variety by the animating 
energy—the orgone energy— 
discovered by the late Dr. Wilhelm 
Reich, and that the determinism of this 
energy can best be understood and 
controlled through a study of etherean 
physics. ★ 

One of the military passengers, an 
aerial navigator, was asked to come to 
the transport’s flight deck to observe 
the strange formation. On the plane’s 
radarscope, he saw three “targets” hold¬ 
ing a position five miles off one wing. 

The UFOs paced the aircraft for 
nearly 30 minutes. When they departed, 
the objects went into a steep climb and 
flew away. The crew of the airliner 
tracked the climb-out at nearly 1,400 
miles per hour. 

During the sighting, the navigator 
made a careful check of the size of the 
objects. Extending his hand to arm’s 
length, he made an oval with his middle 
finger and thumb, enclosing one of the 
red-glowing objects, and the circle mea¬ 
sured about 2 V 2 inches. Using the five 
mile range figure, the captain estimated 
the size of the glowing craft to be approx¬ 
imately 1,000 feet. Even with a liberal 
allowance for error, the UFOs must have 
been tremendous. Following this en¬ 
counter, one of the pilots told the 
navigator they “often see UFOs on the 
Alaskan run.” 

By comparison, these objects would 
have been nearly twice the size of the 
two giant discs encountered by Air 
Force and Navy pilots in 1956. In the 
Navy case, the commander and crew of 
a super constellation transport nearly 
collided with a disc over the Atlantic 

Near collisions between commercial 
airliners and UFOs have also been re¬ 
ported. In January 1965, a four-engine 
Electra, operated by a major U.S. air¬ 
line, was approaching an eastern 
metropolitan city.The captain was a vete¬ 
ran of 25 years with military and airline 
flying experience. In the cockpit with him 
were the first officer and flight engineer. > 

Several miles from the airport, both 
pilots sighted what they first thought was 

an ordinary aircraft. Suddenly, it turned 
and came swiftly toward the Electra. The 
object was described as a huge, delta¬ 
shaped machine. 

The abrupt, head-on approach gave 
the crew quite a scare. The captain yel¬ 
led “What is it?” Then the mystery craft 
started to turn away, and just as sud¬ 
denly as it appeared, it disappeared at 
tremendous speed of at least several 
thousand miles per hour. The captain of 
the airliner failed to report the incident to 
the tower because he did not feel it was 
a near-miss with a conventional aircraft! 

In another case of a near mid-air colli¬ 
sion, the captain and first officer of a 
DC-6 were flying into Washington, D.C., 
shortly after dark. They saw a number of 
very bright lights darting about in the 

Two of the UFOs came directly toward 
the airliner. The captain took violent 
evasive action and as a result almost 
caused a panic among the passengers 
who were tossed about. The speed of 
the maneuvering mysterious red objects 
was far greater than any of today’s con¬ 
ventional craft. 

In another unusual case, an uniden¬ 
tified flying object paced a Japanese air¬ 
liner, suddenly vanished then chased 
another plane. On Mar. 21, 1965, the 
pilot of a TOA Airlines plane with 40 
passengers aboard, spotted a UFO near 
Osaka, Japan, about seven p.m. “Mys¬ 
terious elliptical, luminous object ap¬ 
peared just before passing Himeji,” he 

The strange object followed the plane, 
stopped briefly, then took up a position 
alongside the left wing and paced the 
airliner for 55 miles. During this time it 
“violently” affected the plane’s auto¬ 
matic direction finder and rajjio. The ob¬ 
ject disappeared when the aircraft 
(Continued on page 56) 

1|||| UFO Report 

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(Continued from page 54) 
reached Matsuyama. 

The copilot of the plane attempted to 
contact the tower at Matsuyama to re¬ 
port the sighting, and while attempting to 
do so, heard the frantic calls of a Tokyo 
Airlines pilot who said he was being 
chased by a “mysterious luminous ob¬ 
ject” along the northern edge of the 
city of Matsuyama. 

The pilot, a veteran of 20 years with 
more than 8,000 flying hours, said the 
object emitted a greenish light. He also 
stated this was the first time he had seen 
such an object. 

The following day, March 22, 1965, a 
Japanese newspaper reported that a 
team of U.S. experts was enroute to 
Japan to interrogate the airline pilots 
whose planes were buzzed by UFOs. 
The Mainichi Daily News said members 


(Continued from page 30) 

proliferation (population explosion) 
being an indication of Man’s hybrid 

• The absence in Man of a penis 
bone. All Earth’s other mammals have 
a strong bone that actively strengthens 
the penis before and during the sex 
act. Wild animals have to breed, often, 
in hostile environments and survival in 
such circumstances demands rapid 
copulation. Man’s unique, lack of a 
penis bone is theorized to be due to 
our hybrid ancestry.’Advocates of the 
hybrid-human theory say that our al¬ 
leged outer-space ancestors had so 
mastered their environments over 
many millions (perhaps billions) of 
years that the once-necessary penis 
bone gave way (evolved) to a more 
abundant flow of blood into the penis 
which heightened the pleasure re¬ 
sponse. And such a pleasure re¬ 
sponse, it is theorized, would be typical 
of highly evolved beings who used sex 
not only for procreation, but for plea¬ 

• The behavior of the fertilized 
human female ovum. The human 
female’s fertilized ovum buries itself in 
the uterine wall, and this is unique to 
Mankind—nowhere else in Nature 
does it occur; 

• Man’s incredible brain. The men¬ 
tal capacity in all species of animals is 
believed to be strictly uniform, with 
only minor variations. But Man is cap¬ 
able of great geniuses, a general 
norm, "double-throwbacks,” and 
moronic genius—Man is also capable 
of schizophrenia, an aberration which 
is believed to be unique to humans. 
The “double-throwback” phenomena, 
also known as “simultaneous regres¬ 
sion,” occurs in the infrequent appear¬ 
ance of a person who inherits the 


of the team were from the Department of 
Defense, Federal Aviation Agency, and 
Mt. Palomar Observatory. Their interest 
was believed caused by “several mys¬ 
terious aviation accidents” possibly in¬ 
volving unidentified flying objects. 

At 7:15 p.m. on Dec. 28, 1964, a pilot 
at the Naval Air Station, in Jacksonville, 
Fla., sighted four red objects that swept 
in over the station. “Before they turned,” 
the captain reported, “the second object 
speeded up behind the first. “I waited for 
metal to fly. I thought then they were jets. 
Then two more of the things came to¬ 
gether. They merged with the big lead 
UFO, and it took off, climbing fast,” ac¬ 
cording to the officer. 

Although the U.S. Air Force ended its 
UFO investigations in 1969 as the result 
of the publication of the Condon Report, 
which concluded there was no evidence 

blunt, brutish physical characteristics 
of our prehistoric ancestors and the 
great mental capacity of our supposed 
outer-space ancestors. Examples 
given by theorists are Socrates, Lin¬ 
coln, Steinmetz, etc. These theorists 
maintain that if our ancestry traced 
back only to primitive brutes (as be¬ 
lieved by conventional evolutionists), 
any throwback would inevtibaly be 
both physically and mentally retarded, 
as per biological experiments with 
other pure-bred animal species- thus, 
it is theorized that “double-throwback” 
can occur only if Man is a hybrid, with 
an alien, great-brained ancestor on 

.. Man's natural capacity to 
envision not only global 
brotherhood but interplanetary 
brotherhood as well is theorized 
to be directly traceable to his 
genetic relationship with beings 
who populate planets in the 
vast reaches of the universe.. 

one side of his line. 

Moronic genius—the baffling capac¬ 
ity for some morons to solve fantasti¬ 
cally complex mathematical problems, 
etc., is also theorized to be directly 
traceable to biological short-circuiting 
between the heritage of Man’s brute 
ancestors and that of outer-space, 
“genius” ancestors. 

Similarly, schizophrenia (withdrawal 
from reality into a personal fantasy 
world, resulting in “split personality”) is 
theorized to be a short-circuiting (con¬ 
flict) between the impulses and com¬ 
pulsions of Man’s brute ancestry and 
his spaceman ancestry. This conflict 

of the existence of UFOs, these fantastic 
aerial objects continue to be maneuver¬ 
ing in our skies. The U.S., portions of 
Europe, the South Pacific, especially 
Australia, experienced their greatest 
UFO waves during 1973 and 1974. 

Within our own country what could we 
expect if suddenly in addition to a mas¬ 
sive UFO wave, we were to also experi¬ 
ence mass landings of these objects? 
Who would investigate the reports? 
What action would be taken, if any? In 
the meantime, we trust, and pray, there 
will be no more mid-air collisions bet¬ 
ween airplanes and UFOs. Don’t you 
think the American public is mature 
enough and stable enough to have all 
the facts on the subject. We should not 
be treated like children who must have 
the truth kept from us for fear it might 
frighten us. The time is now, while time is 
still on our side! ★ 

leaves the victim torn by unconscious 
race memories of his outer-space ori¬ 
gins and biogenetic commitments to 
his brute Earth ancestry; 

• Man and primates cannot natur¬ 
ally interbreed. Science has managed 
to interbreed diverse species like the 
chicken and turkey and the cow and 
buffalo (the turken and the cattalo), but 
similar experiments between Man and 
apes have all failed. It is theorized that 
the genetic influences of Man’s alien 
ancestry prevents such interbreeding. 
The reader may ask: If Man cannot in¬ 
terbreed with apes, how then could outer- 
space visitors breed with prehistoric 
man and anthropoids? Advocates of the 
hybrid-human theory point out that when 
horticulturists wish to transform sterile 
hybrid plants into breeding types they 
simply use certain chemical activating 
agents which overcome the sterility in¬ 
hibition. Man can, at this point, do this 
with plants and some species of animal 
life but he cannot overcome the sterility 
inhibition between Man and the ape, 
possibly because (it is theorized) Man is 
truly a hybrid with alien blood that is 
subtly charged with alien enzymes and 
gland products which reject such inter¬ 
breeding. But outer-space visitors with 
a far more advanced science would 
find such a sterility-inhibition factor be¬ 
tween themselves and prehistoric 
humanoids and anthropoids a minor 
biological barrier to overcome; 

• Man’s appearance on Earth. It is 
speculated that the random evolution 
theorized by conventional evolutionists 
would occur randomly about Earth— 
but such seems not to be the case. For 
the known originating point for several 
successive waves of early Man was in 
the Middle East. Moreover, the sup¬ 
posed biogenetic experiments carried 
out by our alien ancestors occurred (it 
is theorized) over many thousands, 
even millions, of years; and 

• Man’s singular sense of destiny 

and his spiritual nature. Scripture and 
literature are full of references to the 
awe-inspiring and just plain inspiring 
majesty of the heavens. Ralph Waldo 
Emerson began his essay Nature with 
the reminder that whenever a man 
feels spiritually exhausted all he need 
do is gaze at the stars. The fact is, 
most men (whether atheists, agnostics, 
religious, believers) cannot contemplate 
the stars without having their imagina¬ 
tions strain a bit at the leash. 

According to the advocates of the 
hybrid-human theory, imagination is 
unique to humans—and the raison 
d’etre of imagination is theorized to be 
Man’s sense of destiny and a spiritual 
nature that lifts his eyes beyond the 
sensual necessities of dog-eat-dog liv¬ 
ing and up to the sun, the stars, and 
the thought-level that contemplates 
one’s origin and one’s goal. 

Man’s natural capacity to envision 
not only global brotherhood but in¬ 
terplanetary brotherhood as well is 
theorized to be directly traceable to his 
genetic relationship with beings who 
people planets in the vast reaches of 
the universe. This theory, by the way, 
in no way denies God (or Supreme 
Being, Allah, Nirvana, Brahman, etc.) 
as the creative force of the universe. 
Father Reyna, Argentinian Jesuit priest 
of the Roman Catholic faith and world- 
respected astronomer (who has pub¬ 
licly stated that he’s photographed fly¬ 
ing saucers through his telescope) 
puts it this way. “God has created the 
entire universe and all the beings in it. 
The day seems to be coming when we 
humans will have to enlarge our 
egocentric view of the universe to in¬ 
clude relatives who come from homes 
on other planets, not only in our solar 
system but perhaps even from other 

Whether the hybrid-human theory is 
true remains to be seen—the advo¬ 
cates of this theory admit that their 
evidence is sometimes sketchy and, at 
this point, inconclusive. Yet the abun¬ 
dance of UFOs in our skies, indicates 
that the hybrid-human theory shouldn’t 
be ignored by conventional evo¬ 
lutionists merely because the 
theory is unconventional. Moreover, 
those scientists who are inclined to 
scoff in automatic scorn at the hybrid- 
human theory would do well to re¬ 
member all those previous scientists 
who were so inflexible they refused to 
explore a new theory which later 
proved to be true. 

Suppose the hybrid-human theory is 
true. Why did the biogenetic experi¬ 
ments take place? Why were we hyb¬ 

Was the cross breeding accidental? 
Was it the result of spacemen finding 
themselves far from home among 
primitive peoples. Suppose, ages ago, 
outer-space visitors copulated with 



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I City 




early humanoid and primate fe¬ 
males—suppose, also, that these 
outer-spacemen were so biogenetically 
structured that they could produce (via 
the female humanoids and apes) 
crossbred offspring who, in turn, how¬ 
ever, could not overcome the sterility 
inhibition factor between themselves 
and apes, as per our own modern 

scientific failures at achieving such 
interbreeding. In short, are we the 
accidental offspring of random sexual 
encounters between spacemen and 
prehistoric humanoids and primates? 


(Continued from page 51) 

seen. Just what it was—a bear, a 
monkey, a gorilla—is anybody’s guess. 
The high-pitched screeching is, how¬ 
ever, a characteristic manimal sound. 

One conceivable explanation, admit¬ 
tedly a fantastic one, is that the same 
kind of weird dislocation in space and 
time that drops ape-like creatures into 
the backwaters of America may also 
bring in other types of animals as well. 
In 1970, Illinois was flooded with re¬ 
ports of manimals and large, mysteri¬ 
ous cats described variously as “black 
panthers” or bushy-maned “African 
lions.” Twenty-eight years earlier, in 
1948, Hoosiers were running into the 
latter two types as well as “hyenas.” 

The Sioux City reports are rather 
more consistent—with one notable, 
highly significant exception. 

During August 1974, while the Oak¬ 
land scare was in progress 50 miles to 
the south, something was making weird 
howling sounds in a housing develop¬ 
ment along the city’s Riverside 
Boulevard. Someone called in a com¬ 
plaint, apparently thinking the cause 
was a watchdog owned by Mr. Smith 
(who asked that his real name not be 
used). A police cruiser arrived shortly 
afterwards and Smith explained to the 
officer that the sound was not coming 
from his home or yard but from behind 
it, in the vicinity of two partially com¬ 
pleted houses. 

The noise was so eerie that the 
policeman went back to his patrol car to 
get a shotgun. When he returned, the 
noise had stopped. He and Smith 
checked the area for about half an hour 
before they discovered a black puppy, 
which the officer decided was respon¬ 

But Smith was not so sure. First, the 
sound was a kind of wail, rather like a 
baby’s crying only much more intense; 
Smith couldn’t imagine a puppy or a 
human being being the cause. Further¬ 
more, back at his home he discover¬ 
ed that his own watchdog had be¬ 
come so hysterical that it had broken its 

Or (as some pessimists speculate) 
were the supposed biogenetic experi¬ 
ments actually an incredibly long-range 
plan by outer-spacemen (with perhaps 
incredibly long life-space) to “program” 
hybrid-humans into becoming numer¬ 
ous enough (population explosion) and 
intelligent enough (10 billion brain 
cells) so that one day they can be 
commandeered as a “preconditioned” 
labor force to aid in colonizing expedi¬ 
tions throughout the universe? 

Or hopefully, have we been acceler¬ 
ated in our evolutionary journey be¬ 

chain in an effort to escape. 

Smith’s suspicions that something 
very strange was happening would 
receive spectacular confirmation very 

Not long afterwards another resident 
who lived in Riverside, which is a quiet, 
wooded, semi-residential district, saw a 
very hairy ape-like creature squatting in 
her backyard garden eating tomatoes. 
The thing, which appeared to be about 
three and a half feet tall, was approxi¬ 
mately 100 feet away. The woman 
grabbed her children and called the 
police, who found primate-like foot¬ 
prints on the ground in and around the 

During the last week of August, D. S. 
was awakened by a rattling of the rail 

"•.. UFO sightings in Sioux City, 
western Iowa, and eastern 
Nebraska continued into 
November. Early that month, a pri¬ 
vate researcher monitored a police 
radio transmission as three cars 
chased an unidentified light in the 
Sergeants Bluff, Iowa, area.. 

on his back porch. Looking outside, he 
saw a manlike thing shuffling along, 
one arm drooping about six inches 
lower than the other. It seemed to 
weigh about 200 pounds and was very 
hairy—and it was only six feet or so 
away when D. S. first spotted it. 

The creature started crossing the 
lawn. “It didn’t run from the yard but 
merely walked away, dragging its feet,” 
D. S. told police. As soon as it had 
disappeared from sight, the witness 
called the authorities. 

Patrolmen Steven Bernard and 
Glenn Groves of the K-9 division were 
dispatched to cover the call. The offi¬ 
cers and their dog tracked the mysteri¬ 
ous intruder to an eight foot high chain 
link fence that surrounds Riverside 

cause of some universal necessity that 
demands our inclusion into some kind 
of interplanetary or intergalactic federa¬ 
tion of intelligent life? So say the more 
optimistic advocates of the hybrid- 
human theory. 

Only time—and the dedicated, 
open-minded research of cooperating 
scientists—will prove the still inconclu¬ 
sive hybrid-human theory to be either 
partially or wholly true, or not. Or, 
perhaps the occupants of the UFOs in 
our skies have some answers to the 
questions raised by the hybrid-human 
theory. * 

Junior High School. The trail led to a 
locked gate and though the officers 
circled the school, they could find no 
other footprints or traces. 

Apparently, in the opinion of UFO 
investigator Bob Brienzo, the thing had 
gone over the fence and backtracked 
160 degrees into the woods. 

A brief published account of the 
above incident in the Sioux City Journal 
of Aug. 31, 1974 inspired another wit¬ 
ness to tell her story, though she, like 
so many others in the city, asked to 
remain anonymous. 

She said she had first heard the thing 
about two weeks before but had not 
seen it. Then, during the early morning 
hours of Friday, August 30th, her dogs 
began barking hysterically and her front 
gate rattled. “My dogs are too small to 
rattle the gate,” she explained, “and the 
neighbors’ dogs have never rattled it 

Getting out of bed, she looked from 
her second story window, which over¬ 
looks the driveway, and shined her 
flashlight on “something.” It jumped 
down a 10-foot-high stairway and ran in 
the direction of her garden. 

From then on she could not see it but 
she could still hear its voice, “a gurgling 
sound which started deep in the throat 
and then just came out in a loud 
screech. It was a piercing sound. You 
would never forget it. 

“And what’s funny,” she added, re¬ 
ferring to the creature itself, “it really 
doesn’t frighten you. It doesn’t seem 
vicious, but now after thinking about it, I 
don’t want to go outside after dark.” 

Neighbors confirmed that during the 
nights of Friday and Saturday some¬ 
thing had disturbed their dogs. “The 
dogs had been barking terribly,” one 
said, “like there was something out 
there that wasn’t supposed to be.” 

At 8:20 on the morning of September 
6th, Jim Douglas, traveling along High¬ 
way 77 three and a half miles north of 
Jefferson, S.D., (which is a few miles 
northwest of Sioux City), made the 
most detailed sighting of all. Douglas, a 
24-year-old exterminator, spotted a 
sandy-colored hairy creature moving 
through an alfalfa field. It was struggling 


with a red furry object (a fox or squir¬ 
rel?) it was dragging. 

The witness stopped his pickup, 
threw it into reverse, and then stopped 
again, this time getting out on the 
driver’s side and standing on the run¬ 
ning board from where he could see the 
creature across the roof of his truck. It 
was only about 100 feet away. 

Seeing him, the manimal dropped the 
red object and stood on its hind legs, 
eyes fastened on him. Douglas thought 
it must be as much as nine feet tall, but 
that seems unlikely. The thing had long, 
thick hair around its neck. There was 
also an apparent lump on its left shoul¬ 
der which gave Douglas the impression 
the thing didn’t have a neck. 

Its face was even more peculiar. The 
nose seemed to be turned to the left as 
if deformed. Whatever it was, it was not 
a bear—it had no bear-like muzzle— 
and it held its arms at its sides, not in 

Three minutes had passed between 
the time Douglas first noticed the mys¬ 
terious beast and the time he acceler¬ 
ated up the road to Elk Point, S. D. 
Once there he went directly to the 
police, who refused to believe his story. 
Discouraged, the 24-year-old man went 
about his business, returning to the 
scene in the afternoon but finding no¬ 
thing but some bent alfalfa. Finally, he 
notified the Woodbury County Sheriffs 
Department, which in turn notified Dr. 
Lawrence Lacey, a Sioux City veteri¬ 
narian associated with the Mutual UFO 
Network (MUFON). 

Quoting Lacey’s subsequent report 
to MUFON: 

“Upon returning to the scene of the 
sighting on Sunday morning (Sept. 8, 
1974), Douglas, accompanied by my¬ 
self, Tom Zimmerman, and Ronald 
Tompson, looked for but could find no 
tracks or definite trail. The alfalfa had 
recovered and didn’t even show the 
spot where the ‘thing’ had stood. Mrs. 
[Donald] Brusseau, who was home at 
8:20 the morning of the sighting and 
only about 200 yards away, had heard 
or seen nothing. Occupants of the 
house across the road and a quarter 
mile east of the sighting area said they 
had not heard their dogs barking or 
acting uneasy.” 

Nonetheless Douglas’s report is simi¬ 
lar to other Sioux City-area sightings of 
an apparently injured manimal. Was the 
creature in question the same one the 
teenagers had hit in Stone Park three 
years before? 

Moreover, according to Bob Brienzo, 
a graduate student in English literature 
who is intimately familiar with the man¬ 
imal reports of the area, several farm¬ 
ers near Hinton, Iowa, which is a fairly 
short distance from Jefferson and Elk 
Point, have complained for years that 
some kind of biped—which they have 

not seen but whose tracks they have 
spotted many times—has been disturb¬ 
ing their cattle and sheep. 

So what has all this to do with UFOs? 

Let’s start with three sightings Mrs. 
Merlin Mosier of Sioux City made on the 
nights of September 4th, 5th, and 7th, 
each time at exactly 1:30 a.m. 

On the first two nights she was 
reading late at night when she noticed a 
bright red light through the window. The 
source, she discovered, was a 
pineapple-shaped object which was 
flashing on and off. Above some nearby 
trees a strange white light shone 

On September 7th, Mrs. Mosier saw 
a vivid bright red, diamond-shaped 
UFO which appeared to be in a treetop 
east of the house across the street. It 
was about two feet long and one foot 

At 1:20 a.m. September 5th, Jan 
Corran, also of Sioux City, was looking 
out a window of her home when she 
sighted a “big ball of light” with some¬ 
thing resembling a searchlight shining 
down and slightly to the west. The ball, 
which hovered at about 30 degrees’ 
elevation, was a bluish color with an 
intense white border. The observer 
estimated it was about a mile away. 

These fairly routine sightings were 
nothing compared to the weird events 
the night of September 9-10 near 
another house in the city. The incidents 
occurred at the home of a family we’ll 
call the Youngs, since they want no 
publicity. The Youngs are Elizabeth, the 
mother, and twin daughters Susan and 
Rita (these are not their real names). In 
addition, at the time of the incidents 
they had a young boarder living in the 
house who we’ll call Stan Curtis. 

That night the Youngs noticed that 
the neighborhood animals were acting 
in a peculiar, disturbed fashion. Two 
houses to the north, a black labrador 
and a St. Bernard barked and whined. 
Once these neighbors even flashed 
their back yard light on. At the Youngs’ 
home the cat prowled about, clearly 
frightened, and even tried to get out of 
the house. 

Some time later that night, a loud 
noise like a sonic boom shook the 
house, then tapered off like a truck 
driving off in the distance. The sound 
awoke Stan Curtis briefly. He dozed off 
again for another five minutes. Opening 
his eyes again, he was shocked to see 
a bright purple light flashing by and 
lighting up his basement room. It was 
enough to make the crickets cease 
their monotonous chriping and the 
neighbors’ dogs to start barking. 

Later a small white light the size of a 
baseball passed slowly by the window. 
Alf of this interested Stan considerably, 
of course, but he was too scared to get 
up and investigate, especially when just 



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a few minutes afterwards he heard 
what sounded like a faint scratching at 
the screen door, followed by the flight of 
the purple light once again. 

A few minutes later there was a 
“scuffling” noise. Then the white light 
sailed by for a second time. 

Susan, who was sleeping on the 
north side of the house, was awakened 
by a growling, screeching noise. She 
started to go down to alert Stan but 
decided to wake her sister, Rita, in¬ 

Meanwhile, Stan was hearing what 
might have been a tapping on a car in a 
nearby driveway. A minute or two later 
there was a “garage door opening” 
sound. Finally Stan looked out the 
window, where he saw, standing be¬ 
tween garbage cans, a three-foot-tall 
figure carrying a little purple light like a 

He yelled for Elizabeth and the two 
girls and bounded up the stairs. Sud¬ 
denly, an enormous gust of wind hit the 
windows and the door, scaring the hell 
out of everybody inside, including the 
cat, which had been uneasy during the 
entire episode. 

Ten minutes elapsed before Stan 
summoned up enough courage to step 
outside. He looked around for a short 
while, saw nothing unusual and after a 
brief discussion with the three women, 
returned to bed. 

The next morning the Youngs found 
a peculiar circular spot, two-and-a-half 4 
to three feet in diameter, in the concrete 
on the patio. It was dark, as if scorched. 

MUFON’s Dr. Lacey believes the 
mark was left by a departing UFO. In 
his opinion, this UFO had arrived with 
the sonic boom and left with the gust of 

We might also speculate that the tiny 
figure Stan observed was the UFOs 
humanoid occupant and that the purple 
light (and perhaps the white light as 
well) which passed the window was the 
being’s “flashlight.” 

Clearly, although it was not ob¬ 
served, Sioux City’s manimal was 
present at the apparent landing. Re¬ 
member the “growling, screeching 
noise” the witnesses heard—a charac¬ 
teristic of the creature, as we have 
seen. It is unlikely that Stan’s humanoid 
was the tomato-eating junior manimal 
of an earlier Sioux City report, since 
these beasts are possessed, evidence 
shows, of at best only a brutish level of 
intelligence. They are only very rarely 
seen brandishing a stick or club, and 
never anything remotely similar to an 
electronic instrument. 

UFO sightings in Sioux City, western 
Iowa, and eastern Nebraska continued 
into November. Early that month a 
private researcher monitored police 
radio transmissions as three cars 
chased an unidentified light in the 
Sergeants Bluff, Iowa, area. Not a word 
(Continued on page 62) 


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(Continued from page 60) 
of the incident appeared in the press, 
however. During the first part of Sep¬ 
tember, police officers at Fremont and 
Crete, Nebr., watched UFOs fly over 
their respective communities. 

A mysterious animal like the one 
seen at Oakland, Neb., appeared in of 
all places, New York’s Staten Island, 
frightening residents and sending the 
N.Y. police force on a wild “bear” 

The scare took place on Dec. 7, 
1974, after Frank Pizzolato, 11, and his 
cousin, Philip Vivolo, 12, came home 
“ghost white” to tell Mrs. Vivolo they 
had seen “a big furry thing staring right 
at us.” They had encountered it at 4:15 
p.m. as they were walking over a hill in 
a wooded area behind St. Andrew’s 
Episcopal Church. 

“My cousin started to run and I 
wanted to see what he was running 
about,” Philip said. “I looked down from 
the hill and I saw this bear.. .1 looked at 


(Continued from page 33) 

alarm the military? One can reach this 
conclusion, judging from the edict is¬ 
sued by the U.S. Navy on July 26, 
1956. From Honolulu came the orders 
that all Navy flyers were to “shoot to 
kill” if they spied any flying saucers. 
The Navy claimed the wording meant 
only if the UFOs were hostile and fired 
first, but leaks indicated that the pilots 
had secretly been given orders to fire 
under any circumstances. This was a 
policy arising out of a panic triggered 
by an ominous increase of UFOs in the 
Pacific. And note, no such order was 
given to Navy flyers—or Air Force 
pilots either—for the Atlantic. Is it pos¬ 
sible that the Pacific with its Devil’s 
Triangle was deadlier than the Ber¬ 
muda Triangle in the Atlantic? 

But nothing the Navy did could re¬ 
duce the number of ships and planes 
that disappeared within the eerie 
boundaries of the Devil’s Deep. 

• Oct. 26, 1956. While chasing 
UFOs that were reported by radar, an 
F-84 and F-86 collided near Okinawa. 

• In 1953, 200 miles south of Tokyo 
and just within the Devil’s Triangle, a 
mysterious underwater explosion sunk 
the Japanese oceanography vessel, 
Maiyo Maru, with the loss of 41 lives. 

• Mar. 10, 1954. The U.S. destroyer 
Marshall was escorting an aircraft car¬ 
rier; they both steamed across the 
Devil’s Deep on their way to Hong 
Kong. Suddenly, observers on the de¬ 
stroyer saw one of the carrier’s scout 
planes dive into the sea. The de¬ 
stroyed circled for three hours but 
neither plane nor pilot was found. 
Shortly after, another plane nosedived 
into the sea and was never seen 

him for about 10 seconds. I saw his 
snoot and the rest of his body.. .He 
was standing on two legs.” 

The “bear” was black and about six 
feet tall. It stood at the foot of the hill 
roaring at the boys. 

“My cousin was about 20 feet ahead 
of me before I started to run, but once I 
saw it, I was about 20 feet ahead of 
him,” Philip recalled. 

The “bear” was last seen “going over 
the hill toward the golf course,” accord¬ 
ing to another witness, one of a number 
who called the Staten Island Advance 
to report seeing “something.” 

While the idea that a bear might be 
running loose on the island seemed 
unlikely, to say the least, the police took 
the reports seriously enough to dis¬ 
patch six squad cars, an Emergency 
Services unit, and a police helicopter on 
a two-hour search of the area. They 
found nothing but tracks which, accord¬ 
ing to Officer Kenneth Desmond, 

again. It was almost as though some¬ 
thing pulled those planes out of the air 
and down into the murky depths of the 
Devil’s Deep. 

What disturbs the Navy and Air 
Force most, however, is that plane 
after plane flying between Japan and 
Guam disappears. Guam, as the map 
shows, is at one corner of the Devil’s 

Now we come to the question of just 
what kind of danger lurks in that peril¬ 
ous stretch of water? As usual, scien¬ 
tists and military authorities have 
brushed aside UFOs as nonsense and 
have tried to find more orthodox expla¬ 

One of these explanations is that 
both the Bermuda and Devil’s Triang¬ 
les are located in areas where warm 
currents clash with cold currents, creat¬ 
ing turbulent seas and strong winds. 

But there is more to it than that 
because a handful of messages from 
ships and planes lost in the Devil’s 
Triangle (and Bermuda Triangle), tell 
of compasses “going wild” and that all 
sense of direction was lost. 

One theory claims that in ancient 
times a giant meteor struck at the spot 
and plunged to the depths where it 
remains. The meteor presumably is 
highly magnetic and thus affects com¬ 
passes. But to imagine two such 
magnetic meteors striking in the same 
latitudes on opposite sides of the Earth 
is stretching coincidence too far. 

Another mystery arises. The majority 
of ships and planes that vanished in 
the Devil’s Deep never sent back dis¬ 
tress calls at all. So it would have to be 
some electromagnetic anomaly pecul¬ 
iar to the area that apparently blacked 
out radio calls. 

Certain ufologists have another 
answer—that below the Devil’s Deep 

“weren’t those of a bear—probably a 

The witnesses, however, stuck to 
their stories. Not long afterwards, in k 
separate interviews with UFO inves¬ 
tigator Bob Warth, Frank Pizzolato and 
Philip Vivolo insisted they had seen a 
black bear and no other animal. 

Perhaps. But what was a bear doing 
there? And how could it have vanished 
without a trace? These were the same 
questions Oakland residents had been 
asking themselves several months be¬ 

Incredible as it may seem, it appears 
that things that look like apes and bears 
are entering our realm from an unim¬ 
aginable Somewhere—and they are 
doing so, in some cases, in the com¬ 
pany of UFOs. They come and go with 
scarcely a trace, leaving in their wake 
not much more than the stories of 
frightened, perplexed witnesses—and 
profoundly disturbing questions about 
this vastly mysterious world. ★ 

lies the ruins of ancient Lemuria or Mu, 
while underneath the Bermuda 
Triangle lies Atlantis. Both Mu and 
Atlantis have been tied in with UFOs 
as either being colonies established on 
Earth by space people, or earthly civili¬ 
zations which had direct contact with 
the saucerians. 

In either case, one theory claims that 
remnants of both civilizations still exist 
below the oceans, perhaps in huge 
aerated domes. And just as a UFOs 
propulsion system causes the well- 
documented EM (electromagnetic) ef¬ 
fects, the seabottom Muans and Atlan- 
teans could be utilizing powerful elec¬ 
tromagnetic forces in their domes. 
These forces could then create the 
magnetic anomalies of the Devil’s and 
Bermuda Triangles. Or, depending on 
the ufologist, those forces could be 
deliberately used to wreck ships and 
planes so that the crews might be 

Let’s look at it this way. 

Experiments aboard a scientific ship 
in 1954 gave indications that “peculiar 
magnetic forces coming from above 
have been detected in the Key West- 
Caribbean area”—the Bermuda 

Note the forces come from above, 
just the opposite* of the previous 
theory. What could that mean? The 
late Wilbert B. Smith of Canada’s Pro¬ 
ject Magnet (an investigation of UFOs) 
studied this mystery and came up with 
the “hole in the sky” concept. 

This concept is rather complex. Bas¬ 
ically it envisions galactic magnetic 
fields, which presumably surround us 
all over in the cosmos, clashing with 
Earth’s geomagnetic field to affect both 
magnetism and gravity in a few spots 
on Earth, such as the Bermuda and 
Devil’s Triangles. The result was the 


“hole in the sky” that could actually 
draw ships and planes out into space. 

This seems fantastic in scientific 
terms yet the study seriously 
suggested that a powerful electrically 
charged “chimney” or “hot tower,” re¬ 
sembling the spout of a tornado, was 
formed that could suck ships, planes, 
and people beyond Earth’s atmos¬ 

Wilbert Smith, though a firm believer 
in UFOs, was too cautious to go furth¬ 
er, but other ufologists did. They do not 
assume that space people actually 
creates these “magnetic geysers” but 
only that they knew of them. Then, 
either as an act of mercy or as a 
means of gathering human specimens, 
they stationed their giant flying saucers 
at the topmost end of the "sky holes,” 
and took their victims aboard. 

There may be other areas similar to 
the Devil’s and Bermuda Triangles. 
The late Ivan Sanderson, well-known 
biologist and researcher of anomalies, 
found evidence that similar ship and 
plane losses occur in four other places 
on Earth—in the Mediterranean; off the 
east coast of South America; off the 
southeast coast of Africa; and off the 
east coast of Australia. 

Thus, there are three “death trian¬ 
gles” in the Northern Hemisphere and 
three in the Southern. All of them are 
spaced at nearly equal distances from 
one another. Sanderson says they all 
have one feature in common—that 
they 'are the “channels” where hot 
tropical waters collide with frigid Arctic 
or Antarctic waters. 

Although he notes the various UFO 
theories, he believes the phenomena 
are purely natural. That is, the great 
thermal clash of water creates turbu¬ 
lent sea and air conditions, plus 
magnetic aberrations, that account for 
the disappearances of ships and 

Unfortunately, we do not have 
enough data about the other “triangle 
of doom,” as regards UFO sightings, to 
tie them in with the Bermuda and 
Devil’s Triangles. In the latter two 
areas, the incidence of UFOs is ex¬ 
traordinarily high. 

There’s no point in asking why the 
UFO people should be snatching hu¬ 
mans in those areas. Those are moti¬ 
vations we can know nothing about 
unless the ufonauts themselves 
choose to tell us, someday. 

We can only add up the evidence 
that UFOs are haunting both Triangles 
somewhat like birds of prey. And that 
it’s more than coincidence that the 
Triangles have become two “two light 
zones” where ships and planes vanish 
in an uncanny fashion, together with 
their crews. 

One more item of importance. Gen. 
Douglas MacArthur as we all know 
was commander-in-chief of all Allied 

your rr\v.v. 



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forces in the Far East, during WW II, 
and all reports of UFOs in the Devil’s 
Triangle eventually came to him. It was 
MacArthur who, on Oct. 9, 1954, gave 
a speech in which he made this as¬ 
tonishing statement: “The nations of 
the world will have to unite, for the next 

war will be an interplanetary war. The 
nations of Earth must someday make a 

1896 “AIRSHIPS” 

(Continued from page 45) 

Benjamin—so reports had it—had been 
a dentist in his native Maine., 

By the next day Collins had changed 
his story. Besieged by reporters, scien¬ 
tists, and cranks who crowded his office 
that morning, Collins complained, “I will 
tell you that much that has been attrib¬ 
uted to me is absolutely false. Once and 
for all, I have never seen the airship and 
actually know very little about it.” 

He went on to say that a week before 
a wealthy man had approached him to 
ask if he would represent his interests 
in the patenting of an airship. “The 
description he gave me of the airship,” 
Collins related, “was very incomplete. It 
gave me no idea of the nature of the 
machine or how it operates. It was in its 
very early stages and quite unfit for 
legal purposes. I have yet to see the 
model.” The inventor, he added, came 
from San Francisco, not Oroville. 

Collins’s denials probably should not 
be taken too seriously, for several days 
later the inventor fired him because he 
was talking too much. The man who 
replaced him, William Henry Harrison 
Hart, was a former State Attorney Gen¬ 
eral and one of the most respected men 
in California. 

Hart subsequently revealed that 
there were two airships, an eastern and 
a western one. “I have been concerned 
with the eastern invention for some time 
personally,” he said. “The idea is to 
consolidate both interests.” Concerning 
the western craft, he remarked, “From 
what I have seen of it, I have not the 
least doubt that it will carry four men 
and 1,000 pounds of dynamite. I am 
quite convinced that two or three men 
could destroy the city of Havana in 48 

The airship inventors worked out of 
California and New Jersey. The former 
instructed Hart to say that “if the Cu¬ 
bans would give him $10 million he 
would wipe out the Spanish stron¬ 
ghold.” If the Cubans ever heard of the 
offer, they did not accept it. 

In the meantime, Californians were 
sighting mysterious airships all over the 
state. On November 23rd, shortly after 
10 p.m., Henry Smith and F. Becker of 
Redwood City, saw a fast-moving, 
brilliantly-lighted, cigar-shaped object 

common front against attack by people 
from other planets.” 

He did not say the next war may be 
interplanetary. He said will be, and that 
we must make a common front in the 
face of the space enemy. How could 
he make such positive statements? 
What did he know that we don’t? 

Did the reports from the Devil’s 

with enormous wings. Something simi¬ 
lar had appeared two and a half hours 
earlier at Santa Rosa. The next day 
Red Bluff got an opportunity to see the 
thing. On the 27th, a “strange light” 
floated over Michigan Bar. 

The same night Case Gilson and a 
group of friends got an especially good 
look at the object as it sailed over 
Oakland at around eight p.m. 

“The airship was moving very rapidly 
from the southeast toward Lorin,” Gil¬ 
son said, “and not a light was visible. It 
was about 1,200 or 1,500 feet in the air 
and looked like a great black cigar with 
a fish-like tail. If it had side propellers, 
they were revolving so rapidly that I 
could not see them. The body was at 
least 100 feet long and attached to it 
was a triangular tail.. .The surface of 
the airship looked as if it were made of 

.. As it turned out, however, 
the Golden State airship scare was 
only a prelude to an incredibly 
massive, nationwide UFO wave 
which would erupt in late March. 
But as early as March, farmers 
in Delaware were seeing eerie 
lights sailing silently overhead.. 

aluminum which wind and weather had 
turned dark. I saw all this distinctly, and 
I am willing to take any oath to the truth 
of what I say. 

“The airship went at a tremendous 
speed. As it neared Lorin it turned 
quickly and disappeared in the direction 
of San Francisco. At half past eight we 
saw it again, when it took about the 
same direction and disappeared.” 

Even though airship witnesses in¬ 
cluded such notables as the president 
of San Jose’s Garden City College, 
Prof. H. B. Worcester, the skeptics 
were not impressed. “What people 
have been taking for the brilliant electric 
light of an airship,” Professor Burckhal- 
ter of the Chabot Observatory told the 
press, “is nothing more or less than one 
of two planets, Mars or Venus. People 
want to believe in the airship and it is 

Triangle convince him that UFOs were 
behind it all? Did he have even more 
direct evidence, such as our planes 
fighting it out with flying saucers—and 

Buried in secret files at the Penta¬ 
gon, locked-up for “security” reasons, 
may be MacArthur’s iron-clad proof 
that in the Devil’s Triangle lies the 
ominous secret of the flying saucers. ★ 

astonishing the way they deceive 
themselves.” The San Francisco 
Chronicle called it “more of a hoax than 
an airship.” 

But somehow those who had seen 
the object remained impervious to the 
ridicule heaped upon them, and as the 
flap continued, with reports now num¬ 
bering in the hundreds, the stories 
became more fantastic. 

Two fishermen, for instance, told how 
they had seen an airship land along the 
Pacific shoreline several hundred yards 
from the boat. The craft descended 
near the beach and floated easily while 
its three occupants waded through the 
water and guided it toward the beach. 
Once there, the trio dragged it into the 

Excited, Giuseppe Valinziano and 
Luigi Valdivia pulled in their nets and 
started for shore themselves. After 
several attempts—the surf was rough 
and landing was difficult—they suc¬ 
ceeded. But their struggle had attracted 
the attention of the aeronauts, who 
clearly were unhappy they had been 
spotted. One of them ordered the in¬ 
truders to be on their way, but the 
fishermen pressed the man with ques¬ 
tions. His only response was a threat to 
use force if they stepped out of their 

Valinziano and Valdivia remained 
persistent, however, until finally the 
man retreated into the woods to discuss 
the situation with his companions. Fif¬ 
teen minutes later he returned and 
beckoned Valinziano and Valdivia to 
follow him. 

The others were waiting at the edge 
of the trees. One, whom his fellow 
aeronauts invariably addressed as 
“captain,” did most of the talking. 

“I suppose your curiosity has been 
aroused by our rather unusual method 
of traveling,” he said. “I am not yet 
ready to make my discovery known to 
the public, but hope to be able to do so 
as soon as some slight changes are 
made in its construction. Until such time 
I must refuse to allow anyone to make a 
close inspection. You are welcome to 
get such a view of the ship as you can 
from a distance, but any attempt at 
closer inspection will meet with forcible 
resistance.” He refused to reveal any¬ 
thing about the ship’s construction or its 
intended destination. He would say only 
that the trip was “experimental.” 


As he talked, the two others busily 
repaired the airship. The craft was well 
stocked with provisions and when it 
came time to eat, the fishermen were 
invited to dine with the crew. 

Afterwards, as Valinziano and Val¬ 
divia prepared to leave, the captain 
promised them a ride on the airship if 
they would stay until repairs were com¬ 
pleted. Several hours later, the work 
almost done, the captain said it would 
be impossible to take them aboard, and 
he let them go. The fishermen had long 
since begun to suspect his real motive 
in detaining them so long was to keep 
them from alerting others to the air¬ 
ship’s location. 

Another puzzling incident took place 
on December 6th at Fresno, where a 
dusty, obviously travel worn stranger 
stopped at a store and asked for 
George Jennings. Jennings, who had 
been in a back room, came out to greet 
the man like an old friend. A whispered 
conversation followed, and other work¬ 
ers standing by could not help over¬ 
hearing the word "airship” frequently. 

Soon after, Jennings talked freely to 
a reporter for the Fresno Semi-Weekly 
Expositor, balking only at giving his 
friend’s name. 

“It is true the airship is in Fresno 
County,” he said. "Just where I do not 
know myself. It is also true that the man 
who was in here a short time ago is one 
of the inventors. He told me that the trip 
to this country was involuntary upon the 
part of the men in the airship. In other 
words, the machine came itself and 
they couldn’t stop it. His statement was 
that they were flying, as usual, around 
Contra Costa County Hills and rose to a 
height of about 1000 feet. Suddenly the 
airship struck a current of air and 
refused to answer its steering gear. It 
was borne rapidly southward against all 
efforts to change its course until sud¬ 
denly the current of air seemed to 
lessen and the machine once more 
became manageable. The men aboard 
at once descended and flew about 
looking for a hiding place, which they at 
length found.” 

Jennings said that his friend had 
since gone to San Francisco for 
supplies and men, adding he was sure 
people in the nearby towns of Selma 
and Watertown must have observed 
the craft as it limped through the air in 
search of a hiding place. 

Perhaps significantly, just the day 
before, the San Francisco Call had 
published a letter from five Watertown 
residents who told of seeing an enor¬ 
mous airship nearly collide with a cornice 
on the city’s post office building the 
evening of November 20th. The craft had 
an “intensely brilliant” light and the 
witnessescouldseehumanforms aboard 
the object. 

An airship also appeared at Selma on 

December 5th. 

# Referring to his inventor friend, Jen¬ 
nings reported, “He said if the news 
from Washington was satisfactory he 
would bring his airship over to Fresno 
where everyone could see it.” 

Airship sightings continued through¬ 
out California, but at a decreasing rate 
throughout December. Scattered re¬ 
ports were also made in Oregon, 
Washington, and Arizona. 

Of these incidents, the most interest¬ 
ing was related by a railroad conductor 
named Corbell, who said that on the 
evening of December 7th, an airship 
had paced his freight train. At the 
time—around 6:30 p.m.—the train was 
moving between Dixon and Elmira. 

The first to see it was a man named 
Byrns, who noticed two bright lights to 
the right of the track traveling parallel to 
the caboose. He watched them for a 
few minutes before calling the conduct¬ 
or. Corbell in turn alerted two stockmen 
who were onboard. The four watched 
the lights, which were at an altitude of 
approximately 1,000 feet, for a few 
minutes before the UFOs accelerated 
and disappeared into the southwestern 

What may have been the final 
California airship sightings were re¬ 
ported from Lodi and Acampo in mid- 
January 1897. 

As it turned out, however, the Golden 
State’s airship scare was only a prelude 

to an incredibly massive, nationwide 
UFO wave which would erupt in late 
March. But as early as January, farm¬ 
ers in Delaware were seeing eerie 
lights sailing silently overhead, and all 
during February and March airships 
haunted the rural backwaters of Kansas 
and Nebraska. By April the flap was at 
its height, with sightings being logged in 
staggering numbers everywhere. 

Where before speculation about a 
secret inventor had centered on one 
man (Benjamin), now dozens of names 
were being tossed about. There were 
frequent contact stories, almost always 
with occupants of normal human ap¬ 
pearance and manner who would make 
extravagant, conflicting claims about 
themselves and their supposed inven¬ 
tions. Significantly, in all of this, Benja¬ 
min’s name never came up. 

Still, does this mean that the airships 
(apparently there were dozens of them) 
were constructed and flown by ordinary 
earthbound mortals? Probably not. 

To begin with, let us consider the 
testimony of Charles H. Gibbs-Smith: 

“Speaking as an aeronautical his¬ 
torian who specializes in the periods 
before 1910, I can say with certainty 
that the only airborne vehicles, carrying 
passengers, which could possibly have 
been seen anywhere in North America 
in 1897 were free flying spherical bal¬ 
loons, and it is highly unlikely for these 
to be mistaken for anything else. No 

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form of dirigible (i.e. a gasbag propelled 
by an airscrew) or heavier-than-air fly¬ 
ing machine was flying—or indeed 
could fly—at this time in America.” 

Furthermore, the U. S. Patent Office 
in Washington, D. C., denied Benja¬ 
min’s claim (echoed by Jenning’s 
friend) that the airship was being 
patented. A check through that agen¬ 
cy’s files confirms this. C. A. Smith of 
San Francisco was granted an airship 
patent on Aug. 11,1896, two and a half 
months before Benjamin maintained 
his was in the works. But by his own 
admission Smith’s device never got off 
the ground. Neither did that of Henry 
Heintz of Elkton, S. D., who received a 
patent on Apr. 20, 1897. 

There is also the fact that the 1896- 
97 airships could hover , a feat more 
conventional aircraft could not duplicate 
for quite a few decades, then there 
were the many reports that the craft 
possessed brilliant searchlights, some¬ 
thing which, for reasons we have 
explained earlier (“The New Zealand 
‘Airship’ Wave of 1909,” UFO Report 
Winter ’74), was far beyond the techni¬ 
cal ability of the period. 

Finally, and perhaps most interesting 
of all, airship sightings did not begin in 
1896-97, nor did they end there. Air¬ 
ships first appeared in northern Europe 
in the late 1850s. That at least is what 


(Continued from page 37) 

orbiting Earth. 

Another half-mile wide body was 
sighted by astronomer Henry Harrison 
on the night of Apr. 12-13, 1879, at an 
altitude of 80 to 100 miles. From the 
charts of its movements, it changed its 
orbital plane and made other “eratic” 
maneuvers that no natural body could. 
He left the riddle unexplained but today 
it fits perfectly the idea of a huge UFO in 

Most remarkable of all was the photo 
taken by the famous Barnard of the 
Great Comet of 1882, showing six 
distinct luminous round bodies near 
the head of the comet. Nearby was 
also a spindle-shaped object that Mor¬ 
ris K. Jessup in one of his books 
labeled a ‘‘mother ship.” 

Now it is a fact that many startled 
astronomers of the past century saw 
“comets” splitting into six or more parts. 
Even more inexplicably they sometimes 
observed luminous bodies joining to¬ 
gether! These queer events were totally 
incomprehensible phenomena to the 
19th Century stargazers, but in the light 
of modern research into UFO 
phenomena, we now can see how 
closely they fit the mother-ship theory. 

Which brings us to what must be, in 
official circles, the most sensitive ques- 

German immigrants asserted when f 
similar objects were exciting the Ameri¬ 
can public 40 years later. 

We know that on Mar. 26, 1880, an 
airship and its 10 occupants were seen 
over Galisteo Junction, N. M. In 1909- 
10, a worldwide flap occurred, taking in 
parts of the U. S., the British Isles, 
Sweden, and New Zealand. In 1912-13 
airships were back in Britain and made 
their final bow in South Africa in 1914 
(see “The Phantom Airships of 1913,” 
UFO Report Summer 74). 

The vast scope of airship activity 
alone makes the terrestrial inventor 
theory extremely improbable. 

To understand precisely what was 
happening in 1896 would require vol¬ 
umes of complicated analyses. Putting 
it as briefly as possible, we must as¬ 
sume that the intelligence behind the 
UFOs—which some researchers now 
call the Phenomenon—engaged in a 
weird game of deception; in other 
words they engineered manifestations 
to fit the prevailing social environment. 

In 1896 there was a great deal of 
interest in the prospect of flight; there¬ 
fore the aerial objects of the period 
parodied the dirigibles which then were 
being flown in Europe. The misleading 
impressions the airship manifestations 
generated were further “confirmed” by 
the spurious claims of the mysterious E. 

tion about orbiting UFOs. Are these sky 
phenomena really giant mother-ships 
that are “parked” on orbit? 

There is strong evidence that they 
are indeed the parent craft from which 
all other UFOs come. That is, the 
innumerable small flying saucers 
sighted daily and nightly on Earth do 
not simply fly here from their native 
world far out in the universe. 

The logical sequence is as follows: 
The native world launches gigantic in¬ 
terstellar craft which perhaps go faster 
than light or use some “time warp” to 
shorten the otherwise super-long jour¬ 

These carrier craft, upon reaching 
our solar system, land at some base, 
with Mars and the moon the most likely 
places. From the moon, then, huge 
mother-ships fly to Earth and take up 
orbit, releasing their broods of smaller 
“scout” craft that then go down into the 
atmosphere on their various missions. 
The mystery satellites, as listed, proba¬ 
bly represent a tiny fraction of the true 
number of mother-ships in temporary 
orbit at any one time. No doubt most of 
them use a “parking orbit” 10,000 or 
more miles high, well beyond the 1,000 
mile limit of our Spacetrack radars. 
Thus, the vast majority of mother-ships, 
unless caught accidentally in as¬ 
tronomers’ telescopes, are unseen and 
unknown on Earth. To account for the 
many hundreds or perhaps thousands 

H. Benjamin. 

And who was E. H. Benjamin? He 
certainly was not who he said he was, 
that much is certain. Nonetheless we 
have the word of William H. H. Hart, the 
former State Attorney General, that the 
man did have an airship and did seem 
to know a great deal about the craft’s 

Either Benjamin was a UFO contac- 
tee, or he was not a human being at all 
but an agent of the paranormal intelli¬ 
gence, something on the order of our 
own modern-day “Men In Black.” We 
realize these are fantastic conclusions, 
but we see no alternative. 

The entire issue of deception has 
sparked considerable controversy 
among ufologists over the past 10 
years. Most now agree that all kinds of 
deceptions take place. The dispute is 
over their extent and significance. 
There are some researchers, like one 
of the authors of this article, who 
believe that today’s spaceship-style 
UFOs are merely another disguise the 
Phenomenon has donned, that we are 
being fooled just as the people of the 
late 19th Century were deceived by 

But whatever the case, it is obvious 
that the many questions raised by the 
great airship scare take us right to the 
dark, inner core of the UFO mystery. ★ 

of UFO sightings seen daily all around 
the world, there must at any given time 
be dozens or even hundreds of 
mother-ships up in orbit, discharging 
their payloads of scout craft. 

Some mother-ships are seen at low 
altitude, usually in the form of big 
cigar-shaped craft hanging at an angle 
among clouds. But these could be no 
more than 1,000 feet in length and they 
themselves probably come from the 
true mother-ships hanging out in space. 

These orbital mother-ships must be 
truly gigantic. As we saw before, as¬ 
tronomers estimated the strange 
“bodies” they saw at a half-mile wide or 
so. However, some of the mystery 
satellites give indications of being over 
a mile in diameter, where bodies seen 
between the earth and moon through 
telescopes—mother-ships plying back 
and forth—have been 10 to 25 miles in 

There is some direct evidence that 
the mother-ships are behemoths be¬ 
side which our biggest rockets and 
satellites are mere bits of buckshot. On 
10 different occasions, from Aug. 19, 
1949 to Mar. 10, 1950, a tremendous 
UFO was seen hanging in the sky over 
Ohio and disgorging groups of smaller 
objects shaped like Indian oar- 
rowheads. The extended observations 
allowed exact calculations to be made 
of the mother-craft’s size, which came 
out to a minimum of 10,000 feet or two 


miles in diameter. 

There is more evidence, direct and 
indirect, that our hypothesized UFO 
mother-ships really exist up in orbit 
above Earth. 

Amazingly enough, back in 1950, 
Ruppelt recounts how Project Twinkle 
had been organized to solve the riddle 
of the UFOs and especially of the green 
fireballs that had been so prevalent 
over the missile ranges out west. A 
group of top scientists was consulted 
and they came up with the thought that 
there might be a cyclopean “space¬ 
ship” in orbit, several hundred miles 
high, that was shooting down the green 
fireballs as some kind of atmospheric 
testing probe. 

One might surmise that those scien¬ 
tists had a bit more than sheer imagina¬ 
tion to go on—perhaps some secret Air 
Force data on observed and photo¬ 
graphed orbital objects revealing their 
giant size. 

Another clue to the reality of mother- 
ships that hung in orbit is the great 
number of atmosphere sightings in 
which the UFO shoots straight up into 
space. Why would the saucers return to 
empty space unless they had some 
“nest” waiting for them there? 

Then, we have the many eyewitness 
accounts of actually seeing mother- 
craft unload or take aboard their “satel¬ 
lite” craft, notably the Gaillic and Olo- 
ron cigar-shaped UFOs of 1952, ob¬ 
served by hundreds of people in two 
French towns. 

Another renowned case was the 
British stratoliner on its way to Goose 
Bay, Labrador, on June 30,1954, when 
a UFO followed them for 85 harrowing 
miles. This huge UFO was clearly seen 
to have six smaller attendant craft 
circling around it and executing sophis¬ 
ticated aerial maneuvers. 

But the most telling argument for 
orbiting UFO mother-ships comes from 
our astronauts. 

During his Mercury flight of May 16, 
1963, Gordon Cooper excitedly radioed 
that while over Australia, a glowing 
green object with a red tail was ap¬ 
proaching his craft. It was also visible 
from Muchea, on the ground. Definitely 
not an Earth-satellite, the unknown 
seemed to be taking a look at Cooper’s 
capsule, then vanished from sight. 

In June of 1965, during the Gemini-4 
spaceflight, James McDivitt and Ed 
White spied “mysterious objects” three 
times—over Hawaii, over China, and 
over the U.S. It was the last sighting 
that aroused the most interest and 
McDivitt described it as having “big 
arms sticking out.” 

Promptly, NASA stated it was merely 
the Pegasus satellite, which has wide 
“paddles” or arms at either side. But to 
their embarrassment, it soon came out 
that Pegasus at the time had been 

1,200 miles away. 

And further analysis of all other pos¬ 
sible satellites proved that the nearest 
one was Omicron Transit 4A, still some 
433 miles away. Even “space debris,” 
which is faithfully tracked too, was 
checked over. The nearest fragment of 
space junk was #514 in the spacetrack 
charts, and a good 256 miles away. No 
space scrap, even if it was a big 
burned-out second-stage, could be 
seen from 256 miles away except as a 
scarcely visible speck. 

So, what the two astronauts saw was 
a genuine UOO —Unidentified Orbital 

Another pair of Gemini astronauts, 
Frank Bormann and James Lovell came 
upon a UFO in orbit in December, 1965. 
“We have a bogey at 10 o’clock high,” 
Bormann announced laconically. But 
after NASA could not name any satellite 
they had seen, he was not so calm as 
he later told newsmen. 

During the Gemini-10 flight of July 
1966, Astronaut John W. Young re¬ 
ported two bright objects pacing his 
craft and obtained clear-cut pictures of 
them. NASA made no attempt to 
identify them as satellites, having 
learned their lesson from the Gemini-4 
fiasco with the Pegasus explanation. 

Photos and movies of UFOs were 
also obtained on the Gemini-5 flight of 
Gordon Cooper and John Conrad. 

The X-15 pilots also met mystery 
craft when they soared into lower space 
around 50 miles high. The late Joe 
Walker saw a formation of six cylindri¬ 
cal UFOs at an altitude of 246,570 feet 
in 1962. Later in 1962, Maj. Robert 
White took the X-15 to a record- 
breaking 63 miles altitude and yelled 
into his mike: “There are things out 
there! 1 ' The “things” were large grayish 
objects that easily paced his rocket- 
powered plane going 3,800 miles per 
hour at the time. 

The UFOs have been interested in 
our space program from the start. Rup¬ 
pelt reports that almost every V-2 test 
flight, from 1947 to 1950, was attended, 
by small discs that suddenly shot down 
from the sky and accompanied the 
rockets after their launch. In most 
cases, the UFOs would literally fly rings 
around our vehicle and then speed 
away at 10 times the velocity of the 

But the greatest mystery of that time 
was the total disappearance of two V-2 
rockets. There wasn’t the slightest 
chance that the rockets went into orbit, 
having far less speed and power than 
required. Yet they shot up into the sky 
and never came down again. 

It is not a wild assumption to simply 
surmise that UFOs darted down from 
their mother-ship and “kidnapped” the 
two rockets, probably for examination. 

At Cape Canaveral, many of the 



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launches of military test missiles drew 
UFOs right down to the launching pad. 
In one test flight of a Polaris, the UFO 
was so big and bright that the automatic 
lock-on of the tracking radar fastened 
on the UFO instead of the missile. 

Rumors from Russia through the 
“space curtain” indicate that their 
space hardware and manned flights 
have also been scrutinized closely by 
UFOs, even perhaps interfered with. In 
March 1965, when Belyavev and 
Leonov went in orbit for a “prolonged 
flight” of presumably two weeks, they 
came down after only 18 orbits and 
landed in a snowdrift 873 miles from 
their scheduled touch down point. They 
later told Soviet newsmen that just 
before leaving orbit, they had seen a 
strange "satellite” they couldn’t identify. 
Whether this UFO actually forced them 
down, or whether it was simply mechan¬ 
ical failure of their craft, nobody knows. 

But a still greater mystery is involved 
in satellites, both American and Rus¬ 
sian, that have vanished from orbit. 
Spacetrack admits that it has com¬ 
pletely lost track of at least six of our 
Explorer satellites. Did their radio 
beacons die out and their orbits 
change? Or did UFOs two them away 
and haul them inside a giant mother- 
ship hovering 50,000 miles out? 

The Russians have satellite troubles 
too. Two other of their Cosmos craft 
have unaccountably burst into dozens 
of fragments, each of which has been 


(Continued from page 21) 

that this last recommendation was 
taken quite seriously by the CIA. Over 
the years, wiretapping, the disappear¬ 
ance of mail, and surveillance by mys¬ 
terious persons has occurred! 

For more than 13 years, the 
Robertson Report lay in the files of the 
CIA, classified secret. Its pages 
gathered dust, but the words on those 
pages caused havoc in the country at 
large. UFO witnesses were ridiculed 
and abused. Some had their jobs 
threatened; others, less fortunate, had 
their livelihoods destroyed. A large por¬ 
tion of the populace, puzzled at the 
fluctuating attitude of the Air Force, lost 
faith in their nation’s military defenders. 

Dr. James E. McDonald was one of 
the few outspoken scientists who be¬ 
lieved that his colleagues were ignor¬ 
ing an important issue—UFOs—and 
publicly questioned their rationale for 
such an obvious reluctance. To satisfy 
his own scientific curiosity, and 
perhaps to locate the mysterious roots 
of the pervading fear in scientific com¬ 
munities regarding the true nature of 
the UFOs, Dr. McDonald instituted, 
what was in effect, a “one-man panel.” 


tracked and counted from Earth. Still 
more amazing is the recent premature 
deorbiting of their Molniya (communica¬ 
tions) satellite. It was launched Oct. 13, 
1965, and the Soviets confidently pre¬ 
dicted according to all orbital data that it 
would remain aloft “indefinitely.” To 
their surprise, and NASA’s too, the 
comsat fell out of orbit only three 
months later on Mar. 17, 1966. 

A NASA scientist who works with 
Spacetrack shook his head in bewil¬ 
derment and said it was absolutely im¬ 
possible and “violated the set and 
unchanging laws of celestial mechan¬ 

Only one thing can change the un¬ 
changing laws of celestial me¬ 
chanics—a force directed by intelli¬ 
gence. If anything should prove there 
are UFOs up in “orbit patrol,” it is an 
astonishing event like that. 

Not to mention the mystery of the four 
on-again-off-again American satellites. 
One of them was Telstar-2, launched in 
May 1963. Its electronic radio-relay 
circuits functioned perfectly until July, 
when the satellite suddenly blacked out 
for no discernible reason. Batteries and 
solar recharging systems were in per¬ 
fect condition according to telemetry 
reports. Yet it went dead. 

Quite as abruptly, on August 12th, 
the dormant communications satellite 
resumed its signals as if nothing had 

The Anna or “Firefly” satellite with 

Despite a mild appearance, he was a 
fierce fighter with the qualities of hu¬ 
manity, charm, and a keen-edged 
mind. Never afraid of losing prestige, 
he leaped into the study of UFOs. 

In the summer of 1966, Dr. 
McDonald went to Project Blue Book 
Headquarters to study the problem at 
its source. There he inadvertently 
came upon a full copy of the 
Robertson Report, which had been 
"routinely declassified under the 12- 
year rule” by Project Officer Maj. Hec¬ 
tor Quintanilla. McDonald made exten¬ 
sive notes and requested a Xerox copy 
of the Report, but before this could be 
given to him, the CIA jumped in and 
rescinded the declassification. 

Though an unsatisfactory “sanitized 
version” was released sometime later, 
the full report proving the involvement 
of the CIA remained secret for another 
eight years. In the meantime, however, 
Dr. McDonald regarded the information 
in his notes as “open information in no 
way bearing on the security of the U. 
S.” He publicly stated: 

“I urge that the press and Congress 
demand full and immediate release of 
the entire text of the Robertson Report, 
including the CIA recommendations 
which have had such strong bearing 
on the way in which the Air Force has 

flashing lights (for earth-mapping pur¬ 
poses) ceased operating for seven long 
months, then resumed again, utterly 
baffling the electronics engineers on 
Earth who could not explain this 

Two other American satellites have 
gone out-of-order, only to be open-for- 
business later when they had been 
given up by the contact crews below on 
Earth. What happens up there in dark 
space, to make satellite systems black 
out for a while and then start up again? 

It is seemingly against the “laws of 
electronics.” And like the laws of celes¬ 
tial mechanics, only one thing could 
interfere with the laws of electronics. 
Namely, the saucerians aboard the 
mother-ships and UFOs that haunt orbi¬ 
tal space around Earth. It all seems 
suspiciously like a careful monitoring of 
our space progress and astronautical 
technology—but why? 

Are they merely curious? Or are they 
contemplating halting us from reaching 
other words for various reasons, such 
as the human race being too war-like 
and dangerous if allowed to spread into 
the universe? 

It is useless to speculate about such 
answers. In due time, no doubt, we will 
find out just why the colossal flying 
saucers in orbit are there, sending their 
scout and observation craft below to 
appear all over our planet. 

And when will Spacetrack next find 
that instad of 275 satellites, there are 
suddenly 276 or 280 in orbit. c ★ 

subsequently treated the UFO prob¬ 
lem, so that other scientists can make 
their own evaluations of the manner in 
which scientific pursuit of the UFO 
problem was derailed in 1953.” 

Dr. McDonald researched hundreds 
of flying saucer reports. He befriend¬ 
ed and questioned countless UFO wit¬ 
nesses. In* 1967, he stated before 
the annual meeting of the American 
Society of Newspaper Editors in 
Washington, D.C.: “It is urged that the 
time is long overdue for a full-scale 
Congressional investigation of the 
UFO problem, an investigation in 
which persons outside of official Air 
Force channels can put on record the 
astounding history of the way in which 
a problem of potentially enormous sci¬ 
entific importance has been swept 
under a rug of ridicule and misrep¬ 
resentation for two decades.” (Italics 

It may be his “voice in the wilder¬ 
ness” was not heard over the mass 
clamor of CIA cover-up, except by 
interested ufologists. Perhaps it was 
the unending frustration of compiling 
data which official eyes were blind to, 
or maybe it was the end results of the 
undeserved ridicule which the CIA had 
succeeded in associating with his 
name and work, or perhaps something 

far more sinister, which in these days 
of full scale investigations of CIA ac¬ 
tivities, is hardly out of the question. 
Nevertheless, on June 13, 1971, the 
body of Dr. James E. McDonald was 
found in an isolated section of desert 
north of Tucson, Ariz. A .38 caliber 
revolver and a note were found beside 
the scientist’s body. The contents of 
the note were not disclosed. An ap¬ 
parent suicide, investigators could give 
no indication why he might have killed 

Project Blue Book, the official Air 
Force UFO investigation conducted by 
the ATIC was formed to collect and 
evaluate flying saucer data. Their pro¬ 
gress and conclusions took the form of 
classified reports numbered one 
through 12. In the mid-1950s, with the 
public clamoring for answers to the 
strange crafts they were observing, 
ATIC reviewed and reached conclu¬ 
sions on their previous findings and 
produced the unclassified result. That 
was called Project Blue Book Report 
#14, which the public could obtain—if 
they could find it! 

Whatever happened to Project Blue 
Book Report # 14? 

In his letter of Jan. 6, 1970, Maj. 
George Ogles, Chief of the Communi¬ 
cation Relations Division of the 
U.S.A.F. in Colorado stated in regard 
to a query on UFOs: “In our Cadet 
Library, we have a large collection of 
books, reports, and studies on this 
subject, including U.S.A.F. Report 
#13. These are available to those 
individuals who are interested in furth¬ 
ering their knowledge on this subject.” 

Two months later, the U.S.A.F. 
Cadet Library advised they did not 
have a copy of Report #13 and never 
had, probably due to the fact that it 
was classified. 

In May 1973, Sen. Frank Moss, 
Chairman of the Committee on 
Aeronautical and Space Sciences was 
queried about Blue Book Report #13. 
The Air Force advised the Senator 
there never was a Report #13 pre¬ 
pared in final form so it was included in 
Blue Book Report #14. The Senator 
was further advised that all Blue Book 
information and all information relative 
to UFOs was now unclassified. 

Until you tried to get it, that is, as 
evidenced by the futile attempts of 
nuclear physicist and UFO lecturer 
Stanton Friedman at the Air Force 
archives at Maxwell Air Force Base in 
Alabama. Friedman knew Report #13 
existed in finished form as it had been 
seen at Offutt Air Force Base, marked 
“Top Secret.” There was no Report 
#13 in the Archives, just Reports one 
through 12 and 14. Furthermore, 
Friedman was denied looking through 
one special card file drawer indexed 
“Flying Saucers” which contained filing 
cards, each of which referred to a UFO 




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sighting by Air Force personnel. That 
file was still highly classified as “Se¬ 
cret,” regardless of what the Air Force 
told Senator Moss regarding the cur¬ 
rent declassification. 

“There is no indication whatsoever 
that parts of Report #13 were included 
in Report #14,” Friedman wrote 
Senator Moss. “Whether your source 
is misinformed or was lying to you, I 
cannot say. The conclusions section of 
#14 is very poorly done and gives 
every appearance of being prepared 
with the intent of misleading the 
reader.. .Presumably Report #13 had 
the rational conclusions.” 

Those “rational conclusions” have 
simply disappeared from the files. 

Throughout the history of UFOs in 
the U.S., attempts have been made by 
“mysterious” persons to obtain photo¬ 
graphic evidence of flying saucers 
under some official cover. And, if the 
sighting involved too many specialized 
witnesses with technical backgrounds 
ruling out their misidentification of 
normal objects, the witnesses were 
given a psychological approach. 

In October 1974, the NBC World 
Premiere Movie, The Disappearance 
of Flight 412 , was shown on network 
television, starring Glenn Ford and 
Bradford Dillman. The story concerned 
the tracking of UFOs on radar by the 
U.S.A.F. and a Marine Corps air facili¬ 
ty. Jets were scrambled to investigate 
the object and were visually observed 
to enter a cloud by the crew of the 
highly equipped radar observation craft 
“Flight 412.” The two Marine jets never 
emerged from that cloud. 

The Air Force attempted to cover up 
the amazing UFO kidnapping by claim¬ 
ing the radar equipment on Flight 412 
malfunctioned. The crew was taken to 
an abandoned airfield by a special Air 
Force Intelligence group for interroga¬ 
tion. They were given the full treat¬ 
ment, held in confinement, and con¬ 
fronted with a battery of psychological 
tests. All the while the Intelligence 
group insisted the crew could not have 
seen what they did because it was 

The crew of Flight 412 were kept 
incommunicado until they agreed they 
had not seen the jets disappear. Those 
officers who did not cooperate were 
passed up for promotions and dis¬ 
charged from the Air Force at the 
earliest possible time. 

This drama was presented as fiction 
but, in a congratulatory telephone call 
from the Mutual UFO Network (MU- 
FON) Director, Walt Andrus, to the 
writer of the script, George Simpson, 
Andrus learned the story was anything 
but fiction. 

“George Simpson advised that this 
was the true experience of his co¬ 
writer, Neal B. Burger, occurring in 
1951,” Andrus stated. 

In the spring of 1952, the psycholog¬ 
ical approach was again attempted to 
cover up an amazing visual and radar 
sighting at an Air Defense Direction 
Center in Duncanville, Tex. This was a 
major radar installation, one of many 
placed strategically around the central 
position of Tinker Air Force Base in 
Oklahoma, home of Air Defense 
Command. Nearby was the Strategic 
Air Command, based at Carswell, Tex. 

“We had just gotten what was called 
a ANCPS 6-B radar, manufactured by 
General Electric. It was better than the 
GE people knew,” related one of the 
radar operators on duty that night. “All 
the information relative to that opera¬ 
tion other than fighter control was clas¬ 
sified, and I was cleared for ‘Secret.’ 

“The mission at that time was to 
identify what they called ‘Keystones,’ a 
code name for SAC aircraft testing 
new Electronic Counter Measures 
which would attempt to jam the radar. 
The operators at Duncanville, as well 
as the other radar sites, had to be on 
their toes. If in these tests, which came 
at any time of the day or night, the 
‘Keystone’ flight could get in close 
enough to totally jam the scopes be¬ 
fore the operators could get a trian¬ 
gulation . . .and scramble defense 
fighters, there was hell to pay from the 

“The night that this happened,” 
stated the radar operator who must 
remain anonymous, “nothing occurred 
until about 6:30 a.m. except we never 
knew when a ‘Keystone’ might be com¬ 
ing in .. .The Planned Position Indi¬ 
cator Scope was the best, tuned like a 
watch. I was fascinated with its capac¬ 
ity to reach way out there and pick up 
aircraft that just curved through our 

As the operator watched, a target 
appeared “painting” bright at the edge 
of the scope at a distance of 250 miles. 
After observing the “blip” for a few 
moments, the radar team knew it 
couldn’t be a ‘Keystone’ flight trying to 
penetrate the area. They estimated its 
speed at 3,600 miles per hour. The 
“paint” was so intense it reflected off 
the operator’s face. Unknown to the 
men at that time, there would be visual 
sightings from Carswell Air Transport 
and the guards at the Supply Depot. 
The radar network was opened up and 
patched in to stations all over that part 
of the country. The racing UFO was 
tracked out over the Pacific Ocean by 
Western Air Defense. 

The following day, two men came to 
interrogate the radar crew at Duncan¬ 
ville. One sported a large handlebar 
moustache—highly unusual for military 
personnel at that time. The other iden¬ 
tified himself as a psychiatrist. 

“They said they wanted to establish 
that it wasn’t mass hysteria or some¬ 
thing,” the operator reported. “We had 


to fill out an eight-page form in quad¬ 
ruplicate, something they said was a 
new Air Force form on UFOs. What got 
me were all the questions the psychiat¬ 
rist asked, like did I wet the bed when I 
was a kid! The thing that really made 
us angry was that we had ‘Secret’ 
clearances but were never informed 
about the outcome. We were just told 
we weren’t to discuss it further.” 

Yet, on a CBS-TV special in the 
mid-1960s, a spokesman for the Air 
Defense Command reassured the pub¬ 
lic that there was nothing to lend cre¬ 
dence to flying saucers. “We have 
never observed UFOs on radar/’ he 

In March 1955, Norman Schulte and 
two co-workers employed in the 
photographic engineering department 
of North American Aviation, conducted 
an experiment over the Los Angeles 
Airport. For 30 consecutive nights, 
using infrared film, the group set up 
cameras at a selected site and photo¬ 
graphed the sky, regardless of whether 
anything was visible or not. 

“In 28 or 29 of the shots, we had 
one image or more—cigar, domed, 
and elliptical-shaped objects—very dis¬ 
tinct, very clean-cut, very intense. We 
did as much analytical work as we 
could on the photographs and deter¬ 
mined that there was something in the 
skies over the airport that shouldn’t be 
there. We were all convinced we had 
photographed UFOs,” f the engineer 
stated to columnists Robert B. Klinn 
and David Branch in an exclusive in¬ 
terview for the Santa Ana Register. 

Schulte kept the infrared negatives 
at his home. In May 1955, Schulte was 
contacted by a Captain from Wright- 
Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, 
home of Project Blue Book. 

“I was working drying prints in a 
classified department and all of a sud¬ 
den I realized I had a visitor,” Schulte 
said. “I don’t know who let him into the 
department. He started with some 
small talk and then, for no reason, 
began to discuss UFOs and our in¬ 
frared project. He asked if he could 
see my pictures, and I said sure he 
could see them, but they were at 

His visitor suddenly became highly 
indignant, asking why property of North 
American’s should be at Schulte’s 
residence. The engineer explained the 
photos were not the property of North 
American, but that he’d lend the nega¬ 
tives for analysis provided they were 
returned. The Air Force official said he 
couldn’t guarantee that, whereupon the 
engineer refused to turn them over. 

“It got to the point where he was 
virtually demanding them and saying 
he was going to confiscate them,” 
Schulte said. “I told him to go ahead 
and try, but they weren’t North Ameri¬ 
can’s property.. .He tried to impress 

me with his military position, that he 
was some kind of a security officer with 
the Air Force. He said if I didn’t coop¬ 
erate he would go to the company and 
have me dismissed for security 
breaches. I virtually told him to go fly a 
kite, and I’ve kept the negatives in my 
possession ever since.” 

Yet, for years, the Air Force has 
claimed that it has never attempted 
confiscation of UFO photographs or 
pressured any citizens who have taken 
such pictures. 

In spite of the Jan. 21, 1975 declas¬ 
sification of the Robertson Report, the 
CIA still has the final say. We return to 
writer Durant, reporting on the eighth 
and final meeting of the Robertson 
Panel on Jan. 17, 1953. Durant tells 
us, ironically in parentheses, that 
“(copy of the final report is appended 
as Tab C).” ( . 

Despite last ditch efforts to obtain 
this elusive “Tab,” Tab C of the 
Robertson Report is still classified 
secret In his letter of February 19th of 
this year, Robert S. Young, “Freedom 
of Information Coordinator” of the CIA, 
advised, “The initial declassification of 
the (Robertson) report was made on a 
copy that was shy the two tabs. A 
complete report has been located and 
the review of Tab “ B ” has been com¬ 
pleted. It cannot be declassified but is 
releasable in a sanitized version. A 
copy is enclosed herewith. Tab “C” is 
still under review ...” (Italics added) 

It is the public’s right to see both Tab 
B and Tab C in declassified form. Of 
the two, the most intriguing is Tab C, 
which was the “final report” of the 
Robertson Panel. It has never been 
seen by UFO researchers with the 
single exception of Dr. James 
McDonald. Just how this "final report” 
differs from the panel results labeled 
Tab A, which were discussed above, is 
known only to the keepers of classified 
papers and the CIA. Without a doubt, it 
contains the fourth conclusion referred 
to by Dr. McDonald in 1967. He stated: 

“The fourth recommendation, made 
at the specific request of the CIA 
representatives at the final sessions of 
this panel, asked for a systematic ‘de¬ 
bunking of the flying saucers,’ to use 
the actual language of the document. 
And the stated objective of the ‘de¬ 
bunking’ was to ‘reduce public in¬ 

So it goes. Case after case of ques¬ 
tionable government ethics, hounded 
witnesses, and absurd demonstrations 
of secrecy within this nation's 
borders— by an agency whose func¬ 
tion it is to conduct intelligence ac¬ 
tivities outside the U.S. Even if given 
benefit of the doubt, the CIA’s narrow 
concern of national security given in 
1953 is no longer justified. 

A recent statement from Samuel A. 
Goudsmit, one of the five Scientists on 


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the Robertson Panel, is a case in 
point. Goudsmit is an agnostic regard¬ 
ing UFOs, but he writes: “I don’t know 
whether UFOs exist or what they 
are .. .It is more than 20 years ago that 
the Robertson Panel met... We 
noticed that a popular hysteria of sight¬ 
ing reports could at times tie up the 
telephone communications of our de¬ 
fense organizations. That was the 
reason for our recommendation 
... Such a tie-up is no longer a danger, 
no matter how many people want 
to report UFOs.” 

There is no conceivable reason why 
Tab B and Tab C cannot be declas¬ 
sified and released. The public can 
demand it. The Rockefeller Committee, 
even now dredging up evidence of 
past CIA activities, could easily bring 
about their release, and that of the 
mysterious Blue Book Report #13 as 


(Continued from page 12) 

fact that “Mothman” is the result of 
firsthand research (interviews, investi¬ 
gations, and on the scene analyses), 
and not the distillation and rewriting of 
newspaper clippings or wire service 
dispatches. Keel was there in West 
Virginia, sighting and signaling UFOs 
himself, trekking through farm fields 
and abandoned factories trying to find 
the elusive flying creature, and encoun¬ 
tering those fearsome, evil MIBs. And it 
comes off the pages that way—Keel 
experienced it all personally. Readers 
interested in this continuing mystery 
shouldn’t skip this report of one man’s 
travels and travails. 

by Dr. Clifford Wilson is a “definitive” 
work about the mystery of unidentified 
flying objects. The reason for that word, 
“definitive,” is the simple fact that this 
book is a restatement of everything that 
has been written about UFOs. Wilson, 
the author of Crash Go The Chariots, 
an answer to Erich von Daniken’s 
works, has attempted to justify ufology 
and the belief in flying saucers and in 
doing so, he had researched virtually 
everything that has been printed in the 
last few years. But let’s took a closer 
look at this Australian author’s book. 

Beginning with Kenneth Arnold’s 
sighting of 9 giant UFOs over Mt. 
Rainier, Wash., on June 24, 1947, 
Wilson examines the earliest days of 
modern ufology and the joke it was 
thought to be by authorities. Then came 
the men who made the subject 
respectable—Capt. Edward J. Ruppelt, 
Maj. Donald Keyhoe, famed psychia¬ 
trist Carl Jung, and French scientist 
Aime Michel. These respected indi¬ 
viduals brought their curiosity and intel- 


On the marble wall of the main lobby 
at CIA headquarters in Virginia is in¬ 
scribed a Biblical passage, “And ye 
shall know the truth and the truth shall 
make you free.” 

The American public has not been 
given the truth. What are these UFOs? 
Are they extraterrestrial, as Dr. 
McDonald hypothesized? Or is their 
source, in the words of the late scien¬ 
tist, “even more bizarre”? Do they 
come from realms of existence of 
which we have only fragmentary know¬ 
ledge? Perhaps even the CIA does not 
know for sure. 

But one thing is absolutely certain. 
Government agencies, including the 
CIA, know far more than they are 
admitting. They must tell us what they 
know. In that way, and only in that 
way, can the words on the Agency’s 
wall stand in the light—unblemished 
and true. 

lects to examine a “joke” and found it to 
be quite the contrary, as witnessed by 
the later-day conversions of such scien¬ 
tists as Clifford Wilson, M.A., B.D., 

From the pioneers, we move to the 
credibility of witnesses who have seen 
and reported UFOs. The main thrust of 
official inquiries into the flying saucer 
phenomenon has been to discredit wit¬ 
nesses in anyway possible to simply 
make the problem go away by ridicul¬ 
ing those who have seen UFOs. Wilson 
quotes Keyhoe who quotes Ruppelt: 
“What constitutes proof? Does a UFO 
have to land at the river entrance to the 
Pentagon, near the Joint Chiefs Of Staff 
offices? Or is it proof when a ground 
radar station detects a UFO, sends a jet 
to intercept it, the jet pilot sees it, and 
locks on with his radar, only to have the 
UFO streak away at phenomenal 
speed? Is it proof when a jet pilot fires 
at a UFO and sticks to his story even 
under the threat of court-martial? Does 
this constitute proof?” Besides jet pilots, 
other “reputable’’ witnesses are 
mentioned—“rocket designers, aircraft 
engineers, flight surgeons, and 
Washington officers ...” Even Thor 
Heyerdahl, well-known for his Kon-Tiki 
voyages, saw a UFO as he journeyed 
across the Atlantic in Ra //. Ridiculing 
witnesses obviously did not make the 
phenomenon go away. 

Wilson then proceeds to examine the 
famous “contactee” cases including 
George Adamski’s encounter with “two 
incredibly lovely young women” from 
Venus, the kidnapping of Betty and 
Barney Hill, Patrolman Herbert 
Schirmer’s contact with occupants of a 
spaceship in 1967, and Antonio Villas- 
Boas who made love to a female 
ufonaut onboard a UFO. Wilson states: 
“Although there are some hoaxes . . . 
contact [with ufonauts] has been 

Postscript: As this issue goes to press, 
the CIA “Freedom of Information 
Coordinator informed us that “Tab C” 
of the Robertson Report had been 
reviewed and declassified. The copy of 
the purported Tab C turned out to be a 
“List of Personnel Concerned with the 

On the Xerox copy of the Tab sent 
to the author, it can be plainly seen that 
a white patch has been put over 
the original letter after the word “Tab,” 
and “C” typed onto the patch. 

Why does an agency which can 
secretly raise a Russian sub from the 
floor of an ocean have to use such 
crude and obvious methods in an at¬ 
tempt to fool the American taxpayer? 
Where is the “final report” called Tab 
C, and what information does it contain 
that the CIA does not wish to let us 
know? ★ 

In the next chapter, he discusses the 
possibility of UFOs being manufactured 
on Earth, particularly by the U.S.S.R. 
Wilson describes the saucer-like air¬ 
craft made by the Soviets but handily 
dismisses this theory by examining the- 
“Foo Fighters” of WW II, our astronauts 
seeing UFOs, and Russian cos¬ 
monauts reporting unidentified flying 
objects! In fact, Russia tries to squelch 
UFO reports with an iron heel since 
they stir religious beliefs that are a 
threat to “godless” Communism. “To 
summarize: ‘Made in U.S.A.’ or ‘Made 
in U.S.S.R.’ is not the answer. No 
earthly power could produce UFOs as 
they are reported around the world.” 

Next we are presented with the ar¬ 
gument of the friendliness of hostility of 
UFOs. Although there have been many 
“spacenappings” it has been pointed 
out that not a single death among hu¬ 
mans has occurred. But are they really 
friendly? “ . . . these ‘visitors’ do inter¬ 
fere in personal lives . . . they are a di¬ 
rect intrusion into personal liberties.” 
But the interference by the space en¬ 
tities has often resulted in “prophesies” 
that have benefited Mankind. Unfortu¬ 
nately, Dr. Wilson doesn’t ennumerate 
on this tantalizing subject and leaves us 
hanging. He also briefly touches upon 
The Bermuda Triangle, and UFOs over 
Washington in 1952 which was chroni¬ 
cled long ago by Major Keyhoe. 

Wilson then examines a subject he is 
very familiar with—“Sightings Through 
the Centuries: And The Chariots Still 
Crash.” There are many records of 
ancient sightings and we read about an 
anchor that dropped from the sky and 
attached itself to a church in Ireland in 
the first century A.D. A man supposedly 
climbed down the anchor rope from the 
sky to release the anchor. John Keel 
dug out a similar story dating from 956 
A.D. In 1200 A.D. another anchor drop¬ 
ped on a church in Bristol, England, and 

the “sailor” suffocated and died. Wilson 
then discusses the amazing knowledge 
of the ancients such as the Chaldeans 
who supposedly had a blueprint for 
UFOs in 5000 B.C.! Wilson, who is a 
trained archaeologist, then debunks 
many of Erich von Daniken’s theories 
about the Egyptian pyramids, the riddle 
of Easter Island, and the Nazca Lines. 
Wilson answers all of the “mysteries” 
and states: “Von Daniken has clouded 
the issue of UFOs. The question is a 
very real one, despite the wild conclu¬ 
sions and hypotheses of Erich Von 

From von Daniken’s “wild conclu¬ 
sions” we move to the “wild” visions 
of many who have reported UFOs. 
Though they exist, these outlandish 
hoaxes have not outweighed the tons of 
evidence before authorities concerning 
unidentified flying objects. 

“The Hollow Earth Theory” is briefly 
touched upon. Electromagnetic effects 
and antigravitational force are also 
mentioned. So is the paraphysi- 
cal explanation (are UFOs solid or 
ultradimensional?). Vampires and 
UFOs. The Bible and UFOs. And finally 
a very personal conclusion. Wilson, a 
religious man, says that prophesies 
have come true in the Bible and he 
discusses the “New Age.” The Bible 
predicted this would begin in 1948; 
Kenneth Arnold’s sighting took place in 
1947. Since then, tens of thousands 
have seen and been influenced by 
UFOs. Should we be afraid that the 
forces of evil will conquer us? “They. . . 
will be routed and the purposes of the 
Eternal and Holy God will stand. Evil 
principalities, wicked spiritual beings 
with much power in this age of testing 
will eventually be overthrown. When 
they set themselves against Almighty 
God theirs must ultimately prove to be a 
‘Mission Impossible’.” 

Our conclusion is that UFOs And 
Their Mission Impossible (Signet 
paperbacks, $1.50) is a fairly good 
rundown of modern-day ufology—and 
nothing more. * 


(Continued from page 6) 

but for some unexplicable reason I didn’t. 
Nevertheless, I praise God for all that has 
happened to me. 

Vincent Louis Ferguson 
Brooklyn, N.Y. 


Having viewed the telecast of NBC’s 
“UFOs: Do You Believe,” I was very de¬ 
pressed about how poorly the show was 
arranged. First of all, it implied that the 
entire UFO phenomenon began in the 
1940s, when, in fact, it has probably been 
with us since Earth’s formation. Secondly, 





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the writers of the show seemed to equate 
the term UFO with the colloquialism “fly¬ 
ing saucer.” The 2 words are not 

If a person were to see a bald eagle in 
flight for the first time, it could technically 
be termed a UFO—unidentified flying ob¬ 
ject. It is highly doubtful, however, that the 
eagle would also be termed a flying 
saucer. Nevertheless, the 2 terms are 
carelessly used interchangeably so often. 
For example: many UFO observers had 
watched their respective objects for a 
period of time before they positively iden¬ 
tified them as a UFO. “It” was quite obvi¬ 
ously a UFO from the moment it came into 
sight, simply by not being identified as 
anything else known. Therefore, how can 
one “know” it was a UFO—again implying 
the term “flying saucer.” The acronym 
UFO should have a comma (U,FO) to re¬ 
mind people that the emphasis should be 
on the word unidentified . 

Name withheld by request 


I have read and heard many theories 
offered about our alleged fourth dimen¬ 
sion, the space-time continuum. I have 
heard the theory that this might be the 
means of transportation used by some 
interplanetary vehicles to bring them 
through the vastness of space to our 
planet, and then return to their own world 
within a reasonable amount of time. This 
would seem to explain why many sight¬ 
ings just fade out and disappear instead of 
visually traveling away from the Earth. 

However, I have never heard it used to 
explain why some people see them and 
others don’t, which is really quite as plaus¬ 
ible. I would like to suggest that this might 
be used to “explain away” details of the 
Pascagoula, Miss., affair which, up till 
now, has seemed rather incongruous. I 
would suggest from the time Mr. Hickson 
and Mr. Parker first heard the UFO, or 
possibly before they were aware of the 
sound, they were absorbed into a different 
space-time continuum—one which con¬ 
tained them and an interplanetary or 
futuristic spacecraft. 

Many times, when humans are en¬ 
gaged in leisure activity, time seems to 
stand still—or at least we are unaware of 
its passing. Actually this applies to more 
than leisure activity. If the subjects (vic¬ 
tims) of UFO sightings and contacts are 
pre-chosen, it would be far less risky to 
absorb them into another space-time con¬ 
tinuum rather than suddenly appearing 
visible to all persons in the surrounding 
area. This then means that only those 
“selected” are aware of another “some¬ 
thing’s” presence. This could also explain 
why neither the bridge operator nor any of 
the motorists on the highway were aware 
of or saw the UFO described by Hickson 
and Parker. According to their initial re¬ 
port, the men did not know how long they 
might have been inside the UFO. Using 
the theory of space-time continuum it 
could be only a few seconds to “our” real¬ 

ity but months to another intelligence. 

Another plausible suggestion for the 
Pascagoula and many other cases, is that 
the men were absorbed into another light 
frequency. We are well aware of the lim¬ 
ited spectrum that is visible to our eyes, 
and we are acquainted with infrared and 
ultra-violet frequencies. Perhaps, how¬ 
ever , there are beings that exist as a differ¬ 
ent frequency and there is only an occa¬ 
sional shift which permits human vision to 
see them. A shift or absorption into that 
unknown frequency would account for 
tales of ghosts, leprechauns, flying sauc¬ 
ers, and other inexplicable entities, espe¬ 
cially when other lighting factors are in¬ 

Another intelligence could control the 
absorption into their frequency and let the 
human eye see just what they wanted it to 
see. Therefore, conflicting reports about 
the description of the interior of various 
UFOs, which have an exterior re¬ 
semblance, could be easily explained. 

It would be quite logical to assume that 
an intelligence from somewhere in our 
universe, who would be centuries ahead 
of us, could be aware of, and use to their 
advantage, both the space-time con¬ 
tinuum and different light frequencies, 
which at the present time, are only in the 
theoretical stage on Earth. 

Name withheld by request 


I have been a UFO enthusiast since 
1964, the year I came to the conclusion 
that flying saucers are spaceships. Not 
long after that, 1‘concluded that aerial 
phenomena of today and aerial 
phenomena that’s recorded in the Bible 
are basically the same. 

I am writing in response to a very in¬ 
teresting article published in the Winter 
74 UFO Report by John Keel entitled, 
“The Mystery of the Invisible Flying Sauc¬ 

Of course UFOs and their occupants 
are invisible, generally speaking, and I will 
give you 2 examples of Biblical recordings 
of invisible aerial phenomena. 

When the prophet Balaam was on his 
way to perform a service for a great sum of 
money, an invisible UFO occupant stood 
by the side of the road with a drawn sword. 
The donkey that Balaam was riding, how¬ 
ever, could see him so she turned off the 
road and into a field. As Balaam tried to 
get the donkey back on the road, the entity 
made himself visible to the old prophet 
(Numbers Chapter 22). 

In the Bible, UFO entities are called 
angels. The idea of angels having wings is 
a human, fairy tale-like fantasy. 

About 600 years later, Dotham, a city in 
Israel, was surrounded by a huge Syrian 
force. A servant of the great prophet, 
Elijah, expressed his concern over the 
situation. Elijah answered, “Fear not: for 
they who are with us are more than they 
who are with them. And Elijah prayed— 
open his eyes that he may see.” The 
(Continued on page 76) 




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(Continued from page 74) 
young man then saw “the mountain full of 
horses and chariots of fire” (Kings 11, 
Chapter 6). 

In the very near future the world will 
witness an invasion of Israel by a gigantic 
military power from the north. At this time 
no nation, not even the U.S., will lift a hand 
to help Israel. Nevertheless, this mighty 
invasion force will suffer a terrible defeat 
on the mountains of Israel (Ezekiel Chap¬ 
ters 38-39). 

This event could take place in this dec¬ 
ade or the first half of the next. It came 
close to happening in the Yom Kippur War 
of 1973. 

Raymond R. Webster 
Puyallup, Wash. 


I read every issue of UFO Report , and I 
am always pleased and fascinated by the 
aerial phenomena seen by witnesses. 
One of my favorite departments in the 
magazine is the “Messages” section. The 
story I’m about to tell you is of a UFO 
sighting made by my mother and I at 
about 7 p.m. on a clear Tennessee even¬ 

My mother and I were coming home 
from the grocery store along Highway 70 
when I first saw it. The object was hover¬ 
ing above a hill near Wessex Towers. I 
kept my eye on it until my mother turned 
the car into our driveway and rolled down 
her window to get a better look. At first she 
thought it was a helicopter but realized it 
wasn’t when she noticed that the airborne 
object was making no noise. It was an 
oval-shaped disc with 2 car-like head¬ 
lights in the front. We looked at it for a 
short time until a red light appeared be¬ 
tween the 2 yellow headlights and the ob¬ 
ject moved off at a tremendous speed in 
the direction of Memphis. In a very short 
time the object was completely out of 

Immediately, I did what I did the last 
time I saw a UFO in October 1974, only a 
few miles away from this sighting, and 
called the Belle Meade Police Depart¬ 
ment. They, in turn, told me to call the 
highway patrol. I then called them and 
they asked me everything about it. They 
said they would alert the Memphis High¬ 
way Patrol. In addition, the local highway 
patrol sent over a helicopter to investigate 
the area where l made my sighting. 

Michael Altman 
Nashville, Tenn. 


I read your Winter 74 issue of UFO 
Report and must say I am very satisfied. I 
especially liked the article by Timothy 
Green Beckley, “The Strange Effects of 
Flying Saucers,” and look forward to 
seeing more excellent reports like this. 

I would also like to tell you about the 
UFOs which I have witnessed. On nearly 
every clear night you can see low flying • 
UFOs go to this certain spot in the sky and 
then go straight down behind the trees. It 

was about 2 months ago when I saw a 
cigar-shaped UFO with red lights blinking 
from left to right hovering in this same 
area. The object, which had one steady 
red light on one end, went down behind 
the trees in the same place that the others 
had gone. 

I would also like to comment on a letter 
which appeared in your “Messages” sec¬ 
tion in the Winter 74 issue. The letter I am 
referring to was the one in which the 
young boy felt that he had experienced a 
UFO contact but was not really sure. I 
think it was a real contact because I have 
read many reports where the contactee 
blacked out just when the UFO ap¬ 
proached them to give them a physical 

Thanks again for such a fine magazine. 

Ricky McKeithan 
Ash, N.C. 


Recently I’ve been reading your UFO 
Report and have found the information 
very interesting. The incident I’m writing 
about, however, occurred over 8 years 
ago on a warm summer night. 

I was talking to some friends when sud¬ 
denly this huge star-shaped object ap¬ 
peared. It was white, very bright, and 
landed behind a 2-story apartment build¬ 
ing which was about 500 feet from where 
we were standing. The object, which I 
have never been able to figure out, was 
just as large as the building. 

The memory of this incident is still fresh 
in my mind and I was wondering if you 
have ever heard a story similar to this and, 
if so, would you please let me know. 

Bill Maynard 
Ashland, Ky. 

Editor’s note: It’s new to us. 


I am very interested in the UFO 
phenomenon, so interested in fact, that I 
have founded a UFO committee at my 
school which sponsors activities in which 
anyone can participate. 

I own 17 books on the subject and have 
collected volumes of data and general in¬ 
formation on space. My entire collection, 
which sees almost daily additions, comr 
pletely fills a bookcase. 

I have purchased the last 5 issues of 
UFO Report and commend you for your 
honesty in writing about a difficult subject. 
As I write this letter, I am thumbing 
through my Spring 75 issue of UFO Re¬ 
port which has that fine UFO photograph 
on its cover. Pictures like this one on the 
cover certainly make the material inside 
the magazine more realistic. Your inside 
illustrations and photos are excellent, as 
are your articles, and I’m glad that you 
print articles with different opinions. 

So keep up the good work because I’m 
anxiously looking forward to future issues. 

Charles Harris Jr. 

Arlington, Va. 



The story I’m about to tell you is amaz¬ 

On Sunday night, Mar. 2,1975, at about 
8:45 p.m., I was coming home from Oma¬ 
ha, after spending a weekend with my 
family, and I was heading back to Norfolk, 
Neb. I was outside of Stanton, Neb., when 
I saw a very bright object about a mile in 
front of me. At first I thought it was a truck 
with its bright lights on but then I noticed 
that it was much too high off the road to be 

When I dimmed my lights at it I began to 
wonder because it started to glow off and 
on with a very, very bright glow. With no 
one else on the road but me I saw another 
one of these objects move up behind me 
about half a mile back. It contained that 
same bright glow and seemed to be hov¬ 
ering above the road. 

I then focused my attention on the ob¬ 
ject in front of me. It began an eerie on and 
off pulsating glow and then just took off or 
vanished along with the one behind me. 

I was heading for my cousin’s farm to 
drop off some materials and I pulled into 
his lane. He has quite a long lane leading 
to his farmhouse. I was about half way 
down it when I spotted the bright objects 
again. This time they were about 400 feet 
in front of me, hovering just above the 
trees. I wasn’t sure whether or not to go 
ahead or turn back but my curiosity made 
the decision for me and I went ahead, very 
slowly. Then, as before, it started pulsat¬ 
ing with a very bright light and seemed to 
vanish. Nobody was home at my cousin’s 
house so I started to back out the lane. 
Upon reaching the highway I saw them 
again, this time they were closer than any 
of the previous times. It was about 10 feet 
above the highway and it was huge. 

It acted like it was afraid of me getting 
too close to it, and after a short time, took 
off straight up in the air. It ascended slowly 
and I was able to keep it in sight for about 
4 miles up the highway near Norfolk. It just 
rose higher and higher until that eerie 
glow appeared again and the object dis¬ 
appeared. I must state at this point that it 
was a very clear night and you could see 
every star. 

I only told a few people of this incident 
until I saw my cousin reading UFO Re¬ 
port. I do believe in UFOs but never 
realized that anybody printed a magazine 
such as yours. I could see maybe some¬ 
one just thinking that I was seeing things if 
I only saw it once, but 3 or 4 times is a 
different story. 

This is not the first time there has been 
UFO sightings in this area either. One 
farmer and his wife claimed to have had a 
UFO follow directly over their car for more 
than a mile. This occurred last summer 
only about a mile and a half from where I 
made my sighting. Other high flying, glow¬ 
ing objects have also been reported in the 

Dave Dolezal 
Norfolk, Neb. 

(Continued oh page 78) 

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On Aug. 27, 1972, at about 2 p.m., my 
wife and I were sitting in the front row of 
benches supplied for visitors to “Old 
Faithful,” the famous geyser in Yel¬ 
lowstone National Park. As soon as the 
geyser erupted I took a picture with my 
Polaroid, put that camera down, and im¬ 
mediately started to film the spectacle 
with my 8 mm movie camera. After the 
eruption we removed the print from the 
Polaroid and discovered the yellow circu¬ 
lar object on it. At the time we thought it 
was a flaw in the film. 

The photograph was put away until last 
December when my wife bought the 
Winter 74 issue of UFO Report . When I 
read, “The Mystery of the Invisible Flying 

Saucers,” by John A Keel, in which he 
stated, “ . . . tourists taking photographs 
of ‘Old Faithful’ found large circular ob¬ 
jects in their developed prints which had 
not been visible when the pictures were 
taken ...” I remembered the Polaroid 
photograph we had and decided to submit 
it to you for your scrutiny. 

We still do not know the significance of 
the yellow circular object, but perhaps by 
bringing‘it to the public’s attention this 
mystery can be more fully explored. 

We thank you for your consideration 
and hope that you meet with success in 
your inquiries. 

Robert J. Ewald 
Virginia Beach, Va. 


After reading your last issue of UFO 
Report I would like to report an incident 
that I saw the third week of October 1970. 

Being a factory worker, I took my third 
week of vacation in October to do some 
goose hunting at a swamp area in 
Sheboygan County, Wis., on the west 
side of Elkhart lake. 

The area itself is a refuge for geese and 
other birds, but we are allowed to hunt 
one-quarter mile south of it along a line 

fence, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 
and Saturday from daylight till 4 p.m. 
watching for geese and occasionally get¬ 
ting a shot at them. Thursday I arrived at 7 
a.m. and at about 3:30, on a clear day, I 
suddenly saw a UFO about one-half mile 
in 'ront of me and only about 4 to 6 feet off 
the ground in the swamp. 

It was traveling very slowly with a 
wobbling motion, and there was no sound 
that 1 could hear. The color of it was tan or 
the color of dead grass. There were 3 
evenly spaced vertical posts, which from 
where I sat looked like 3 inch iron pipes. 

When this object was about 12 feet off 
the ground it suddenly started to camou¬ 
flage itself with a white fog or mist. All of the 
craft was camouflaged except about 10 
feet of the center. This part would clear up 
each time it would wobble and then close 
up with the mist for a second ot 2, then 
open clear and so forth. I could see 2 of 
these posts or pipes each time as well as 
the middle part of the cabin. I had the 
feeling I was being watched but could not 
at this distance see anything that may 
have been in the cabin. It continued travel¬ 
ing in this manner in an eastward direction 
until it reached an altitude of perhaps 20 
feet above a row of trees that were in the 
background. Suddenly it sped away at a 
steep angle, and straight northeast about 
as fast as a meteorite. It must have been 
producing the mist itself because the mist 
followed it up as it went and did not leave a 
trail of vapor of any kind. 

Having a very limited knowledge of 
UFOs, I would, if possible for my own 
curiosity, like to know if anyone else has 
ever seen them trying to camouflage 
themselves as this one did? 

Name withheld by request 


The caliber of every article in your UFO 
Report is consistently high, informative, 
and evidential, which makes reading each 
issue an adventure in research. It makes 
me happy to know that at last we are 
getting down to the nitty-gritty in saucer 

I want to report a strange object I saw 
recently, on Mar. 10, 1975. It was about 
12:30 p.m. and I was sitting down to my 
lunch during a thunderstorm. Suddenly a 
bolt of lightning rent the air and the thun¬ 
der, like the “crack of doom” followed al¬ 
most instantaneously, an unusual thing in 
southern California. I jumped up and went 
to the window, looking south. It was not 
yet raining in my neighborhood, but I 
could see it was coming down nearby. I 
felt sure the lightning had struck some¬ 
thing, and sure enough, there was a puff 
of brown, wipsy smoke rising from behind 
the roof of a nearby apartment house. 

Right away I spotted an enormous 
saucer-shaped cloud hanging low in the 
sky, just east of the smoke. I watched the 
birds in agitated flight because of the 
storm and noticed that the power had 
gone off because my stereo had gone 

dead. Just then I saw what I believed to be 
a group of small birds flying in close for¬ 
mation westward just over the roof of the 
same apartment house. They moved 
smoothly and at normal speed, then un¬ 
expectedly dipped down in very purpose¬ 
ful manner and instantly a big puff of oily 
black smoke arose along a line of power 
poles. In minutes the fire engines were 
racing down the street next to me. A trans¬ 
former had been hit by lightning they said 
when I called them to report what I had 
seen. But what I saw was not lightning, 
more like a projectile of some sort, and 
coming from the direction of that huge 
saucer-shaped cloud. 

I’ll probably never know what that was, 
but it seemed to me the power was in¬ 
tended to go out, as it did for about 30 
minutes thereafter, and when the first bolt 
failed to do the job, a missile was sent to 
finish it. The flock of “birds” was round 
and dark and might have been a solid 
object, but the distance was just a little too 
great for me to tell for sure, possibly 300 

I send this for what it is worth. Things 
are going on that make no sense within 
our frames of reference, but I think it is 
time we began to know how inept we are 
at handling our own affairs. We’re not al¬ 
ways in the driver's seat, it appears. 

Rowine Arenson 
Garden Grove, Calif. 


I have read the first issue of UFO Re¬ 
port. I enjoyed the magazine greatly and 
was fascinated to the very last page. I 
think I can safely say that it is long over¬ 
due; there should have been a magazine 
about UFOs long, long ago. It’s about time 
the public was informed about these, as 
one person put it, “myths of science.” I 
have discussed the articles with some 
friends, and we all have the same 
conclusion—there is something visiting 
this planet. 

J. V. Johnson 
Melville, Mo. 


I cannot understand why Roger A. 
MacGowan (page 78 of the Winter 74 
issue) would come up with such a paltry 
number of civilizations—130 billion—for 
the whole known universe. There could 
easily be that many in our galaxy alone. 

As Bruce Barton pointed out in his 
book, What Can a Man Believe?, no 
man would build a hotel with 1,000 
rooms and have only one room oc¬ 
cupied. Certainly there is a Power in 
this universe more intelligent than 
Man. And if a Man would not act the 
idiot, how much more likely it is that a 
Universal Power would make use of all 
planets. There is an economy in nature 
as well as in Man’s somewhat artificial 

Your magazine is remarkable. I do 
not want to miss an issue. 

Norman Lewis 
Lake George, N.Y. 



Here are two photos, one a blow-up of a 

I noticed the object in the upper left 
corner after making a print of the photo¬ 
graph because at the time I was taking the 
picture, I was concentrating on getting a 
photo of the seagull for a book I am work¬ 
ing on. 

This picture was taken from the south 
jetty of Gray’s Harbor on the Pacific 
Ocean. The object is heading toward the 

I have inspected the negative closely 
and it appeared to be a part of the emul¬ 
sion and not a defect. However, I am still 
at a loss to explain it as I didn’t see any¬ 
thing at the time. The fact that it has a 
large tail visible does not rest easy with 
me because I was taking pictures with 
Tri-X film pushed to ASA 1600 so I could 
shoot at thousandths of a second at a 
small lens opening in order to stop the 
action of the gull and that should have 
stopped any blurring action—on the other 
hand, maybe I did. 

My camera is a Nikon F-2 with a Nikon 
50 to 300 mm zoom lens set at 250 or 300 
mm. The object may be a long distance 
away but the effect of the telephoto tends 
to flatten it so that you lose perspective of 

Every photographer I have shown it to 
could not say it was a defect in the film or 
developing although the latter got the 
most votes. Some suggested it could be a 
saucer turned so that the bottom was ex¬ 
posed to me and the darker rim would be 
the dark band seen on the side of most 
photos. Possibly the tailing substance is a 
by-product of the propulsion or the effect 
of same. 

Assuming that it could be a UFO, the 

distance from the camera to the object, 
and therefore its size, would be very hard 
to determine for two reasons: it is in the 
clear spot in the sky, the clouds are not 
behind it. The UFO could be small in size 
and close, or large and far away; and the 
effect of using a telephoto lens, is that it 
brings up the background right to the 
foreground so that the distance is dis¬ 

If you can use the pictures you have my 

Charles Billingsley 
Tacoma, Wash. 

Editor’s Note: Thank you, C.B., for giv¬ 
ing us the opportunity to print your photo¬ 
graph. We welcome any comments—and 
also extend an invitation to all photo¬ 
graphers who’ve captured UFOs on film 
to send their pictures to our offices. 


I read your latest UFO Report and I 
believe in UFOs. I had an experience 
when I was six years old which I believe 
was a contact with a UFO. I’m 23 now and 
this experience still haunts me. 

I was born and raised on a sugar cane 
plantation in Louisiana. We would go to 
bed early every night. This night we did 
the same but I woke up in the middle of the 
night and went outside without waking 
anyone else. It seemed as if I was being 
drawn outside. I walked in the pasture by 
our house and looked at a bright light 
above me. This light had a strong, blinding 
glow. Then I saw two men standing in 
front of me in heavy clothing. I was only six 
years old and too young to be frightened 
by what I saw. I stared at the men. It 
seemed as if they were asking me ques¬ 
tions and I was answering them. We stood 
there for a long time. 

The light came lower and dimmed. The 
two men seemed friendly and one of them 
laughed. Then the light got brighter and I 
remember walking back to the house and 
getting back in bed. The next day, I could 
still remember how real it seemed. A lot of 
strange things started happening after¬ 
wards. I started seeing strange objects 
and people. Each time I wouldn’t mention 
it to anyone else. 

If these were only dreams or my imagi¬ 
nation, why would it still be haunting me? 
These things happened more than 15 
years ago. And right after my first experi¬ 
ence, it seemed as if voices were telling 
me what to do. I even felt different and 
acted different from the other children. 

Ethel Carter 
San Diego, Calif. 


Across the nation, and for that matter 
across the world, there are hundreds of 
UFO organizations. A few of these were 
government-funded, but they are out of 
existence now. All the organizations that 
are in operation at this time are privately 
funded and almost totally operated by the 
unending generosity of their members. 
These groups can vary from ones who 
hold back yard meetings to ones who own 
office buildings. However, the formality of 
these groups isn’t what matters. The im¬ 
portant thing is that they are trying their 
hardest to prepare the world for the day 
when beings from another planet, possi¬ 
bly different from ours, will land on Earth 
with the intent to reveal themselves to us. 

We would like to take the liberty to 
speak, not only for ourselves and our or¬ 
ganization but, for each and every one of 
these other groups wherever they maybe. 
We would like to say that your magazine is 
the best we have seen in that it brings the 
truth about UFOs into the open. We also 
think that your magazine will prepare the 
public for the truth and eliminate the risk of 
mass panic when these beings come to 
us. Along with UFO Report we will work to 
help the public learn the real story. If you, 
the public, have any questions just write to 
us in care of this magazine. We would like 
to work hand in hand with UFO Report to 
fight the never ending battle to end UFO 

Thomas A. Drum, Director 

Michael J. Polcyn, Chairman 
Board of Directors 
Technical Aerial Research Dept. 


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If you’ve wanted to BE YOUR OWN BOSS... 
to become financially independent and have a 
fast growing income, now YOU CAN. And 
you own a Nationally Advertised business. 

You can stay at your present job while your 
customer list grows . . . then switch to full 
time, lining up jobs for your servicemen to do. 
One job a day brings a good starting income. 

If youhire twoservicemen (full or part time) 
while you keep your job, the national price 
guide provides you a gross profit of $14 an 
hour on their work and this is much easier to 
do than you think. We show you how ... 
step by step. That’s $490 for a 35 hour week. 

Your gross profit on three servicemen is $21 
per hour. Duraclean dealers find it easy to 
gross $7 per hour on EACH serviceman plus 
$12 an hour on any service they themselves 
render. The 24 page illustrated booklet we’ll 
mail you (with no obligation) explains how 
most of your gross profit becomes clear net 
profit. Your income is limited only by the 
number of servicemen you employ. 

You can operate from a shop, office, or your 
home. Equipment is light and portable. 

At the start, you may want to render service 
yourself ... or you can start with full or part 
time servicemen. This business is easy to learn 
. . . easy to start ... so easy to service that 
women dealers do it. We prefer you have no 
experience ... not have to “unlearn” old ways. 

We are NOW enlarging this worldwide sys¬ 
tem of individually-owned service businesses. 
If you are reliable, honest and willing to work 
to become financially independent, we invite 
you to mail the coupon. 

When you receive our illustrated booklet, 
you will see the way we show you step by step 
how to quickly get customers . . . and still 
more customers from their recommendations. 

You have 7 superior services that are ren¬ 
dered “on location” in homes, offices, hotels, 
theaters, clubs, motels and institutions. 

These are not ordinary services. You have 

the prestige and endorsement of leading furni¬ 
ture makers and carpet mills, of Parents’ 
Magazine and McCall’s, of Research and Test¬ 
ing Laboratories. 

National magazine advertising explains su¬ 
perior merits of your services, builds your cus¬ 
tomer confidence and brings job leads to you. 

We and a Duraclean dealer will train you 
and assist you. He’ll reveal his successful, 
proven methods. You have pre-tested news¬ 
paper and yellow-page ads, commercials, and 
a full mailing program. 

Stores, upholsterers, insurance adjustors, 
and decorators refer jobs to our dealers. These 
year ’round services are in constant demand. 

Start Small, Grow Big 
in this Booming Business 

Many men have said to us, “I can’t afford to 
give up my job till I know I have a sure thing 
... a sound business that will provide both 
security and a better living for my family.” 

That made sense to us so we worked out 
such a plan . . . and those same men are now 
enjoying a Duraclean dealership in many com¬ 
munities. You don’t experiment. You use 
tested, proven methods. You have our back¬ 
ing and ‘‘know how.” 

Does this appeal to you? Don’t decide now. 
Mail the coupon so you’ll have the facts to 
decide wisely. There is no obligation. You’ll 
then know whether this is what you want. 

You can start small and grow big. A third 
century ago Duraclean was an idea . . . but it_ 
caught fire and spread to a world wide service.” 
Why did it spread? (1) superior processes. 
(2) proven customer-getting methods (3) 
Day to day guidance from Headquarters. 

Our first service, the care of upholstery and 
carpets not only cleans, it enlivens the fibers 
... revives dull colors. Pile rises with new life. 
There’s no harsh machine scrubbing. No soak¬ 
ing. Mild aerated foam lightly applied lifts out 
dirt, grease, many unsightly spot-s like magic. 
Furnishings are used again in a few hours. 

Government figures show service businesses 
are growing faster than industries and stores 
. . . $750 million yearly potential just in rug 
and furniture cleaning. Your 6 other services 
are explained in the free booklet we’ll mail you. 

Less than $1500 establishes YOUR OWN 
business. A day’s profit more than pays the 
monthlv payments we finance for you. 

Men frequently take in partners. 

We furnish electric equipment and, with 
first shipment,, enough materials to return 
your TOTAL investment. If you have good 
habits and know the importance of customer 
satisfaction, you can likely qualify for a Dura¬ 
clean dealership. 

TODAY is the time to reserve a Duraclean 
dealership, before someone takes your location. 

It’s been said, “Opportunity knocks but 
once at every man’s door.” This could be that 
one rare opportunity in your life. 

It is surprisingly easy to learn this business. 
You can decide from the information we will 
send you whether to apply for a dealership. 
So, with no obligation whatever, mail the 
coupon TODAY. Cut it out NOW so you 
won’t forget to mail it. 

Mail this coupon TODAY 

It may put you in business 

Duraclean International 
5-1T6 Duraclean Bldg., Deerfield, III. 60015 

With no obligation, mail 24 page illustrated booklet 
telling how and why I can quickly increase my income 
and family security while still employed, how you’ll 
help finance me. No salesman will call. 


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